Halo at RTX 2017

By 343 Industries -

Halo and the 343 team are rallying and returning to Austin, Texas for another weekend of fun at RTX Austin 2017! If you're planning to attend we hope you'll stop by our booth, panel and/or join us at the main stage for a celebration of all things Halo complete with gameplay, prizes, and plenty of shenanigans.

This year we’re extremely excited to partner with our friends from Loot Crate to create an awesome Halo-infused fan experience over three fun-filled days. Here's a rundown of what we'll be up to at RTX 2017!

halo & Loot crate - RTX booth #331

Join us all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in booth #331 for a variety of fun Halo activities and engagements! Here's what you can look forward to in the booth:

  • A BOOMco "Halo Carnival Shoot-Out" that lets you make both friends and foes out of fellow participants – and potentially some 343 staff as well. Come on, don’t act like you wouldn’t just love lighting some of us up with a Needler – we read the forums. We'll also have plenty of prizes to reward expert marksmanship.
  • Straight from the E3 show floor to the hallowed halls of RTX, we’ll have the freshly-announced Terminus Firefight mode playable, included with this fall’s Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare expansion. (You can read more about this new mode and expansion right HERE).
  • More Halo hands-on goodness! Stop by and check out a preview build of the upcoming Xbox One back-compat releases of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. You may even win a prize!
  • A whole lotta loot! An epic array of awesome Halo and Loot Crate products to purchase and procure, so be sure you grab one of those 64-cubic-foot-volume anime-covered bags they always give out on the show floor to haul your haul around the hall in.

Halo "Match game" Panel

On Saturday, July 8, at 11 AM in meeting room 9, 343 will be hosting a Halo panel with some very special guests:

  • Burnie Burns - Co-founder of RoosterTeeth
  • Joseph Staten – Senior Creative Director, Microsoft Studios (and former Halo series director)
  • Frank O’Connor – Franchise Creative Director, 343 Industries
  • Tom French - Multiplayer Director, 343 Industries

We'll also have a few other folks from 343 and the Halo community joining us including our special hosts ske7ch and GrimBrotherOne.

We’ve got some cool things to talk about set against the backdrop of fan-fueled hilarity as we host the very first edition of the Halo Match Game. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll dodge dangerous questions. It’s gonna be awesome. Best of all, we’ll be pulling fans from the audience to join us on stage to compete for fabulous prizes!

CENTER Stage mini-game madness

On last year’s RTX center stage, the 343 team hosted a crazy collection of community-created Forge minigames played by Rooster Teeth luminaries and in-attendance fans. This year, ske7ch and Grim will be hosting a fun-filled sequel!

Meet us at the RTX center stage from 2:30-3:30PM on Saturday, July 8 for your chance to join in all the fun! Keep an eye out for our friends Tom French, Frank O'Connor and Joseph Staten who are rumored to be stopping by to mingle, perhaps play a little and do some good-natured trash talking.

We're eagerly awaiting the return trip to Austin to share an action-packed weekend with an awesome community at RTX. We hear the local BBQ aint too bad, either. If you're looking for more info about RTX be sure to check out the official event site.

We hope to see you there!