Season 2 Schedule

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The current Season 2 event schedule is below, followed by a week-by-week breakdown. Note: This roadmap is subject to change as the season progresses.

Sunday, 4.5.15

Preseason Cup #1 by ESL

Sunday, 4.12.15

Preseason Cup #2 by ESL

Friday, 4.17.15 - Sunday, 4.19.15

Iron Games HCS Atlanta by Iron Gaming

Saturday, 4.25.15 - Sunday, 4.26.15

Online Cup #1 by ESL

Saturday, 5.2.15 - Sunday, 5.3.15

Online Cup #2 by ESL

Saturday, 5.9.15 - Sunday, 5.10.15

Online Cup #3 by ESL

Saturday, 5.16.15 - Sunday, 5.17.15

Online Cup #4 by ESL

Saturday, 5.23.15 - Sunday, 5.24.15

Online Cup #5 by ESL

Saturday, 5.30.15 - Sunday, 5.31.15

Online Cup #6 by ESL

Saturday, 6.13.15 - sunday, 6.14.15

Online Cup #7 by ESL

Saturday, 6.20.15 - Sunday 6.21.15

Online Cup #8 by ESL

Friday, 6.26.15 - Sunday 6.28.15

HCS Indianapolis by PGL

Friday 7.24.15 - Sunday 7.26.15

Season 2 Finals by ESL


Halo Championship Series

Season 2 Forge Maps

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Since the launch of the Halo Championship Series, members of the Forge community have been expertly crafting their own arenas within Halo 2: Anniversary’s Forge mode. These Forgers have spent hours upon hours crafting these creations, and we’re looking forward to making our selections for inclusion in Season 2 of the Halo Championship Series. Today, we’re releasing a candidate list of maps that are being considered and tested - seven unique Forge maps built from the ground up with 4v4 action in...

Halo Championship Series

The Tiebreakers - An interview with Heinz & Arkanum

By Official HCS -

On Sunday, March 8, the Loser’s Bracket Finals at the Halo Championship Series Season 1 Finals took place between Counter Logic Gaming and Noble Black. What ensued was completely unexpected, and what many fans call one of the greatest matches of Halo ever played. We caught up with Heinz, who played for CLG, and Arkanum, who played for Noble Black, in an interview conducted via Skype on March 13, to recount the epic series.

Halo Championship Series

All-Star Halo 2 Classic Livestream

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Four of the top HCS players, selected by popular fan vote, will face off against 343 Industries' Pro Team in an all-star “Halo 2” exhibition match. Pride and bragging rights are on the line and the competition will no doubt be fierce!