Halo Heroes - Series 5 Figures Are Here!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Halo toys and collectibles. Shocking, I know. One of my favorite products is our Mega Construx line, probably because I’m a giant child who enjoys the ability to mix a kid’s imagination with adult implementation abilities. If I’m being honest though, I think my favorite thing about the Mega sets is that they offer an awesome and tangible way to have so many different elements and eras of the Halo universe all in on place, and in a consistent medium. It’s so cool to be able to build a UNSC Kestrel (seen in Halo: Spartan Strike) right next to a T-54 Spirit (seen in Halo 5: Guardians), with several different aesthetic visualizations of species, characters, and other vehicles all thrown into the mix as well. It helps drive home the aspect that the Halo universe is a canvas full of diverse and epic possibilities – able to tell stories both large and small.

I think it’s that aspect that makes me most excited for this sweet new Mega Construx stop-motion vignette. Celebrating the brand-new Series 5 of the popular Halo Heroes line, it showcases new figures on a fun and action-packed adventure – one that so many fans and collectors can recreate on their very own. So first off, let’s check out the new video, and then talk about the new series of figures!

So good… Now, let’s take a look at some of the stars of the show, starting with the Halo Heroes themselves.


These highly collectible, deluxe micro action figures come with detachable armor and can be posed on a buildable display stand with printed name detail. Select your favorite hero or collect all six figures to lead your Halo Fireteams to victory!


Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the quintessential Spartan. He is a living legend, inspiring awe like a mythological hero from ancient history, but with the formative presence of an armored tank.

Throughout his extensive military career, John-117 has accomplished feats and displayed a kind of undaunted courage that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Sporting his iconic Mk.VI armor from Halo 3 complete with chest scar, Chief comes packing an awesome UNSC flamethrower perfect for melting down Flood and Covenant alike. And hey, he's even got a black undersuit... it's Mjolnir magic at it's finest! 

Without a doubt, our boy John-117 is the truest embodiment of the idea of "Halo Hero," and no Mega collection would be truly complete without him.


Supreme Commander. Traitor. Arbiter. Kaidon. Judge. Thel ‘Vadam has been known by many titles whispered in fear by his foes and shouted by his allies.

Once a treasured instrument of the Covenant, he now stands as its greatest foe, having resurrected the ancient Swords of Sanghelios alliance and rallied his forces to crush the last vestiges of Jul 'Mdama’s army. The Arbiter’s dream: unite his fractured people under a single banner and seize their destiny among the stars.

“It’s silver! No it’s gold!” Whatever you thought the Arbiter’s armor color was in Halo 3, you’ll love this slick depiction of the fan-favorite alien hero. Now if I could just get an Usze 'Taham and N'tho 'Sraom, my Halo 3 co-op collection would be complete!

Either way, this awesome figure should be on every Elite fan's wishlist.


Sergeant Major Avery Johnson was a seasoned and battle-hardened veteran of the UNSC Marine Corps, having accumulated decades of combat experience against both human Insurrection forces and the ruthless armies of the Covenant.

Though he led many squads into combat, every marine under his command respected Johnson as a consummate boots-on-the-ground, no-nonsense leader; even when he chose to motivate them with harsh language and relentless (though jocular) badgering.

He knows what the toy collectors like. A vintage SpLaser-weildin’, boot-pundin’, bad mamajama, that’s what! Does your collection have what it takes to include this death-defyin', Flood-fryin', drink-buyin' hero of humanity?

Let's hope so.


A unique and incredibly powerful artificial intelligence (AI), Cortana was created by Doctor Catherine Halsey. A unique creation, Cortana achieved unprecedented levels of functionality, laying the groundwork for a wealth of advancements that ultimately paid huge dividends for the UNSC and humanity as a whole.

In the case of Cortana, Halsey used tissue from her own flash-cloned brain as the foundation for the construct’s creation.

Ahh, memories. This awesome Cortana figure in the Halo Heroes line harkens back to simpler times, when all we had to worry about from our beloved blue was the occasional visual interruption from her Gravemind-induced trauma.

She also comes with a rad mini-model of Guilty Spark – just don’t get it near Sergeant Johnson.


For decades, the Minister of Fortitude was an exceptional politician. Thanks to his cunning and machinations, he rose to the rank of High Prophet and eventually took full control of the Covenant. When the Ministry of Tranquility stumbled upon the human species, the apparent heirs of the Forerunners, Truth took the opportunity and moved quickly to conceal the connection from the rest of the Covenant.

Through political subterfuge, he rose to the position of Hierarch, leading the Covenant’s genocidal campaign against the humans, until the discovery of the Halo rings revealed the truth about the Forerunners. In a last-ditch effort to activate Halo from the Ark, Truth found his end at the hands of the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam—the same one he had created only months earlier to protect his power.

Truth as depicted in his final moments – power-mad, frail, out of his chair, and packing a Brute Spiker with Miranda Keyes’ name on it. Metaphorically, of course. Jerk. Still, the figure is still really cool.


In the days leading up to the Great Schism, the High Prophet of Truth set into motion plans to elevate the Jiralhanae within the Covenant, supplanting the Sangheili and ensuring his own ascendancy.

As part of this plan, Truth recruited the most zealous Brute warriors to protect him from attacks by the betrayed Sangheili, plots from his fellow Prophets, and human demons.

Big, bad space-monkeys with power armor and a Brute Shot. Not a bad crew to roll up into battle with, eh?



The Warthog is the UNSC's primary ground transportation vehicle. It offers several variants typically differentiated by their mounted weapon systems. While some Warthogs are intended solely for transportation, most types provide exceedingly versatile anti-aircraft or anti-armor options, which further optimize the vehicles’ light armor and deft mobility.

The Warthog is a four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle with a forward-housed, low-profile, liquid-cooled, hydrogen-burning internal combustion engine (ICE) which powers an automatic infinitely variable transmission (IVT). Warthog’s maintain a large, light-armored frame, with heavy grade nanotube-lined wheels (previously inert-gas pocket) and a high suspension system. They bear a towing winch system with hooks somewhat resembling the tusks of a warthog (hence its name). The Warthog's hydrogen tanks can power the vehicle for up to 490 miles (790 kilometers) before refueling. In field conditions, operators can use the Graf/Hauptman solar-powered electrolysis and compression system to filter water or crack it into fuel. These features, coupled with a rugged, in-field resiliency have maintained the Warthog’s renowned legacy for decades.

It’s Red’s turn to capture the flag when you roar across frozen terrain with three Spartans and a gun-toting Arctic Warthog. Build this classic all-terrain vehicle, with its authentic arctic camo finish, treaded rubber wheels, and rear-mounted turret. Then roll out with your Spartans and claim the blue flag for your own!



In the years following the human-Covenant war, the UNSC partnered with experienced military contractors to make a number of improvements to the drop pod platform. Advancements and improvements include (but are not limited to) more reliable in-flight communications, more powerful maneuver thrusters and limited inertial compensation, a new air brake design, significantly improved structural integrity with the incorporation of new metal matrix composites, and thermal superconducting elements incorporated into the composite heatshield. The internal harness of all post-war drop pods is also highly configurable, with hookups and system interlinks compatible with the latest ODST battledress and Spartan Mjolnir variants.

Drop into action at a moment’s notice when you send your ODST hurtling into battle from the seat of these sweet drop pods. Prepare for descent with the drop pod’s retractable, articulated air brake. Then drop and deploy when you hit the ground to activate the pod’s self-launching door, sending your battle-ready soldier into the fray!

No matter what your favorite flavor of Halo is, our friends at Mega Construx have got you covered. Check out their full line of Halo offerings at, and for all the latest on other Halo costumes, collectibles, and more, make sure you’re keeping up with @Halo and @HaloGear on social.


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