By 343 Industries -

In August of last year, we dropped an unexpected surprise on an eager gamescom crowd. From the moment that mysterious energy mace was activated by a then-still-unnamed Brute warlord, Halo fans all over the world found themselves tantalizingly close to the real-time strategy sequel they’ve been waiting for since 2009 – Halo Wars 2.

Fast forward a few months to E3 2016 – on Monday we had the honor of closing out the suite of incredible games showcased in the Xbox E3 2016 Briefing by dropping a brand new trailer from our partners at Blur Studio, and announcing the immediate availability of the Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta on Xbox One. We weren’t just launching an early chance for fans to get hands on with the upcoming title – we were reaffirming a commitment to deliver a fun, dynamic and entertaining experience, and more importantly, a way for us to absorb a ton of early feedback from this first beta.

From the moment the Halo Wars 2 Beta became available, you, the incredible community, began to help us put this snippet of the long-anticipated sequel through its paces. It’s important to remember that early-release software like this is specifically designed to test a variety of vital components of the experience – from build stability and unit balance, to software performance and feature integration. We couldn’t be more honored that you all are willing to help make Halo Wars 2 the absolute best it can be when it comes to Windows 10 and Xbox One this February.

We at 343 Industries, along with our development partners at Creative Assembly, have been closely monitoring that feedback and have already begun working on tending to many of your most pressing thoughts and suggestions – and in some cases, improving the Beta experience itself.

As you might expect with a true Beta, fans are experiencing some known technical hiccups and glitches, as well as work in progress performance optimization, UI functionality, game type accessibility, and unit balance. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on your feedback and communicate with the community as often as possible in order to achieve the end result I know we all desire.

As we approach the halfway mark in the Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta, I hope that you all will take time to dive into the next mode we’re flipping the switch on – Deathmatch – and provide us with the same informed and passionate feedback that you’ve already been delivering.

And beyond the Beta itself, I know I speak for both 343 Industries and Creative Assembly when I say that we very much look forward to sharing more throughout the year on the development and progress of Halo Wars 2. With the intense collaboration of 343 Industries, Creative Assembly, and you, the players – we will make the finished product an incredible adventure and experience for all Halo fans to enjoy.

Thanks for playing, and see you on the field of battle,

Dan Ayoub, Studio Head, 343 Industries


Halo 5: Guardians

Community Doubles

By 343 Industries -

Our next Community Forge playlist is now live and it features maps custom built for Team Doubles! After ForgeHub received 145 community maps for a competition they were hosting, they sent us their top contenders. We took them internally and worked with the Forgers to get them ready for matchmaking. Without further ado, here are the maps you’ll be playing this week in Community Doubles!

Halo 5: Guardians

FFA Open at RTX 2016

By 343 Industries -

This year Halo will be at the Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) in a big way, and one of the aspects we’re most excited about is the Halo 5: Guardians FFA Open by our friends at Microsoft Store. This tournament will give local Halo fans in Austin, Texas a chance at Halo esports glory, as well as a share of a $5,000 + more prizes! Read on to see the complete format, and how you can register!

Halo Community Update

Warzone Firefight Sneak Peek

By B is for Bravo -

We have returned from the annual pilgrimage of E3. In mostly one piece. Over the past four days, thousands of players stopped by the Halo Wars 2 booth to get hands-on with PC and Xbox One, and many more of you have joined the Halo Wars 2 beta, which still has a few days remaining. In fact, to thank you for your playtime, patience, and enthusiasm, we’ll be extending the Halo Wars 2 Beta on Xbox One through Wednesday, June 22. We hope you’re able to get a few extra battles in.