Halo Waypoint File Browser

By 343 Industries -

As your official online home for Halo, we’re always working hard to improve your user experience here on Waypoint. With that in mind, we’re incredibly excited to introduce a new online File Browser system for Halo fans to engage with and enjoy. We know that players have been eager for improved access to their favorite maps and game modes, but we also wanted to make sure that this next evolution of the online File Browser also incorporated Xbox One Game Clips and Screenshots in order to provide a single destination for players to track all of their favorite Halo moments. Let’s take a closer look at some of the details of the new online File Browser feature, shall we?

Game Clips and Screenshots

Our goal with this update is to bring all of your content from Halo 5: Guardians to your fingertips, which is why the new Waypoint File Browser allows players to view and share all of the content that you’ve created with the Xbox One DVR feature. Additionally, within the Game Clips and Screenshots sections of the File Browser, you will be able to not only see all of your videos and images, but also ones that are currently trending within the Halo community. 

Maps and Game Modes 

No Halo File Browser would be complete without the ability to share and download your favorite maps and game modes. If you’re planning to host a Custom Game night with friends and need to make sure that you have the right Forge maps and game mode variants, you can now do so with ease right here on Waypoint. To find maps and modes, simply go into their respective sections of the File Browser, search for its name or the gamertag of its creator, and bookmark it! Once this is done, your bookmarks will automatically be updated in-game on Halo 5: Guardians

In addition, one specific feature that we are pretty excited about is the ability to bookmark maps directly from your Waypoint Game History. This means that whenever you play on a map that you like, you can immediately save it to your bookmarks so that you can play on it whenever you please. When bookmarking from your Game History, you’re also given the option to view other awesome content from this creator, which will make sure you never run out of new maps and modes to look at.

As with all parts of Waypoint’s File Browser, you'll not only be able to see your creations, but you’ll also be able to view and save trending maps and game modes.

Recent Films

So, you can view the Game Clips and Screenshots you created with the Xbox One DVR feature, but wait – what about the films you have in Theater mode? We’ve got you covered. We’ve also added the ability to Bookmark your Recent Films on Waypoint as well. Simply go to your Game History, find the match you want to Bookmark, click on it, and then bookmark it. Once you’ve bookmarked it on Waypoint, the film will appear in your Theater menu under your Bookmarked Films section, and it will stay there through October 20, 2552. 

Having the ability to search, browse, and find content on Waypoint will allow you to find great new maps, game types, clips, and more, will allow Forgers to share their incredible creations even easier, and provide a new platform for the best community creations to be shared with the world. It goes without saying that we’re extremely happy to be launching these features very soon.

Like, very soon.

In fact, how about today?

We hope you enjoy the new File Browser experience here on Waypoint, and we can’t wait to see what you create and share next. 


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