Halo-ween 2017 Costume Guide

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It’s that time again, where it seems like everything is taking on a new look – trees are trading in their greens for orange, yellow, and red, Starbucks coffee shops are morphing into PSL-distribution centers, and folks all across the land are preparing to head out into candy-filled autumn nights decked out in detailed disguises of their own.

As terrible pun-wielders will never let you forget this time of year, you can’t spell Halloween without “Halo,” (or something like that), and we want to help would-be wearers of Halo hotness get into the hallow-day spirits.

From detailed-duds to casual cosplay, let’s see what our awesome Consumer Products team – and their retail partners – have brewing!


For serious Spartans looking for the best ways to decorate their dome, check out these ways to make your face look ace.







You may have no titanium alloy on hand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the streets in magnificent Mjolnir-inspired style. From full-fledged armor adornment to somewhat softer solutions, there’s a wide range of ways to make that head-to-toe look your chief concern.





You don’t want to show up with a nerfed knife to a BOOMco fight, so making sure you equip the proper Halo-inspired armaments is essential to a successful sortie come Oct 31.







No matter how you choose to rep your favorite franchise at your local community candy collection convention, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween! And for all the latest on other Halo costumes, collectibles, and more, make sure you’re keeping up with @Halo and @HaloGear on social.