Mexico City Details, FFA, and more!

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Calling all competitors! The Halo World Championship is making its next stop in Mexico City on Feb. 25-26 – the first ever official open HaloWC or HCS event in Latin America! Today, we’ve got some updated event details for you, FFA information, and more. Let’s dig in!

Over the years, the Latin American competitive scene has fostered a rich history with Halo. Most recently, at Vida Gamer Mexico in Nov. 2016, Shock the World bested finalists Aztek Gaming, Team Dogma and Chosen Squad to capture the VGM national championship.  

As the road to the Halo World Championship 2017 makes its way through the Latin American region, the action in the online qualifiers has been intense and closely-fought, and the prospect of seeing the very best the region has to offer on display in Mexico City should have the attention of Halo esports fans all across the globe.  

Just last weekend at Wembley, we saw a French team qualify for the Halo World Championship for the first time, taking down many heavily-favored UK teams. The question for this weekend is: can Mexico’s finest defend their current throne as the top country in the region, or will a new contender emerge?  


Venue: Expo Reforma

Address: Calle Morelos 67, Cuauhtémoc, Juárez, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Updated Team Pass & Spectator Ticket Pricing

We’ve recently announced even more affordable prices for both team passes and spectator passes. Additionally, both team and spectator passes will grant you access to Friday’s FFA event as well as a free gift – an exclusive HaloWC: Mexico City event t-shirt. Get your own passes or tickets right here!

We’re also excited to announce that similar to past events, we’ll be offering free (REQ item here) to all players and spectators who purchase a team pass! Simply provide your gamertag at registration, and you’ll be all set.

Additionally, all players and spectators will receive 3 Gold REQ Packs for Halo 5: Guardians just for attending the event!

Lastly, the event is now open to players 16 and above, as long as a parental consent form is signed. For those who purchase a pass, Gamelta and Gfinity will be reaching out via email with information on how to submit your parental consent form.

To grab passes for the event, head here.

FFA Friday

On Friday, February 24, we’ll be hosting an open FFA (Free-for-all) tournament with a prize pool of $1,500! All players and spectators are welcome to compete, and simply need to register on Friday morning (doors open at 10AM CST) at the event, and don't forget to bring your controller. In addition to the FFA, all team pass holders will also be able to utilize warm-up stations on Friday to prepare for the 4v4 event on Saturday and Sunday. As a note, the official HaloWC Mexico City live stream will kick off on Saturday, February 25, and Friday’s FFA, warm-up, and preview events will be limited to participants on the show floor.

Additionally, we’re excited to be offering a Free Agent Area in the venue on Friday. FFA players and spectators will be able to meet fellow local players and assemble a team for the weekend. Lone wolves, unite!

HOW TO Watch

If you can’t make it out to the event, be sure to join us all weekend long on and on Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26 for all of the 4v4 action. At the end of the weekend, only one squad will be left standing – the team that will represent their region at the Halo World Championship Finals. Don’t miss it!

Saturday: Stream starts at 11:15 am EST / 10:15 AM CST  –  Stream ends at 9:45 pm EST / 8:45 pm CST

Sunday: Stream starts at 11:15 am EST / 10:15 AM CST  –  Stream ends at 8:15 pm EST / 7:15 pm CST


Overall – $20,000

1st – $8,000

2nd – $5,000

3rd – $3,000

4th – $2,000

5th – $1,000

6th – $1,000


If you missed any of the action in the Onliner Qualifiers, here's a quick recap of the results!


Jan 29 – Mexico Online Seeding Tournament – Winner: Synergy Gaming

Feb 5 – Mexico Online Qualifier #2 – Winner: Synergy Gaming

Feb 12 – Mexico Online Qualifier #3 – Winner: High Force

Feb 19 – Mexico Online Qualifier #4 – Winner: High Force


Jan 29 – Colombia & Brazil Online Seeding Tournament – Winner: Reckless Team

Feb 5 – Colombia & Brazil Online Qualifier #2 – Winner: Solid Gaming

Feb 12 – Colombia & Brazil Online Qualifier #3 – Winner: Reckless Team

Feb 19 – Colombia & Brazil Online Qualifier #4 – Winner: Solid Gaming


Jan 29 – Argentina & Chile Online Seeding Tournament – Winner: Team Gideon

Feb 5 – Argentina & Chile Online Qualifier #2 – Winner: Team Gideon

Feb 12 – Argentina & Chile Online Qualifier #3 – Winner: Team Gideon

Feb 19 – Argentina & Chile Online Qualifier #4 – Winner: Team Gideon

Feb 24-26 – Latin America Halo World Championship 2017 Qualifier: Mexico City by Gfinity

We can’t wait to hang out with the local Halo community in Mexico City. We’ll see you there! As always, for all updates on the Halo Championship Series and Halo esports, follow @HCS on Twitter, and keep it locked to on the web. 


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