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Back in November we announced the HCS Grassroots program for content creators and tournament organizers alike. A few months and over 500 applications later, we’re humbled by the response and reception to the program. We are very thankful for the support shown not only for the program itself but also for the tournament organizer and content creators we have partnered with thus far.

The HCS Grassroots program is an important part of the future of the Halo esports ecosystem and we believe it’s important we nurture its growth slowly and build it over a long period of time, expanding organically as we march towards Halo Infinite’s launch and beyond. In the long run, we’re aiming to have a strong network of partners and build a strong relationship with each of them. These are content creators we hope you love to watch, interact with online, and hang out with at events like the upcoming HCS Invitational.


Since the program launched, we’ve discovered some places to improve not only our partnership with the content creators, but also our application process. We’ve also heard feedback that many creators are looking for clearer understanding of when they should apply and when they should anticipate hearing back. The HCS Grassroots program is meant to grow and evolve over time, so thank you for all of your thoughts, feedback, and contributions so far.

Going forward, applications will be only be open for month-long windows during certain points throughout the year. As a content creator, this will give you time to work on your content and craft, and build up your channel in anticipation of each application window opening. Once the window closes, we’ll be diligently reviewing applications and selecting the next group of content creators that make it into the program – and then re-opening applications for another window.

The next application window will be open from March 1 to March 31.

Thank you to those who create Halo content to entertain the entire Halo community! If you didn’t make it into the program this time, we encourage you to keep creating content and reapply in the future. There were many great creators that applied but only a small group were selected for this wave. For those that applied, be on the lookout for an email with more tips on how you can improve your application and chances for future entry into the program!


Selecting the next wave of content creators to be accepted into the program was no small task. For this wave, we’ve selected another four creators who we felt had been creating a wealth of content both live and VoD for quite some time, and have also been positive influences in the community. Help us welcome the crew!


Known for streaming and creating videos ranging from casual to competitive multiplayer, Proximitty has been bringing the excitement and laughs for years. We can’t wait to see how he evolves as an entertainer!



Stress is an HCS competitor and has not only been on the grind to improve his skills, but also to create as much content for the community as possible. As part of the HCS Grassroots program, we hope to see Stress grow both as a player and creator.



Eli X has been creating live content for years across casual and competitive multiplayer, and everything in between. Eli X’s stream has seen consistent growth, and we’re excited to have him part of the HCS Grassroots program.


HCS Weekly by UGC Studios

While individual creators are an important part of the content ecosystem, we also recognize that many creators like to partner on larger productions. The folks at UGC have not only put their efforts towards LAN events and esports broadcasts, but have also been putting together weekly content in the form of the HCS Weekly. The HCS Weekly is the destination for the latest news and interviews from the competitive Halo community and is quickly becoming a mainstay each week. 


Not only will they will be bringing regular content for everyone to enjoy, but you’ll also see them at the HCS Invitational at SXSW next month on March 15-17!


Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported the HCS Grassroots program thus far – either as a tournament organizer, creator, or fan who has supported the HCS Grassroots partners. This is just the beginning of the program, and we’re excited to partner with the community in an all-new way to grow and evolve Halo esports like never before.

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