Content Creators Wave 4

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About one year ago we gave an update on all things Halo esports including the status and future of the HCS Grassroots program. At the time, we had pressed pause on bringing in new content creator partners into the program as we were working behind the scenes on an evolution to the program and how we worked with content creators altogether leading up to the launch of Halo Infinite. Those plans are still in the works and our intention remains the same, however the timing of those updates will be aligned more closely with the release of Halo Infinite. With the shift in Halo Infinite’s release, we’ve decided to press “play” on bringing in new content creators and are continuing to move this part of the program forward again for the time being. The HCS Grassroots program remains a key part of our strategy and our partnership with tournament operators and content creators is critical to the long-term success of the competitive Halo ecosystem.

Today, we are very excited to bring in yet another Community Tournament Organizer as well as a group of new content creators into the program. Let’s jump right in.

Halo Australia

For quite a few years the Halo Australia team has held online and LAN tournaments for the competitive Australia community. They have acted as an engine to keep the competitive spirit alive and provide opportunities for veterans and newcomers alike. With Halo Infinite’s upcoming release, Halo Australia are poised to support the community even more and foster growth for the scene. Please join us in welcoming Halo Australia to the HCS Grassroots program as Community Tournament Organizers.

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Lady Echidna

  Consistency, perseverance, talent, and humility. This is how Lady Echidna how has risen to be one of the Halo community’s top streamers today. If you’re looking for a stream and community that will give you laugh-out-loud moments that bring out the best in Halo, you’ve come to the right place. Please join us in welcoming Lady Echidna to the HCS Grassroots program.

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Mint Blitz

  Representing Australia, Mint Blitz is hands down one of the most entertaining and prolific players in the world. No, seriously. His stuff is so insane that even ESPN can’t get enough. Clocking in at 4.3 Killionaires a game (I made this up but I bet it’s pretty close), Mint Blitz delivers jaw dropping plays day in and day out, while also staying on top of the latest Halo news. Please join us in welcoming Mint Blitz to the HCS Grassroots program.

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  If you’re looking for a chill stream and community to be a part of, with a content creator whose skill that will absolutely blow you away – look no further than Trunks. Competitor and Clip Artist (I just made that up but I think it sounds cool), Trunks has been streaming for nearly a decade and dazzling his fans the whole time. Please join us in welcoming Trunks to the HCS Grassroots program.

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Real Life Spartan

Always operating at 117% percent, Real Life Spartan has been entertaining the Halo community in ways we’ve not seen before. Bursting with positive energy, Real Life Spartan welcomes all Halo fans to the Spartan Army all while laying down some hurt that even the Master Chief himself would be proud of. Do you believe? Please join us in welcoming Real Life Spartan to the HCS Grassroots program.

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What about applications you say? Well, we have good news. Starting on November 6, applications for content creators will once again be opened until December 11. When the window opens, head over to to learn more and apply. Once the window closes, we will review all applications and bring new content creators into the program in early 2021.

Once again, thank to you everyone who has shown interest and support of the HCS Grassroots program. The program will continue to grow and evolve over time, and we can’t wait to talk more about what’s next.


Halo Esports

Pro Series Events Continue

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The Halo 5 and MCC Pro Series tournaments have returned for 2021! Hit the link to see all of the dates and prizing for the upcoming tournaments, as well as format changes including the move to double elimination for the open events. Best of luck to all teams competing!

Halo Championship Series

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Introducing – an experimental extension of Halo esports’ home on Waypoint leveraging the Maestro service that will serve to showcase HCS Grassroots and official HCS content regardless of what platform they’re available on. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest core multiplayer and competitive content the community has to offer – whether it’s happening live right now or freshly-posted VOD – look no further. As the HCS Grassroots program continues to add more content partners...

Halo Championship Series

Introducing FACEIT Ignite

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Late last year we held the final official HCS tournament for Halo 5: Guardians, and kicked off the HCS Grassroots program as part of our efforts to lay the groundwork and solidify the foundation of Halo esports for the future. In the six months since the program launched, we’ve seen incredible support from the community – from fans, to content creators, to tournament organizers, and everyone in between. Most importantly, the community has really stepped up to support each other. We’ve seen...