HCS Summer Preview - Version 2

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Last week, we debuted “version 1” of the HCS Summer Season settings within the HCS Summer Preview playlist. Since then, the Multiplayer Team has been reviewing feedback and meeting with top HCS pro players, and “version 2” is now live in the HCS Summer Preview playlist. If you’re looking for details on what’s new, you’ve come to the right place. See below for a list of changes, with some extra detail from the Halo Multiplayer Team about each change.

Game Variant Changes

In addition to the version 1 changes listed here, the following change is reflected in version 2:

  • Changed Magnum starting Primary Rounds from Default to 60

Halo Multiplayer Team: After removing the Assault Rifle from competitive play for this season, we saw a considerable amount of feedback from the players that they didn’t respawn with enough ammo. By doubling the reserve ammo, we’re hoping to see players feel a bit more comfortable with the trusty Magnum.

Map-by-Map Changes

In addition to the version 1 changes listed here, the following map changes are reflected in version 2:


  • Removed Covenant Carbine from Carbine Tower Two

Halo Multiplayer Team: One of the most common feedback themes we’ve discussed with players is the balance of rifles on Truth. We’ve taken a close look at the power the Covenant Carbine has on the map – especially its long-range effectiveness against unsuspecting targets. While we’re still searching for the right balance on this map, based on feedback, we’re removing the Carbine from the equation for the time being, and will review the impact on gameplay.

  • Moved Battle Rifle from Pink Tower Two to Carbine Tower Two

Halo Multiplayer Team: In addition to the above, we’ll be moving the Battle Rifle to the top level of Carbine Tower to alleviate some of the strength that Pink Tower will receive with the removal of the Covenant Carbine.


  • Added Plasma Pistol in Security [Slayer Only]

Halo Multiplayer Team: With the addition of the Overshield located Outside in the Slayer variant of Eden, players suggested the Plasma Pistol as a potential counter option. In order to help balance the strong power-up, we’ve added the nifty “pea shooter” over in Security.

  • Set Plasma Pistol respawn time to 20 seconds [Slayer Only]


  • Added Tactical Magnums in Red and Blue Tree House

Halo Multiplayer Team: Several HCS pro players were interested in testing out the Tactical Magnum in HCS settings to add a bit of precision variety. As a result, we’re excited to bring these stealthy pistols into play to see their competitive Arena potential. If you’re not familiar with the Tactical Magnum, this variant allows you to both be effective at distance as well as sneaky up close -- it is equipped with a silencer as well as a 2x mid-range Smart-Link scope.

  • Set Tactical Magnum respawn time to 40 seconds and despawn time to 30 seconds

Halo Multiplayer Team: The Tactical Magnum’s default settings are in line with Tier 1 weapons, but include a faster despawn time of 5 seconds. We’re bringing its respawn and despawn times in line with the rest of the Tier 1 weapons placed on our HCS map variants.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on these updated settings – head over to our forums to let us know your thoughts, and be sure and stay tuned for further updates!

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