Update: Season 1 Finals Prizing and More

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Over the first two months of the Halo Championship Series (HCS), we’ve seen incredible matches and intense team rivalries emerge. Most importantly, we’ve received a lot of feedback from our community. We’ve learned what the league needs to thrive, changes that need to be made, and how to better celebrate and grow Halo esports. The HCS team here at 343 Industries is currently cooking up exciting plans with our partners at ESL and Twitch for Season 2. But first, I’ve got a few exciting announcements to make related to changes for Season 1.

One of the most important pieces of feedback we’ve heard is that all players – from amateur to top teams – simply want more opportunities to compete and earn more money in the HCS. We greatly understand, not only the importance of regulated prize pools that appropriately reward top competitors, but also the growth of the HCS year over year. I’m excited to announce that we’re doubling the prize pool at the Season 1 Finals to $100,000.

We’ve also received invaluable feedback on roster rules, production quality, standardization, and more - including match replay rules. We’ve worked with a council of top HCS players to determine updated match replay rules that will be used at Gamers for Giving and the Season 1 Finals. While the dev team continues to work on content updates that will improve the overall MCC experience and stability, the following replay rules will assist in the event of a match interruption at LAN events:

  • For Capture the Flag matches and Assault matches, the exact score will be taken from the time of the interruption. For example, if a team is leading a match 4-0 and there is a match interruption, the match will be replayed with an aggregate or “understood” score of 4-0, rather than a full 0-0 restart.
  • For Team Slayer matches, the exact score will be taken from the time of the interruption. For example, if a team is leading a match 35-30 and there is a match interruption, the match will be replayed with an aggregate or “understood” score of 35-30, rather than a full 0-0 restart.
  • For Oddball and King of the Hill, the match will be replayed with both team scores rounding down to the nearest 5 point increment. For example, if a team is leading 118-63 at the time of interruption, the match will be replayed with an aggregate or “understood” score of 115-60.

In all match replays, the match will be replayed with full time limit, with the aggregate score applied. If a match interruption happens before a team reaches five kills in a Team Slayer match, one capture in a CTF match, or 10 seconds of Ball / Hill time, the match replay rules will not be taken into effect, and the match will be restarted from 0-0. All of the aforementioned rules have been updated in the Halo Championship Series Handbook. We’re also working to create on-stream graphics that will easily communicate aggregate scores, overtime, team info, and more as part of an all-new live stream experience on

Lastly, my team has been actively working with our partners at Iron Gaming on the kickoff event for Season 2 on April 17-19. Be on the lookout for more details on this event, as well as the entire Season 2 roadmap, updates, and prize money in the coming weeks. Spoiler: It’s going to be awesome.

I can’t wait to see which teams rise to the occasion at Season 1 Finals for that intense FPS joust we all love about Halo gameplay. Hope to meet a bunch of you at PAX East in Boston.

Che Chou
Franchise Media Director
343 Industries


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This is it – the final weekend of regular season competition in Season 1 of the Halo Championship Series. This weekend, we find out who will make it to PAX East in Boston to compete on the ESL Arena stage for $100,000 in prizing. We recommend you clear your schedule this weekend and get comfortable because we have two full days of incredible Halo action coming your way.

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After three months of rigorous competition on Xbox Live and several LAN tournaments around the United States, regular season competition of Halo Championship Series’ inaugural season has come to an end. The following teams and players have accrued enough HCS points to secure and invitation to Season 1 Finals at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts.

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This past weekend, thousands tuned in to watch the final regular season LAN tournament before the Halo Championship Series Season 1 Finals. The gaming community came together for a great cause at Gamers for Giving in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Attendees and viewers raised over $50,000, more than doubling the original donation goal. We’d like to start by saying thank you to all who participated in this event - whether through donation, supporting the stream, or competing at the event.