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As you can usually tell from my Community Updates, we try to stay busy here at 343. In case you've been in a cave on Reach, we've started closing in on a new Halo Insider flight for MCC PC, celebrating Halo 5: Guardians' fourth anniversary, and preparing for more Halo esports action. Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes, we've continued working hard on Halo Infinite and the Showtime TV series day in and day out. Since we're not quite ready to chat about those last two just yet, let's focus on the stuff that will be heading your way sooner!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Update your Halo Insider Profile

Before jumping even further into the thick of it, we want you (yes, you!) to make sure you're all set on If you want a chance to be invited and participate in the upcoming PC Flight for Halo: Reach, we're asking that you register and update your Halo Insider profile. By following the steps outlined below, you'll make it way easier to find and contact you within the Halo Insider database. Of course following these steps doesn't guarantee you access to this flight, as we'll be selecting the user group based on criteria that'll help us target our goals, but it can only help your chances.

  • Register on
  • Verify the email address you've provided for communication
  • Opt-in to receive communications from us
  • Opt-in to PC flights
  • Link your Steam account
  • Upload/update your DxDiag

Previous Xbox Flight

The flight we hosted earlier this month wrapped up as I was writing my last Community Update, so I couldn't share the information we gathered from it at that time. Luckily, shortly thereafter, Postums was able to include some of the key numbers and metrics in his weekly Flighting Update. It's quite insightful and even highlights some of our community members who managed to play hundreds of matches in the span of that one week flight. Click here to give it a read!


Now let's talk about what content will be included in this Halo: Reach flight for testing on PC. Loaded up with campaign, multiplayer, and Firefight, this is shaping up to be our largest content offering for a flight to date. We're currently setting up to support Campaign, Custom Games, and one playlist for each matchmaking experience (Competitive, Social, and Firefight) at all times. That means you could play Winter Contingency, jump into a private match with a friend, and then move on to matchmaking for ranked, social, or Firefight games.

As always, these offerings could change and shift around based on how it performs during our Ring 1 & Ring 2 flights, but we wanted to share what we currently have planned.

Campaign Missions

Both missions will be live at all times

  • Noble Actual
  • Winter Contingency

Firefight Matchmaking

One Firefight playlist will be live at all times

  • 4-player Heroic Standard Firefight
    • Beachhead
    • Corvette
    • Holdout
  • 4-player Normal Arcade Firefight
    • Beachhead
    • Corvette
    • Holdout

Competitive Matchmaking

One Competitive playlist will be live at all times

  • Halo: Reach Team Hardcore
    • Countdown
    • Zealot
  • Halo: Reach Invasion
    • Breakpoint

Social Matchmaking 

One Social playlist will be live at all times

  • 2v2: Slayer
    • Countdown
    • Powerhouse
    • Zealot
  • 4v4: Slayer, Flag and Bomb, Zone Control, Asset Denial, and Action Sack
    • Countdown
    • Powerhouse
    • Zealot
    • Tempest
  • 8v8: Slayer, Flag and Bomb, Zone Control, and Asset Denial
    • Tempest
    • Breakpoint
    • Ridgeline

The overall schedule for what experiences will be offered on each day is still dependent on what content can make its way into the flight. To follow the progress and preparation of this flight, keep an eye on our dedicated Flighting Update thread or on Twitter.

INfection NameplateS

In case you missed our announcement at the beginning of the month, we're offering another opportunity for players to secure the Flood nameplate. If you jump into Halo: The Master Chief Collection and complete ten matches in Infection, you'll earn the elusive silver and spooky nameplate below. Since this means you only have seven days left, you may want to start knocking them out as fast as you can in order to complete the challenge. Hopefully you've been training up on your survival and zombie hunting skills!


Playlist Updates

As sure as the sun will rise, our MCC playlist updates have continued and improved the matchmaking experience as a result. To see what changes the most recent updates have brought about in Infection and 8v8 Action Sack, be sure to read up on the details below!

Halo 5: Guardians

In parallel with MCC's special Flood nameplate, Halo 5 has also been offering Infection rewards all month long in the form of Double XP. To celebrate Halo 5's birthday week, we've chosen to blast the XP rewards across the entire game. Starting from now until the end of the month, every single playlist will reward Double XP in Halo 5. Additionally, Roaming King has joined H2 BR Slayer in our social rotational slots. Since we're on the track of discussing the rotational playlists, it feels like a good time to point out that November's plan has been locked in and can be found right here. 

Upcoming Calendar

  • October 24: Roaming King rotates in for Covenant Slayer
  • October 24: Warzone Turbo goes live for the weekend
  • October 24: GLOBAL DOUBLE XP for a week to celebrate Halo 5's birthday
  • October 27: Halo 5's Birthday! Log on anytime from October 25-28 and earn a free Platinum Pack!
  • October 31: Castle Wars rotates in for H2 BR Slayer
  • November 5: Snipers rotates into ranked for November
  • November 7: Triple Team rotates in for Roaming King
  • November 14: CE Anniversary Throwback rotates in for Castle Wars
  • November 14: Warzone Assault goes live for the weekend
  • November 21: Forerunner Slayer rotates in for Triple Team
  • November 26: Action Sack rotates in for CE Anniversary Throwback
  • November 26: Warzone Turbo goes live for the weekend
  • December 3: Winter 2020 Arena Season begins

Halo Esports

5 Years of HCS

The countdown to the Halo Championship Series' 5th anniversary continues to bring new competitive community content to light. In our last Community Update, we took a look back at how series that was supposed to be a Best-of-5 ended up becoming a Best-of-9. How is that possible you may ask? Watch the retrospective on the CLG vs. Noble Black match from HCS Season 1 Finals to find out!

This week we're jumping into what could be the greatest series of Halo 5. The first Halo World Championship's prize pool raised the stakes to a level that Halo esports had never seen before, and with those high stakes, players were putting everything they had on the line to compete. As we geared up for the HaloWC Finals in Los Angeles, we would have never have predicted that we'd see a match quite like the one between Renegades and Allegiance. Both teams wanted to advance, but one of them would have to go home. In another nail-biting series, we watched as both teams had their highest of highs and their lowest of lows in the span of five games – ultimately leading to one the greatest comebacks in Halo esports history. Give it a watch right here!

The #5YearsOfHCS All-Star bracket has made its way into the Quarter Finals, with matchups like Snip3down vs. Lethul and Frosty vs. Royal2 pushing people to make tough decisions. Take a look at for yourself so that you can start thinking about who you'll vote for!

You can join in on the celebration by using #5YearsOfHCS and following @HCS on Twitter all while gearing up for it's anniversary on November 5.

DreamHack Atlanta | November 15-17

There's a $50,000 Halo 3 4v4 tournament and a $5,000 Halo 5 2v2 tournament happening in just under a month at DreamHack Atlanta. We've been watching Halo pros competing for seeding in UGC's past two Online Qualifiers, and we've already seen the crew of TOX Gaming emerge victorious in both of them. With only two more before the big show, I'm starting to get curious, and a little worried, if there's a squad out there that can bring them down. If you think you have what it takes, log on to and sign your team up for the next two Online Qualifiers!

Event Details

To catch the latest Halo-related information about the event, be sure to keep an eye on (and maybe bookmark/follow) these links:

I also thought it could be more useful to take a step back and break out the details at a more granular level. Hopefully this helps you find answers to any and all questions you have about the event!

Microsoft Store Events

This Sunday, conveniently landing on Halo 5's anniversary of October 27, Microsoft Store's around the globle are hosting in-person Halo 5 Doubles tournaments. We hope to see plenty of new faces because if you make it out to your store and participate, you'll earn a chance to go to X019 in London next month. To register for this competition and learn how you can increase your chances of winning the trip, head to!

We'll also be jumping back into Mixer's Studio One with our Pro Team's Wes "Clutch" Price to broadcast top duos competing against one another that afternoon. As usual, the action will take place starting at 1pm PT on We hope to see you there!


With Halo 5's anniversary coming up this weekend, I figured it would probably be best to highlight some Halo 5 concept art in this section. Kory Lynn Hubbell put together this badass piece of Fireteam Osiris preparing to jump into a civil war on Sanghelios. My favorite part, besides superhero stances, is how the blues and oranges mix together. It almost reminds me of the Halo 3 Believe poster with a slightly darker tone, but that could just be me wanting to see parallels.

If you like this piece and want to save a copy for yourself, hit the links right here:

I know this week's blog was a little bit shorter, but hopefully it was just as sweet. Regardless, I appreciate you joining me for another Community Update!

Until next time,



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