Introducing Wave 2 of Mattel's 6" Figure Series!

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Our friends at Mattel continue to pump out awesome options to pose and play with as Wave 2 of their sweet Halo Universe 6” action figure line begins to hit store shelves across the land. The next salvo of collectible coolness is rolling out to stores as we speak, and includes six mainline characters, each with up to 30 points of articulation and gorgeous deco treatments.

In addition, Wave 2 will feature another awesome Build-a-Figure that is completed by collecting the other six figures in the primary lineup. Wave 1 gave fans the opportunity to build an Alpha Crawler, but for Wave 2, collecting all six parts will let you assemble an awesome looking Imperial Grunt figure!


Let’s take a closer look at the lineup of characters hitting store shelves with this next series.


Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the quintessential Spartan. He is a living legend, inspiring awe like a mythological hero from ancient history, but with the formative presence of an armored tank. Throughout his extensive military career, John-117 has accomplished feats and displayed a kind of undaunted courage that is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Master Chief Wave 2 figure is a unique variant deco with battle worn armor and broken visor, as witnessed in the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. Master Chief comes with Magnum and Sniper Rifle accessories.


Supreme Commander. Traitor. Arbiter. Kaidon. Judge. Thel ‘Vadam has been known by many titles whispered in fear by his foes and shouted by his allies. Once a treasured instrument of the Covenant, he now stands as its greatest foe, having resurrected the ancient Swords of Sanghelios alliance and rallied his forces to crush the last vestiges of Jul 'Mdama’s army. The Arbiter’s dream: unite his fractured people under a single banner and seize their destiny among the stars.

Always a fan favorite inclusion, this Wave 2 marks the first “standard” action figure release (not counting the Mega Construx minifig) of Thel ‘Vadam’s gold and glorious kaidon armor, as seen in Halo 5: Guardians. The action-figure Arbiter also includes a Prophet’s Bane energy sword accessory, though you won’t have to worry about the toy vanishing out of sight when he holds it. Actually, we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a sad thing now that we think about it.


Olympia Vale serves as the field anthropologist and Sangheili cultural expert of Fireteam Osiris. Curious and composed, Vale is fascinated by the contradictions and complexities of Sangheili culture, and finds in their psychology and rituals a truly challenging puzzle that can be unlocked through dedication and study.

Spartan Vale fans rejoice, the fast-thinking, fleet-footed Sangheili savant joins your action figure collection with this detailed and dangerous-looking release. Spartan Vale comes with SMG and Needler accessories.


That Buck survived three harrowing decades of the Covenant War as an ODST despite participating in its most vicious battles speaks volumes. Inducted into the Spartan-IV program, Buck is an expert in all forms of alien ass-kicking and serves as an invaluable advisor and mentor for the members of Fireteam Osiris.

Everyone’s favorite smooth-talking Helljumper hero is back in action (figure) for Mattel’s 6” Wave 2 line. Spartan Buck includes an Assault Rifle, removable Spartan Knife, and helmeted head, for when you need to swap back and forth between handsome hero and suited-up Spartan. The aforementioned unhelmeted head piece is based directly off of the 3D model of Nathan Fillion’s likeness from the game. Keen-eyed fans will also take note of some other clever in-game details adorning Buck’s armor.


Jerome-092 was part of the legendary SPARTAN-II project and leader of the Red Team detachment associated with UNSC Spirit of Fire. Currently, Jerome-092 leads UNSC forces on the Ark against Atriox and his Banished forces.

The Spartan-II Red Team leader is back in action figure form as part of Mattel’s 6” Wave 2 line. One of Halo Wars 2’s most pivotal characters, Jerome-092 includes a classic M90 shotgun and M6C Magnum.


Atriox is a fearsome warrior who rose to power by his charismatic personality and talent for shrewd strategic planning honed during the Human-Covenant conflict. Leader of a multi-species faction known as the Banished, his current objective is to secure access to the incredibly powerful Forerunner installation known as the Ark.

Imposing leader of the dangerous Banished faction, and primary antagonist of Halo Wars 2, Atriox is an awesome and imposing addition to round out the Wave 2 figure lineup. Atriox features some impressive art details and comes complete with his signature Chainbreaker energy mace.


In addition to the main 6+1 figure lineup, Wave 2 also features a couple of epic retailer exclusives for fans and collectors to chase down, including the awesome (and author-adored) LOCUS-helmed Spartan that we’re revealing right here today!

Toys’R’Us Exclusive Spartan Fotus Figure 

  • Incudes:  Spartan Helioskrill armor with Bloodgorger armor skin and FOTUS helmet, Magnum, Ravening Sliver energy sword, and bonus HELIOSKRILL helmet.

Walgreens Exclusive Spartan Locus Figure 

  • Includes: Spartan Argus armor with Arrestor armor skin and LOCUS helmet, Magnum, BOOMco AR Blaster MA5, and bonus ARGUS helmet.

We’re incredibly excited to partner with our friends at Mattel to unleash these new figures onto desks, shelves, and makeshift battlefields all around the world. And as always, for all the latest updates and news on cool and upcoming Halo merch and collectibles, follow @Halo and @HaloGear on Twitter, and bookmark in your favorite browser.


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