MCC Development Update - September 2020

By 343 Industries -

Hey Friends,

Postums here welcoming everyone back for the September 2020 installment of the monthly MCC Development Update. We are just a few months out from wrapping up the year as well as wrapping up the final game on our journey to bring MCC to PC! This year has been super busy and if this is your first time checking out one of these updates, this blog series has a lot of backstory. I just took a look back and this is now my 19th MCC dev blog - we've shared a lot of insights and words together on this journey, friends. Well, that's enough nostalgia – onwards!

September has been action-packed and we have a number of topics to talk about. First, we'll recap our latest PC launch and the release of Halo 3: ODST (and Firefight!) into MCC. There are some pretty spiffy new upgrades in there for both PC and Xbox, so definitely take some time to drop in and check it out. Next up, we are going to talk through an expansive Design update with members of the Publishing Team about future features and content that folks will see come online around the time of Halo 4’s release and beyond. To wrap things up, we are going to take an early look at October’s planned Halo 4 flighting spec, remind you how to get in on Halo Insider flighting, and a lastly get a progress report from Farns in our State of the Game section. Let’s hit it, Marines!

Halo 3: ODST Launch Recap

Halo 3: ODST dropped feet first into PC last week and in the days since, players have fought off waves upon waves of enemies in Firefight, listened to hours of sweet, sweet jazz, and took the fight to the Covenant in New Mombasa’s hectic streets. Last week also saw the release of MCC's 3rd Season of entirely free unlockable content for players, updates to our Challenge system, new elements of customization across Halo 3, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3: ODST, and a number of high profile bug fixes including Halo 3’s shot registration! There’s too much to put into a simple recap, so please feel free to head over HERE to check out the launch blog and HERE for the full patch notes of this latest game release and update. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check things out, there’s never a better time than now to get in on the action. MCC is available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox One for purchase and is available for Game Pass members to download and play. To learn more about where and how you can drop into ODST, check out this page HERE.


Each month we take some time to discuss ongoing feature work, content, and changes that the Publishing Team is working on for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. This month we are joined again by Design Director, Max Szlagor, and Technical Designer, Dana Jerpbak. Let’s dive on in with some updates from Max!

With Halo 3: ODST out now and Season 3 in full swing, players are loving all the new Halo 3 content and pretty much unanimously want more of it.  Players have been vocal about wanting more vehicle skins like what Halo: Combat Evolved received along with additional weapon skins. We have seen this as a hot topic across the community since Season 3’s release. Do you think there's potential for more Halo 3 content down the road?

Max: Short answer is, yes, we do! We are looking at where and when we can deliver in the categories that we have already delivered for skins and then where can we introduce new categories of customization. Meaning, what sort of customization can we add beyond what we have already done?

There are some additional areas we are exploring so investigations are definitely underway and we’re coming to it with a lot of ideas, including looking at unreleased content. But we are unsure of the technical feasibility of bringing that work into MCC like the [REDACTED] armor pieces. We’re excited, but we want to keep some of the [REDACTED] stuff close to our chest as we figure out just how realistic it is. We do not want to over-promise stuff, but we’re definitely taking a look.

I really hope we can make that [REDACTED] happen as a LOT of players would be happy with that! Moving along, one piece of feedback that we have been seeing relates to the Halo 3 Acrophobia skull. Is there a world where additional skulls come over to ODST for either Campaign or Firefight?

Dana: Some clever folks have already discovered that the Acrophobia skull’s implementation was not limited to Halo 3 – it’s hooked up in a few of the other engines as well, just not fully enabled. Officially supporting this skull in ODST (and beyond) in the future is absolutely something we’re open to doing. Acrophobia is a really cool skull in that it allows players to experience classic environments – missions they’ve played hundreds of times – in an entirely new way. Seeing familiar spaces from an entirely different angle is really exciting.

For ODST, we prototyped yet another new skull but we didn’t quite get it in a place we were happy with. I hope we can circle back to it in the future as it was a really cool concept that leaned into some of the same strengths I described about Acrophobia above. It just needed more time to bake.

Regarding new skulls in Firefight, the answer is largely the same. When developing ODST Firefight game variant support, we were careful to build a foundation that would support future additions without breaking compatibility with existing variants. This leaves the door open for skull additions among other things. There are lots of great Firefight options in Reach that would be cool to explore in ODST such as skull configuration and wave composition.

As for when any of this will happen, we’ll have to wait and see. Right now, our main focus is Halo 4 and some of the other cool features we’ve recently talked about. It’ll also depend on how players react to the current ODST Firefight game options suite and what they want to see more of.

Well, thank you for the details. We'll continue to keep a close eye on this feedback across the community and be sure to let you know what we hear. Next up, I was hoping to discuss future seasons and features. As Halo 4 approaches, we've got a lot of new content and features on the horizon. Last month, we talked a little bit about Season 4 and sort of teased some new content for Halo: Reach. Max, is there anything else regarding Season 4 content that you want to talk to more about?

Max: Yeah, players can expect to see a few long-lost pieces return for Halo: Reach when Season 4 comes online. The "GRD" helmet is the one that most people have requested, but there were other pieces like another helmet and an additional chest piece that we're able to basically unearth, finish, and polish-up to get in for a future update and seasons. We really think players are going to enjoy these future pieces!

 The long-lost unreleased Halo: Reach helmet referred to by the community as "GRD" is finally coming to the game! What's "AKIS"? Stay tuned for an upcoming deeper dive with our own lore master GrimBrother One in an upcoming Canon Fodder here on Halo Waypoint! 

An unreleased chest piece from the original game is also coming to Halo: Reach in Season 4! Here's a first look from a work-in-progress build.

In addition, we are bringing armor effects back for Elites along with new combinations of chest pieces paired with the prosthetic arm. We are looking at content in terms of how we can expand the surface area of what is possible. We look at finishing unfinished things, making new content, and bringing in things that may not have made their way into MCC but existed before.

I think just saying that GRD is going to be a reality will make some people super excited! But, it sounds like y’all are taking the customization even further, building on some of the recent Halo 2: Anniversary work that was done with this last update. Can you provide some more detail there?

Max: That's true. Like I mentioned with the new prosthetic arm pieces, players can take that unique piece and mix it up with some of the other outfits that already exist. Basically, we’ll be bringing MCC to parity with legacy Halo: Reach customization and then pushing it a bit further. One of our goals is to bring parity to areas that we were not on par with Legacy and then expanding or improving on that. 

This is all a win in my book and will get players even more excited! OK, so I am going to go even deeper and ask about bringing customization across even more the games in the collection. What can you share on that front?

Max: To be clear, we have a lot of ideas for MCC across customization. Finding out what is possible and how that builds on the existing experience is something we are talking about internally. Right now, we are doing our planning for the future sustain plans for MCC leading well into next year. There are a lot of things we are looking at in terms of how we continue to expand and build. I think the more interesting customization pieces we are going to look at in the future are ways we can give you more places in our lobbies and menus for you to showcase your character, pre-match and post-match, that kind of thing.

The possibilities are endless of what y’all could do, and that is awesome to hear! So, looking at things that have undergone planning over this year and are now in development, we have a lot of features coming. We have talked about some of these over the past month both internally and externally. We have had spec reviews, and there are a few features that are going to be debuting in flighting.

Max: Yes, we have a lot of things upcoming for MCC - Input Based Matchmaking and Crossplay, and possibly Regional Server Selection and work relating to PC file share updates to name a few, but there are even more features beyond that for the future.

So I’ve heard! We also have the long-awaited Custom Game Browser which is a huge feature the community is eager to check out.

Dana: We have been busy for sure.

An early work-in-progress look at the Custom Game Filter that's currently in development and coming soon to MCC!

Yes you have! One interesting thing I’ve been seeing is that even though we didn’t commit to specific timeframes on when these features would launch, some in the community expected they were coming with ODST. I was hoping we could clear up when we think these features are coming, what the community can expect in the flights later next month, and set some expectations on where we are at in development for them?

Dana: So yeah, Input Based Matchmaking and Crossplay are first, and they are features that we consider co-dependent. These are in development and we did a deep dive into them in the previous blog, but we have continued to iterate on the design, and implementation is going well. It is coming along, and I think it should work the way players would expect and I am excited about flighting it with Halo 4.

Input-based matchmaking is one new feature in the works for MCC and slated for release this year. Here's an early look at an input selection message from a recent internal development build.

A closer look at new additions coming to the "Network" settings page offering more options for matchmaking experiences.

A preview of an update to the 'Controls' settings page to allow players to choose their preferred input device.

So that’s what Uny hinted at in the Halo Waypoint Community Update last week! Alright, what is the latest status with Regional Server Selection? I believe that is another piece the team is trying to get ready for Halo 4 flights.

Max: Yes, we are working to get that in as well. We're going through this exercise right now of what fits into what, because there's a lot of stuff happening for each launch and update, so this again is the kind of more an internal-facing bit of content, but we could share some of the behind the scenes on it. Right now, we've got to get Halo 4 completed and ready to go. With its release, we have quite a few pieces that we are prioritizing to make sure the body of work for it is complete. Beyond that, we also have some things we are working on for the future and planning where they fit, but we can’t talk about those just quite yet. Overall, we have a lot of features that we need to get prepped and have a limited amount of time to make it all happen.

Really big features like Custom Game Browser, for example, are most likely going to roll out in stages. We’d start by getting it into flighting once we feel good about it, and at this point, it’s going to be post-Halo 4. Then we’d roll it out for one game in the collection to properly evaluate. We want to see not only how it works, but how the community uses it in a more public setting. And then, we'll take those learnings to iterate and roll it out to the rest of the games. Although that isn’t set in stone, this process of working hand-in-hand with the community is something we’re all familiar with now.

We are also making great progress on Regional Server Selection and it is straightforward. We are expecting it to be ready in time for the Halo 4 flight, but it is still in active development so it's TBD if it'll make it in or not.

That all makes sense. Another area that I know the team is working on is adding in a File Share upload option for players on PC. Where is that at currently?

Max: That is also another one where it's on our list and is about a medium complexity item in terms of everything that goes into the feature set. Beyond what the public will see for the feature, we also have parts for internal use around tooling and how we manage the entire system. What does the process look like for players making reports? With these key aspects of it, we are looking at PC file share and the tools like how Input Based Matchmaking and Crossplay are tied together. PC file share is tied with how we handle filtering, banning, and reporting players. That all works together and because the tooling piece is probably the more complex part of it and being very dependent on it to function appropriately, we need to complete those parts prior to it coming online. That area is really what will have an impact on when this feature rolls out.

So, based on that information, is it still our goal to deliver this in the near term or do you think it may take a little bit longer to develop?

Max: Our goals are to develop the features we have committed to and get them out when we are confident with them. Again, if there are some cross-team dependencies, in terms of making sure everybody has the tools they need to make sure this feature rolls out properly, then it just takes a bit more time. I am feeling pretty good and we are making more progress there. But as far as specific timing, we are not 100% sure quite yet. 

An additional incoming feature I want to highlight relates to Text Chat. A new option will live in the Accessibility menu and is going to give players the option to turn it off! I know a lot of folks have been asking for this. Do you want to talk a little bit about that?

Dana: With the launch of Halo 4, we’ll be giving players more control over text chat. By default, players will only see messages in the Squad channel. Players can opt into their Team channel and into the All channel if desired. In short, you won’t have to read some of the lovely things folks say on the Internet if you don’t want to.

Thank you both, I think that covers the core of the questions that I wanted to ask. I know the team is always heads-down looking towards the future of MCC and more content, more designs, and more quality of life improvements. Are there any additional topics that you wanted to discuss this month? 

Max: We are looking into all-new game modes and modding - how we can start to stand up those pieces and deliver a solid experience. Like I said earlier, how can we expand customization, not just in-game but in the front end, and how can we give people more value in customization all up - those are areas we're evaluating. We are also looking into Campaign customization. What can we support there?  Things like snazzier nameplates - can we put animations on 'em?  Is there an opportunity to bring over some of the Halo Online maps? There’s a lot of options out there and it’s all dependent on what’s feasible and everything takes time and has to be measured against the bug list, backlog, and feature priorities. All in all, we are definitely looking towards more goodness and continuing with more seasons. 

I’ve also heard some rumblings that Halo 4’s Forge is getting a sort of “Thorage” treatment. Do you want to talk a little bit about what’s new coming with Halo 4 and some of the areas the team is working on?

Dana: I’ve seen some speculation about this as well, and the answer is, “Yes!” When H4 launches on PC, it will come with a number of improvements and updates to Forge. Players will get to enjoy these improvements on PC as well as on Xbox. First, we’ll be bringing the Toggle Rotation Axes feature we’ve added to the other engines to H4. This gives Forgers much more control when manipulating objects. Additionally, we’ll be restoring Trait Zone editing in Halo 4. This is a feature which was previously missing from MCC; it’ll work very similarly to H2A’s Trait Zone editing.

A work-in-progress look at "Trait Zone editing" coming to Halo 4 Forge in MCC

Lastly, Halo 4 will be receiving some of what we have called the “Thorage” treatment. We’ll be adding a number of objects to the forge canvas maps. Some are pulled from other multiplayer maps while others are pulled from Campaign or Spartan Ops. Some will allow forgers to add visual flair to their maps while others are new toys with exciting gameplay opportunities. These additions will be backed by increases to the Forge budget and object quotas. As always, I can’t wait to see what the Forge community comes up with, whether it’s building entirely new experiences, or touching up familiar ones.

A sneek peek at some new content coming with the "Thorage" update for Halo 4 Forge when the next release drops.

That all sounds awesome! Ok, one more additional question - I have received quite a few inquiries about Forge relating to our previous updates. Specific maps have gotten certain objects in the updates and one of the questions that people are asking is if there will be any future updates to make it so all the map-specific set pieces potentially get expanded to all maps. Basically, they seem to want the same Forge palette regardless of the map. What would it take to add all those additional set pieces into them?

Dana: So, I have a two-part answer to that question. In Halo 4 specifically, each Forge canvas has its own specific palette with unique objects. Impact has cool space station corridors, Ravine has some unique base pieces, Erosion has pipes, and Forge Island has trees and other natural objects. We’re adding all of these objects to each Forge canvas, so you’ll be able to place those Forge Island trees on Ravine (or in outer space)!

As far as more broadly making all objects available on all maps, that would require some more fundamental changes and won’t happen in the short term. Currently, when an object is added to a map, it gets baked into that map’s cache file. This can pretty significantly increase the size of that file. If we did this for all 24 maps for a given engine, and across multiple engines, it would have a massive impact on the install size of the game (among other things). In the future, we’d like to share these palettes across all maps, but this gets really tricky given that we also need to maintain compatibility with all existing Forge map variants out in the wild. Until then, we target specific maps where we can get the biggest bang for our Forge bucks. In Halo 4, that includes Ravine, Erosion, Impact, and Forge Island so players will have a lot of variety in the environments that received forge enhancements.

Ok, that makes a lot more sense now in terms of why we haven't already globalized these Forge objects and canvases. It sounds like MCC would become around 400GB to install!?

Dana: Yeah, if we added every Forge object to every map in every game that supports Forge, we would be adding many, many gigabytes. 

Well, now that is really about all I had to ask about. Is there anything additional that you would like to mention as we move towards Halo 4 and what players can start thinking about with the next big release?

Max: One additional piece to note is there are many other areas that we are still investigating. So also, for Halo 4, we are investigating and actively working on how we can bring in some of the missing skins and armors that came at the tail end of Halo 4 from the expansion packs. So again, we do not really know the time frame yet on this and can’t make commitments there, but it is in progress that we are looking at those to see if and when we can bring them into MCC.

Another big piece we are looking at is the community's ask that we add the ability to change teams in the pause menu during a game. You can’t play infection for Halo 2 without this and this is a big deal for those players. With our Custom Game Browser, we're also going to have some leader controls for it so it ties in nicely with that feature. It's not going to be immediate, but it's definitely in the plan.

Man, just looking at what is on the horizon is absolutely just crazy. Who would have thought we would see so many new features coming online. I am super stoked for all this.

Max: Yeah, it is a lot. As I said, the question is going to be what the time frame is more than anything. So, I believe we will have some of these things coming with Halo 4 and then we will have one more update before the end of the year. But, if things need some more time to bake, then sometime in the next year we can get these additional pieces out. I expect some of the bigger stuff is going to get chunked across different windows of time.

Alright, well thank you gentlemen for stopping by and I will see you both in November!

Max: Awesome, thanks for bringing us in to talk more about what’s going on!

Dana: Yes, thank you very much!

Halo 4 Flighting

October is our current target when players will get their hands on Halo 4 via flighting. In preparation for this, we rolled out our initial builds for Halo 4 to Rings 1 & 2 last weekend as the first step. In addition to flighting Halo 4, we also are planning to bring several new features (many of which were mentioned above). Below is a preview of what Halo Insiders can expect once the flight build clears our internal QA and preliminary rings, and is ready for Ring 3!

Flight Goals

The goals for this first flight will be to test our distribution pipeline, test various new features and quality of life improvements, gather feedback on the content listed below, and ensure all supporting systems are functioning properly in preparation for bringing Halo 4 to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC.

Flight Content

Below is a first look at content for the upcoming Halo 4 flights for the Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox One based on the latest development spec. There may be some slight changes between now and then depending on where workflows get in development, but overall, this is what we believe will be available in the upcoming public flight. Please don’t fuss if things change by then…. because they usually do to some degree.

New Features

  • Customization: Updated customization will be available for Halo 4.
  • Forge: Forge will be available for players during this flight.
  • Theater: Theater will be available for Halo 4.
  • Challenges: The complete Challenge System, including the Challenge Hub screen, will be available during this flight with new Challenges for Halo 4.
  • Season 4 Content: Currently TBD based on flight readiness for Ring 3. These pieces require evaluation with both our internal QA and Rings 1 & 2 for if they are ready for flighting prime time.
  • Input Based Matchmaking and Crossplay: Currently TBD based on flight readiness for Ring 3. 
  • Server Region Selection: Currently TBD based on flight readiness for Ring 3.
  • Video Graphics Options: Currently TBD based on flight readiness for Ring 3.
  • Disable Text Chat Option: A new feature for players to choose to see specific channels of in-game text chat in this flight.

Campaign & Spartan Ops

Flighting will support a subset of the Campaign missions and Spartan Ops with options for all difficulty levels, single-player, and co-operative online play:

  • Campaign Missions: Currently we have not yet locked on which missions will be available but will update as we get closer to the flight.
  • Spartan Ops Missions: We are working to align on which missions will be available but will update as we get closer to the flight.

Multiplayer Offerings

Halo 4’s flight will support various maps and playlists for Multiplayer. This will include Custom Games, Social Games, and Competitive Games. Below are the playlists and maps that will be available for each title across the various multiplayer options:

  • Social Games: 4v4, 8p FFA, 12p Infection, 8v8
  • Competitive: We are still working through what Ranked playlists will be available
  • Maps: We are still working through what maps will be available

Settings and Options

The following settings and options will be supported in the flight build:

  • Controls: Configure Mouse & Keyboard and Configure Gamepad
  • Video: Field-Of-View, Vehicle Field-Of-View, Gamma, Window Mode, Aspect Ratio, Resolution Scale, V-Sync, HUD Anchoring, Unified Medal Display, Framerate Limit, Graphics Quality, and more.
  • Audio: Game Volume including Menu Music Volume, Game Music Volume, Effects Volume, Voice Chat Volume. Also, Voice Chat Channel, and Push to Talk Voice Chat.
  • Gameplay: Show Challenge Notifications, Allow Untrusted Files, File Share Trust Level, and Credits.
  • Network: Network and Relays
  • Accessibility: Subtitles, Change Language, Convert Text-To-Speech, Convert Speech-To-Text, and Text Chat Availability

We do not have final timing just yet for when flighting is going to start, but we are looking to get things rolling this October! Stay tuned for more info and remember to keep an eye on the Halo Insider Forums HERE to stay in the know. Now, let's do a quick refresher on how to participate in this upcoming flight.

Become a halo insider

With Halo 4 approaching, and it being the last game to be added to MCC, we are looking to open this flight up to everyone and we're looking at additional incentives as a small token for those who participate and help us get this next update to the finish line. We'll share more details as we get closer, but my hunch is that there may be another cool exclusive nameplate to collect for Halo Insiders who meet the flight participation criteria. Stay tuned.

As a reminder, we're flighting more than just Halo 4 - so even if it's not your favorite Halo title, there's plenty to dig into now and in the future. These flights are where players can try out and give feedback on features like the Custom Game Browser and others discussed in our monthly blogs like this one! To get into future flights, you still can register right now - updates and flighting will not stop with Halo 4 so we do hope you'll consider joining the cause. 

Please click this link to register for the Halo Insider program if you want to a chance to participate in any future flights. Please make sure to only register once as we’ve seen some folks have issues when using multiple accounts and the same email address for contacting you. If you have registered, please make sure you update your profile from time to time. It helps us ensure we are selecting a variety of players with different specifications as well as shows us you are still active and able to participate. Also, playing Halo games helps show us you are still interested in participating in future flights.

Now to kick it over to our Farns for the latest State of the Game update. Take it away, Farns! 

State of the Game with Farns

Well, we are finally here! One of the key components left to work through on Halo 4 is the uncapped framerate integration, which has started. Like Halo: Reach and Halo 2: Anniversary, this is a tricky one, but we are hoping to take all of our learnings from Halo 3 and ODST to get a better first-time implementation. The additional goal is that we will be able to apply these changes and learnings to both Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo: Reach. At this time, we are unsure if those changes will work or make it into our next release – so no promises yet.

On the flighting side, we are finding ourselves in a difficult situation regarding the feature set. We have Halo 4, which needs to be flighted and tested thoroughly, but we have also got a lot of the juicy features listed below (and further above) moving into testable states very soon. We know from our past flighting data that the more we add to a flight, the less actual coverage we get on the things we need to ensure everything is stable and ready. So, the pickle really is - how do we flight all these things and still ensure Halo 4 is in a great state?

The simple answer here is that we are going to hold back some of these features and likely shift them into a later release. At the time of writing this, we’re still going through the process of assessing where each feature is, asking if it needs to be in the flight, and weighing the priority of getting this into your hands now vs later. As we get closer to flighting, we will share more information on what features will be fighting alongside Halo 4.

Now, time for our second pickle. It’s October and that only leaves us with three months to stabilize, polish, and ship Halo 4 along with all of these additional features before the end of the year. We are likely in a scenario now that some of the features outlined below will slip into 2021 if they do not meet our quality and functionality expectations. We are going to continue to work our hardest to get as much of this in your hands as soon as we can, and we will likely throw in a few surprises as well 😉

Looking into next year, I am in the middle of solidifying plans with our team and partners. There are some very exciting things in here, but more on that at a later time…..

Top Community Reported Issues

Below is a status update to the top Known Issues which we’ve previously discussed in prior MCC Development Updates going all the way back to last December. As updates are made between blogs, you can always check out the latest status discussed in the MCC Development & Flighting Updates (, and also please review the Known Issues found on the Halo Support site for the latest details. The team is still progressing on various backlog issues and feature requests as possible. The scope and implications of these issues vary greatly so while some may see good movement in a given month, others may not. 

Actively in development

  • UI/UX Improvements around navigation, roster, customization, and many more areas of the game 
    • Saber is in the process of fixing integration bugs around this work
  • View Model Adjustment for all games
    • Saber is in the process of fixing integration bugs around this work as well as bringing this to all the other games in the collection
  • Steam Account Linking 
    • This is lower priority so for now, it’s sitting in a separate branch. We’ll pick this back up once higher priority features are completed.
  • In-Game FPS Cap/Adjustments 
    • In test with our QA team
  • PC File Share
    • Still making good progress here but this is a large feature and is taking a lot of engineering and design iteration time
  • Additional Video Settings/Options
    • In test with our QA team
  • Custom Game Browser
    • Another large feature that we are taking our time with
  • Input-based Matchmaking
    • In test with our QA team
  • Regional Server Selection
    • In test with our QA team
  • Cross-Play between Xbox & PC
    • In test with our QA team
  • Double Key Binds for all games
    • Saber is in the process of fixing integration bugs around this work
  • Better ways to Report Players 
    • This work is now being bucketed alongside our file share work, as that stream progresses, so will this
  • Per Game Audio Options
    • Work is starting to come in for this now, we should be transitioning to testing soon
  • Additional season content (season 4+)
    • Looking really good, I think you all will be excited
  • Text Chat Improvements (added)
    • More on what we’re planning here in a later update

In Design Iteration 

  • Additional Mod Support   
    • Part of our plan for next year currently. We will have additional information in a later update
  • VFR Improvements to Reach & H2A 
    • This should move up before the next blog but will depend on how our H4 integration and investigation into these goes
  • Bringing PC Features to Console (Like FOV Sliders)  
    • Hoping to move this into development soon 
  • Additional Accessibility Support  

In Backlog Pending Further Discussions 

  • Idle System Improvements   
  • Split Screen on PC
  • HDR Support on PC 

As always, there are likely some things we’ve neglected to mention in here. Please reach out to us through the various forms of social outlets and let us know your thoughts to help us build our topics for the next development blog.    


One step closer

Halo 4, the final game in the collection is on the horizon, and the journey to bring each game within MCC to PC is almost complete! It's been a wild ride to say the least. During this journey, we have touched base on a monthly, weekly, and even in some cases daily basis to share details and gather feedback on the project. There have been highs where new features and content have come online, and there have been lows where shooting shotguns at your feet killed players. Through it all, our relationship with our community bond has grown and strengthened and together we've forged new lines of communication and partnerships to work through everything that's come up.

I’ve said this a million times, but really do mean it when I say it - I personally want to give a huge shoutout to everyone from the community that has come to us and shared your feedback, participated in flights, and provided constructive commentary on what you want. Each of you that submitted tickets, participated in flighting, and shared feedback with us have helped us bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to where it is today. We would not be where we are if not for the dedication and passion of our fans and players. Thank you.

Being a part of all of this has been the highlight of my career and a dream come true personally. But, as the Chief said, I think we are just getting started. See y’all back here next month!



Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Official Cosplay Guide: The Rookie

By Unyshek -

Today, we're happy to release our first official cosplay guide to help support this community of talented creators. With Halo 3: ODST joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and ODST armor being a more approachable starting point than a full suit of Mjolnir, we decided to focus this first guide on everyone's favorite new guy – the Rookie.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Prepare to Drop: ODST Has Arrived on PC

By Andy Salisbury -

You know the music, time to dance. Today we’re thrilled to announce that Halo 3: ODST has officially arrived on the PC – and, you can get it right now on Xbox Game Pass for PC, the Microsoft Store, and Steam.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

MCC Development Update - August 2020

By Postums -

We're back at it again talking about Forge contests, Halo 3: ODST, game design, HCS, and everything in between. Catch up on the latest development news for Halo: The Master Chief Collection for August 2020.