MCC Pro Series Announcement

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DreamHack Anaheim is in our rear view mirrors and with it goes one of the most exciting Halo tournaments in recent memory with upsets both in the open bracket as well as the Championship Bracket. Thank you to DreamHack for once again hosting the Halo community, and thank you to all of the players and fans who came out to support the event. And finally, a big thank you to everyone for sharing your excitement for our partnership with Esports Engine. In case you missed it, be sure to watch the reveal video (which I’ve just spoiled for you) and read the full announcement.

With that, we want to provide an update on a number of Halo esports items as we know players and fans are clamoring to know more.


Since the last Halo 5 event back in November 2018, we’ve partnered with many different tournament operators, have experimented with different formats and platforms, launched the HCS Grassroots program, ran our own event at SXSW, and have done so much more. We wanted to take a moment to thank our partners as well as the players and fans who have joined us as we trekked an unpaved road. We look a leap of faith and you were there by our side. Thank you!

With Halo Infinite’s release on the horizon, the return of the full Halo Championship Series league and program is so close we can almost touch it. As you can imagine, the Halo esports team here, over time, has been focused more and more on ensuring that Halo Infinite esports is as great as you all expect, as we’re now in the final stretch. At the same time, we’ve been working hard to ensure that the players today have activity and tournaments to keep playing for until the time Halo Infinite is released. While it’s been certainly challenging to work on both simultaneously, it’s still important to us that the events and tournaments are operated at a high-quality bar. With our focus so heavily on the future program now, and of course taking into consideration the current environment and safety of everyone, we’ve decided that DreamHack Anaheim will be the last MCC live event that we’ll be supporting.

So, what’s next?


Introducing the MCC Pro Series – an online tournament series featuring both amateur players as well as pro players. We hope that this tournament series will help restore even a small sliver of normalcy for Halo fans and competitors, and that everyone and their loved ones are safe and healthy while we all stay home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus


  • Open tournaments and Pro tournaments will alternate every Saturday starting May 23.
  • The Top 8 teams from the first Open Tournament will qualify for the first 16 team Pro Tournament, where they will be met by the Top 8 teams from DreamHack Anaheim. The Top 8 teams from each Pro tournament will automatically qualify for the next Pro Tournament – and the cycle continues from there.
  • The featured game will be Halo 2: Anniversary on PC which is set to release on May 12, but we will also be injecting other MCC titles as they release on PC. As always, we’ll be listening to player feedback to help determine which game(s) to play over the course of the program.


Open Tournament: $500 (Single Elimination)

  1. $250
  2. $150
  3. $100

Pro Tournament: $5,000 (Round Robin Groups into Single Elimination)

  1. $2,000
  2. $1,000
  3. $500
  4. $500
  5. $250
  6. $250
  7. $250
  8. $250


  • 5/23/2020 (Open)
  • 5/30/2020 (Pro)
  • 6/6/2020 (Open)
  • 6/13/2020 (Pro)
  • 6/20/2020 (Open
  • 6/27/2020 (Pro)
  • 7/4/2020 (Holiday, no tournament)
  • 7/11/2020 (Open)
  • 7/18/2020 (Pro)

Operating the tournaments alongside us will be none other than FACEIT. You can head over to to sign up on their platform and register for the tournament.

We are also currently exploring the possibility of hosting an at-home remote broadcast to bring you Pro tournament matches to watch. We encourage you to find your favorite players and watch their streams as well:

Best of luck to all teams that will be competing!


A few weeks ago we welcomed the newest member to the HCS Grassroots community tournament organizer family – SWAT Nation.

SWAT Nation have done a fantastic job building up the community around everyone’s favorite no-shield mode and their ambitions for the future are admirable. We also appreciate their transparency with the community, as well as their efforts to make everyone feel included and appreciated.

Be sure to follow SWAT Nation on Twitter to get the latest updates and so you won’t miss the opportunity to sign up for their upcoming Halo 5 2v2 SWAT Tournament:

The other partnered community tournaments have also been supporting you all with amazing tournaments

GTHalo: Registration for their next tournament is closed but you can follow GTHalo and watch live on The show goes live at 12pm ET on Sunday May 17.

Europa Halo: The finale to the Doubles Series league hits this Sunday May 10 at 12pm EST / 5pm BST – follow Europa Halo and watch live on

And finally, our friends at Halo Australia have recently launch their own Pro League. Head to to learn more and register to compete!


Thank you to all fans, players, teams, and partners for joining us on this journey. The best is yet to come with Halo Infinite and we can’t wait to share more. Best of luck to all players, and stay safe.