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Greetings, Spartans! Wednesday, we launched Warzone Firefight, the biggest cooperative experience in Halo history. In that time, we’ve seen a huge portion of the Halo 5 player base testing the wave-based waters to see how their 8-Spartan fireteams fare against increasingly challenging enemies and objectives. While much has been made of the risks you encounter across the mode’s six sprawling play-spaces, today we wanted to chat briefly about the reward that awaits those legendary heroes who are willing to finish the fight.

In many cases, players have already begun to notice a much more loaded loot chest after each match, and with good reason – we’ve been tweaking some things under the hood to provide more plentiful playouts in the form of XP, REQ Points, and even REQ Packs themselves. We’ve seen reports come in from the front lines to the forums that speak of heroic hauls following valiant victories, wondering if perhaps the divine Oprah herself was involved in the REQ Pack parade. Let’s break down a few of the new ways players can find themselves reaping REQ rewards for wreaking havoc in Halo 5.

To start off, for a limited time – and to celebrate the launch of Warzone Firefight – players can now earn Gold REQ Packs for their hard fought victories! Here’s how it works: 

         1st Warzone Firefight Victory: 1 Gold REQ Pack

         3rd Warzone Firefight Victory: 3 Gold REQ Packs

         10th Warzone Firefight Victory: 5 Gold REQ Packs

Additionally, we’ve added brand new commendations directly tied to the new Warzone Firefight mode that reward players more than ever before for completing objectives and aking down their extra-terrestrial enemies. If players check out their Halo 5 Service Record – whether in-game or on, they’ll notice new commendations like these:


Kill a boss in a Warzone Firefight match


Kill any Promethean in a Warzone Firefight Match

These new commendations payout more frequently, and more bountifully, than ever before – rewarding players for just hopping in and playing the game your way. Fancy yourself a Covie-killer? Love showing the new Grunt Goblin who the real boss is? Do it all, do it well, and let the REQs rain down upon you. If there is anything we’ve learned so far, it’s that even in its freshly released state, the Halo community is gobbling themselves up some Warzone Firefight. At the time of this writing, the community has already completed 1,118,587 rounds! Of course, some objective will certainly take more practice than others – I’m looking at you, “Defend the Powercore on Urban.” Sheesh.

And it should come as no surprise – especially in light of our recent Halo Wars 2 Beta – that there are a number of Spartans already putting some serious dedication into taking the fight to the enemy in Warzone Firefight. So far, here are the top three players’ PvE matches played, along with their average final scores per match.

Spartan: Gehwandern  

Matches played: 74                                                                                                                                                                      

Average Final Score: 12212.24   

Spartan: TipOfMyBarrel

Matches played: 72

Average Final Score: 19993.76   

Spartan: Bobs Burgers992           

Matches played: 69

Average Final Score: 16248.57   

But hey, let’s not give all the love to the humans. Balaho’s beloved Grunt Goblin has put up some fairly impressive numbers of its own. The methane-mech has racked up 747,984 kils so far, with a K/D ratio of 12.6! Pro Team better watch their back. Perhaps more disturbingly, only 608,656 of those were Spartans, so apparently the Grunt Goblin is, well, “equal opportunity.” Remind us to not get on its bad side…

Get set, Spartans. This one’s gonna get even hotter.

See you on the battlefield.


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