Spotlight: April 23, 2020

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. I might not always know what day it is but weeks where I have a Spotlight to write, it’s a bit easier to remember if today is Wednesday or Thursday. Or just another Monday because let’s be honest. This has been a year of Mondays. On the bright side, that means we get to Tuesday eventually. Some day. But not today! Today is Thursday so let’s dive into the latest Halo Community Spotlight now!


We’ve seen a couple Halo/Doom crossovers so far and I’m kind of hoping we keep seeing them in the future. These mashups just work so well together. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at @Playbox36’s wallpaper and tell me this isn’t amazing. As a bonus, if you want your very own 4K wallpaper, you can grab it right here!

Snack Break

The past few soundtracks I’ve found on my own but this one found me instead! I love when the work falls into my lap, it saves me a bit of time. For this, @kcastagnini put his twist on the Halo theme with this improvisation. It’s absolutely beautiful and I hope you all enjoy it.

Snicker’s Doodles

There’s a lot to go around this week so settle in and get comfy!

A Stroll Through the Woods, @LuminousCactuz

Warthog Run, @Anonamos_701

I’m Cute, @UriL343

Spartan, @theGameWorld

A Valiant Rescue, @katarn343

Mjolnir Gen3 – Scout @KeroseneLazer

Last Stand, @AviationSpartan

Firefight, @chadthedad7

Helljumpers, @DerGruneMann

Infinity Fallen, @Bahaiel

Sir. Permission to Leave the Station, /u/Speeral7

Arbiter, @DigitaiRenegade

New Mombasa Police Department, Daniel Ballesteros

Sinners of Solitude, @LastnameSilver

Halo Infinite, Abdirahman Mohamud

Master Chief, /u/l3DGE7

Halo 2, /u/DarthPauleto

Spartan, @SlayWilde

Glassing, @Slippss1

Legendary Legacy, @NodorTheConquer

Black and Whites

There’s a lot of delicious sketches this week!


Master Chief, /u/Chopstyx12

Master Chief, /u/Jackcarroll13

Betcha Can’t Stick It, /u/Xylodrin12

Master Chief, /u/GlowStorm347


How about some additional handmade goodies?  

The Demon, @xDoomedSoulx999

The Huragok, @YeloBelySapSukr


Discover Hope, in Paper, @xar8000

Legendary Resin, /u/JonPhnow

Watercolor Chief, @Thraaam

Brohammer (Pipecleaners), @RHY7HMICW4RRIOR

Stand Down Cortana, @Tom_Jurassic

Chief Terrarium, /u/NaniDaNani

Arbiter, @AphonicWanderer

Lone Wolf, /u/Turtlecrafter14

Finger Paint Master Chief, @AricRoyRoy

ONI, /u/herowind124

UNSC Mechagodzilla, @271Raptor

Eye Candy

Still with me? Just checking! Cosplay and tattoos are up next!

Spiker, Before and After, /u/squireyoung

Legendary, /u/Versailles801

Strong, Silent Type, /u/Spottykus

Master Chief, @LUKEaUr0rA

Props, @killedbykgb


Strike a pose and hold it!

Warzone, @jyoungrox

Worth Fighting For, @TekHardy

Heads Up!, @Cyb3rz2

Blinded By the Light, @ODSTAustin

Gloomy, @_u3cn

Flashback, @Anxiety97377112

NEON, @nasty_halo

Vitality, @oSh3Wolfo

Sweet Rolls

There’s some real gems in here, including a video that was ten years in the making.

Yes, I said 10 years. That’s how long the crew over at @TermaciousTrick have been working to accomplish this. I tend to get frustrated and give up on things after maybe an hour (if that long even) so the idea of working with people for TEN. YEARS. on one thing absolutely blows my mind. Also? Who knew boxes were the key to success? Definitely check this one out!

If you aren’t familiar with our Grassroots partner @TheShyWay, I encourage you to toss him a follow and check out his content. He’s got the scoop on some sneaky spots, tricky tactics, and jazzy jumps. He pointed out a “The Floor is Lava” circuit on Halo 5’s Plaza map and @Ligh1s picked up the gauntlet thinking, “How hard can this be?” 14 hours later, here’s the end result. Can you do it faster?

For all you Megaconstrux fans out there that have been thinking, “Gee I wish there was a Podcast about building with blocks”– this one’s for you! The folks over at @PodcastEvolved are doing a special series called “Builds With Blocks” that is all about your favorite toy building blocks!

If you like Marvel movies and are looking forward to catching the release of Black Widow, odds are you'll really dig this trailer mashup @Kidskull51 did a great job blending Halo and MCU!

We started this section strong and we’re sending you out with a bang! If you haven’t seen any of @SimonKent98’s previous videos, I highly recommend you check them out. In the meantime, he’s defied “Gods & Demons” to bring you his latest mashup so don’t let his efforts be in vain.


Petits Fours

We’re almost done! Here’s an assorted roundup of some additional sweets!

Doodle’s Snickers

It’s been a month and I am not over this game yet. I am incredibly jealous of @UnsortedGaming's bedding!


And with that, we’ve reached the conclusion of this week’s Spotlight. Don’t forget to fill out the handy dandy super duper form if your content was featured so we can add you to the list of recipients of the Fire Unicorn digital goodie bag. Now if you’ll excuse me, Leif is in town and I have flowers and hedges to plant. See you next time!

Ciao! xx


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