Spotlight: August 6, 2020

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It feels like it's been forever since I've put together a Community Spotlight for you all but also it feels like yesterday. (Real talk – quarantine time is the weirdest.) I've lost all sense of time, but one thing that remains indisputable is that it's Thursday – so here we are with a fresh Spotlight! There's a lot so strap in and bring extra snacks. I'll take some popcorn if you're sharing. 


When I have the time I love to browse Artstation and look at all the amazing Halo art. For example, this Halo Infinite art from @lc_illustrates. Apparently, Halo is his favorite franchise so he made this piece in anticipation of Infinite! This looks like a book cover and I love the colors in play here. If you want to see more of his work, check out Logan's Artstation or his Instagram page.

Snack Break

Last week, we released one of Gareth Coker's tracks from the Halo Infinite OST: Set A Fire In Your Heart. Between then and now, someone has already made a cover version of it and how can I not share? This is @chickenbonez00' (no I'm not making that up) metal guitar cover of Set A Fire In Your Heart

Snicker's Doodles

If you're not already, now's the time to get comfy!

D'you Think We'll Ever Meet Them?, @LastnameSilver

Rowller vs Ciloceus, @Rowller1

He Died A Hero, @L0rdShacks

Kinsano, @dagger6art

Prep For Evac, @thatrookieovthr

Chibi Chief, @Spirit_PD

So...Who's Here?, @spartanca

ODSTs, @RealOscarMike

Spartan Sasoushii, @sasoushii

Freefall, /u/-ion-05-

Mjolnir Gen III, @Rampant_SFM

Zeta Halo, @StormioUA

Hold Your Breath, @Sir_Scar_III

Halo Infinite, @AntonA17221169

Spartans Never Die, @kail_mic

Halo Infinite, @mouminx
(Check out the animated version here!) 

Battle, @OldGoldJack

Demon of Zeta, @BeansAndEgg

Avery Johnson, @EzzellVFX

Craig, @FissofFury

Sangheili Honor Guard, Daniel Fisher

Halo 2: Anniversary, @mrgruntington

Hero, @UriL343

Elite Minor, /u/LexaMaridia

Machine & Flesh, /u/jafet_meza_composer

Major, @Rookie_425

Trilogy, @jackdrawss

Welcome To Reach, @Gooders008

Banished Goliaths, @roguejame

Fireteam Stallion, @D042Spartan

John-117, /u/Teban1983

Scorpion, Jean Concepcion

The Fall Of Reach, @Gojisaurus

Halo Eternal, @Chilly_MIV

Security, @BossVeteran134

Master Chief, @JimmyCormick

Halo Posters, @VivaLaJam26

Squad, @caboosesfm

Fireteam Métis, @086_kara

To Give The Covenant Back Their Bomb, @vsalesv

Wort Wort Wort, @TweetsAnubis

Halo AR Skins, @EricRage18

Master Chief, @WolfFire1010

Brohammer, @Chlorondria

Master Chief, /u/Bot-Bashd

Half Baked

Yes, that was only one section. I hope you're still cozy. If you're anything like me you'll need a quick refill on your beverage of choice – but, it'll be rewarded! There's plenty more to go.

Cortana, @MrTak210

Friends, /u/magic-soup

Master Chief and Brohammer, /u/LumiousCactuz

Prepare To Drop, @SpartanVorpal

The Ark, /u/TheAxisMind

Skirmishers, @LeftInShadow

Halo Infinite, @justinmorgan57

Yeet!, @Noizeyrush

Master Chief, @jeffreyremick

343 Guilty Spark, /u/Hierarchs' girlfriend

Big Guy, @Bahaiel

Master Chief, /u/Notmrbjorn

Master Chief, /u/King_jeff15

Brute Minor, @AphonicWanderer

Halo 2: Skyward, @TheShallowNight

Halo 2 Master Chief, /u/beaux-bazinga

Flying Grunt, @dirtylilrat1

Halo Infinite, @shadedoutlines

Master Chief, /u/TimeySwirls

Find The Demon, @zee_chief

Master Chief, @zaclw's son

Chief vs Atriox, /u/turtlesalad711

Helmet, /u/veggietalepizzaangel

Eye Candy

Alright, we’ve spent plenty of time checking out digital masterpieces from every medium. Time to check out some cosplay, tattoos, and more!

Mangler, /u/SkookumProps

Recon Helmet, /u/Metal_Muffin

Master Chief, @BaileyMcKee10

Grapple Chief, /u/WagonsNeedLoveToo

ODST Magnum, /u/soletheknight

Remember Reach, /u/Egg_Pudding

Spartan, @Ranger6398

Chief, @titannaughty23


Please enjoy this selection of toys and other homemade arts and crafts – there's some great things in store this week!

Corn Hole Boards, /u/groot42's Uncle

Halo Infinite, @InaDayorTwooooo

Banished Scarab, WookieCookies1
(This is an album – Be sure to check out the whole thing!)

Zeta Halo, @Spartan5Oh

Prophet Of Regret, @theBIGjagooze

We Are ODST, @AndreasHrodric

Halo: Reach Drone Major, @RedlineConstrux

Embroidered Book Cover and Jul 'Mdama, @daina360

Alice-130, @VGC117

Die...FOR THE BANISHED!, @Tom_Jurassic

Jiralhanae, @tagg_wes

Sweet Rolls

We have been absolutely spoiled for content this week – so, we're not going to slow down! Check out a few more tidbits from around hte Community. You won't be sorry you did.

People love making Halo things out of toy bricks and believe me when I say this is an idea we can get behind!

Case in point, @dr_xb0x_live's diorama of New Mombasa. I love the explanation he gives for the pieces he used, and why, and who designed some of the things like the Ghost (spoiler: it was him!). This is super adorable and I'm glad it popped on my radar!

How do you feel about a 3D printed UNSC Paris-Class Frigate? No, i'ts not a 1:1 scale but it's pretty incredible looking and you should definitely take a peek at /u/GeekToyLove's 360º video of his Halo: Reach ship.

One of the best things about Halo, IMO, is how it can bridge familial generations and that it can be a total family affair. Need proof? @motiondomain did an unboxing video with his dad! I cannot overstate how sweet this is. (I'm not sure my dad would be wiling to do this in the slightest.)

If you've played Halo: Fireteam Raven at your local Dave & Busters (or other arcade), you might recognize @Ardo_Coras' latest forge work. He recreated mission 5, Raven Down, in Halo: Reach.

Some of your fellow content creators had a chance to sit down and talk to some people working on Halo Infinite after our campaign demo. @atomicjorge was one of them and he put together a great re-cap video for the LATAM/Spanish speaking community. Jorge puts a lot of time and passion into his work and I know his community appreciates it very much.

I absolutely love that people look at things in Halo games and think, "I wish to go there." And then they find a way to, in fact, go there. If you ever wanted to go to Keyes' Pelican in Halo 3 using the new Acrophobia Skull, @ReachRonan is your guy. It's ridiculous... But also ridiculously cool.

Petits Fours

But wait... There's even more! Assorted goodies that are sure to please.

Doodle's Snickers

It was hard to pick one of my favorite Craigs from the past few weeks but just when I thought I had it narrowed down, this one popped up. ­čśé


Whew. You can get up and refill your drink, stretch your legs, etc. – we made it to the end! For those of you that find your content somewhere in this week's, or previous, Halo Community Spotlights, please be sure to fill out the latest handy-dandy form! I recommend reading all the info on the form, including the post-submission screen, so you know that your digital goodie bag of Fire Unicorn goodies will be delivered sometime next week. In the meantime, keep the creative juices going and I am already starting a list for the next edition of the Community Spotlight!

Ciao! xx


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