Spotlight: December 13, 2019

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Happy Friday and welcome to the final Halo Community Spotlight for 2019. I can't believe it's been a whole year of me writing these already. It simultaneously feels like I've been writing blogs forever but also like I just started writing them. Time truly does fly when you're having fun. 

Let's have some fun for one last time in 2019, shall we? ­čĺÜ


With the holidays just under 2 weeks away, I figure it's only fitting to showcase one of my favorite Christmas pieces, courtesy of @Mooreshots1. I like the idea that Chief has a little tree of his own somewhere. :) 

Snack Break

With a new Star Wars movie on the very near horizon, it feels very fitting to share @RiftleyOfficial's Halo and Star Wars mashup. Two of my favorites in one? Yes please! They do a lot of mashups of popular themes so be sure to check out Riftley's YouTube channel for even more.

Snicker's Doodles

You'll notice the format this week is a bit different than the rest, trying new things! 

From @VincentGat's Legends II, created by @EzzellVFX

SFM Elite by @DSFAxel

Halo 5 Forge Christmas by @HaloFanForLife

Hunter, by @Riv3rse

Planet Reach, @BruhMomentum21

Sylish Checkpoint, @LastnameSilver

Noble Team and Blue Team Christmas, @S2BlueTeam   

Christmas Spartan Helmet, /u/R0ckster

Grunt Jockey, Riding a Moa, @HexJK 
(Not to be confused with the Grunt riding a Crawler from Halo 5)

Installation 04 Joyride, @Rowller1 

Rtas 'Vadaum, @dragunalb 

Spartan and Elite, @Pyxelyart

Noble Team, @PedanticAuspice

Gauss Warthog, @DerGruneMann

You Know the Music, Time to Dance, @KamiDaHobo
(The math nerd in me really digs the Golden Ratio application here. Check the tweet for more info!)

Halo: Reach Emoji Countdown ft Carter, @JustJoshesque
(Check out his twitter for the rest of Noble Team emoji pack!)

Master Chief, à la Mandalorian, @sjaslack

(PS - This makes a fantastic phone wallpaper. ­čśŹ)

Tubby Christmas Noble Six, @Tubby_Central

Lone Wolf, @BaileyJXIII

Reflection, @LastnameSilver

Arbiter and Master Chief, @TGNevins

#RememberReach, @dagger0621

Master Chief, @skydreamwolf

Remember, @TexD41

Master Chief, @GerardsJulien

Mother, @Rookie_425

Two Spartans, @NiciccisArt

From the Fall, @Knitrex

Eye Candy

Yep, we've even got tattoos and cosplay this week! 

Reclaimer, /u/Rogue074


Master Chief and Noble Six, @fdscosplay

Halo: Combat Evolved, /u/TrebleBass0528

Happy Halodays, @HaloCodex

Halo, @Sellexie

Propipe, @SallSpartan

Master Chief, @findyoursmile

Master Chief, @lord_lexan

Half Baked

Don't worry, still have a good selection of hand-drawn things to share.

Spartan Squad, /u/Mythic72_png

Halo 3 Master Chief, /u/theblokman

Romeo, @rttyzui

Belated #inktober, @PessimismJester


Spartan Halodays and other arts and crafts inbound!

We Trade One Villain For Another, @Spiteful1252

Noble Team Ornament, @Thecrzedspartan

Chaingun Fun, @redconstrux

We Trade One Villain for Another, /u/FrankJoeman

Master Chief Ornament, @InaDayorTwooooo

Sir, Finishing This Tree, @kstacy6

Happy Halodays, @jimmehTV

Noble Team, @Mooreshots1

A Fistful of Arrows, @LeviWasTaken
(Note: You can read Levi's fan-comic at Absolutley fantastic and well worth the read!)


I didn't forget about screenshots, don't worry. I got you covered.

Survive, @xb1webrider

Unknown, @Vuzz__

Carter, @MrSkits94

Halo: Reach, @Halosurge245

Remember Reach, @masterchiefalt

Sweet Rolls

If moving pictures are more your thing, you've come to the right place so step up, grab your popcorn, and settle in.

I feel like *most* people playing Halo use a controller (or keyboard and mouse now! Yay!) but that's too easy for @SuperLouis_64. He plays Halo: Reach using bananas. Imagine being the person dying to the guy using a banana controller in matchmaking. ­čŹî

Here's @Chazzoboii's Halo 2 montage, edited by @BroeyBroe!

If you're going to start learning how to play piano, there's no better choice than the Halo theme. I love @ThePatmanGaming's father/daughter duet. 

How about an MCC PC flight montage? @MichaelAncich made one of those!

Check out Foxie117's video while he plays Halo: Reach campaign in third person. I don't know if I like this or not yet.

Petits Fours

Yep, there's still more to go around! 

Doodle's Snickers

I love pretty much everything Dania does but this is one of my favorites.

Cortana and Pancakes, @wani641

With that, it's time to put the finishing touches on my last Community Spotlight for 2019. It has been an absolute pleasure and one of the best parts of my job. I am already looking forward to 2020 and seeing what great things you all send my way. In the meantime, if your content is somewhere in this blog, please fill out this form so we can get you your Fire Unicorn presents. 

See you all next year!

Ciao! xx


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