Spotlight: July 16, 2020

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A whole lot has happened since we last met hasn't it? And there's a whole lot more coming up. Between Halo 3 this week and Halo Infinite next week, there's so much Halo happening! The studio is heads down and working hard but we always have time to check in with our Community. I've heard from other people around the studio that they are enjoying your artwork very much and we're looking forward to what comes next!


Obviously there's a bit of magic happening in the post-processing here but @Mooreshots1 has continousy delivered absolutely incredible shots. I've watched him progress over time and he never fails to disappoint. This is his latest – Covenant vs the Rebels. You should totally check out his Twitter feed for more of his content!

Snack Break

I won't lie, at first glance, this week's video looks a bit... wild but I promise it delivers. Mr @Mattvanness1 claims he's not trying to flex but don't listen to him, he's totally flexing. As anyone who can sing the entire orchestra in the Halo theme song should. The visualization and being able to see all the parts in one is incredible. Take a bow, good sir, you've earned it. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for more videos of him singing the entirety of songs all by himself.

Snicker's Doodles

The main event is queued up so let's get right to it!

The Battle of Unequal Forces, @spartanca

Halo 3, @randomartfellow 

Going to the Beach, @roguejame

Remembrance, @TheundeadMoo 

Unggoy, @warjarl

Movement, @The_BritishGuy

 First Contact, /u/Proctor14

 Red Team, @sirspawny_art

 Pilot and Chief, /u/LugoMaster

 Chief and Arbiter, @NinjaDoggo

John and Kelly, @pixelflaregfx 

Death to the Brutes, @mrgruntington  

Halo, @MartinKrestan

 Spartan, @louisiana144

 Back into Hell, @LastnameSilver

Retro Halo, @lasohalo_coral  

 Samuel-034, @Knitrex_

Once Upon A Time, @Kai0621357922 

Not Yet, @HalostarMax

Hardwired, @ENERGYDIE020  

 Believe, @DerGruneMann

Folks Need Heroes, @DeputyRustArt 

Codename: BEDIVERE @D042Spartan

Escape from Nephilim Base, @Charr_107 

 300, @Blacwaal

3D recreation of work by Isaac Hannaford, @AbiSV1

Half Baked

There's so many amazing goodies this week that you'd think it'd be hard to top the last section but you'd be wrong. Check out these sketches and hand drawn pieces!

 Emile, /u/Spice_1

 Don't Make A Girl A Promise If You Know You Can't Keep It, @nadiaxlx1

Jiralhanae, /u/Mec213

Spartan, @Dain__Thompson 

Big Guy, @dirtylilrat1

Master Chief, /u/Evorus_Krayde

 Master Chief, /u/isdggart

Master Chief, /u/MLP_BILBO

WASABI, @daina360

Eye Candy

We've got tattoos and cosplay aplenty! (Please read to this tune because it's stuck in my head. You're welcome)

 Noble Team, /u/NebraskaGeek

Spartan Laser, @killedbykgb 

 Halo, @reqtaf

 EVA, @LexWexy

Jerome-092, @archonos_cosplay 

Cortana, /u/angel_of_azarath


I've been looking forward to this section because there is SO much awesome stuff in here. Those of you that like minifigs will love this section too!

 Believe, @Spiteful1252

 Sierra-117, @VGC117

Gravity Slap, @redconstrux 

N'tho Sroam & Usze 'Taham, @MixBrixMinifigs  HCS Athalon, @GCustomsCreati1 

 Halo Infinite, @JohnOnTheDrift

 Waiting for Halo 3, /u/DDDOZER
(Let's face it – This was all of us recently)

 Jorge and Chief, @bennythejet55

 The Banished, @AndreasHrodic

Pinewood Derby Warthog, @Do_0fer 

 Battle Damage, /u/asylumprophet

Halo Cards, @krakenkoalition

Picture Perfect

People have been taking screenshots in Halo since Halo 3... And we just launched Halo 3 on PC so it's only normal to show off some of those photography skills!

Predator, @EnergyPika 

(Not) The Horse You Flew In On, @haruspis  

For the Food Nipple, @TekHardy  

Get Ready for Battle, @Giesurr  

Meteor, @NanoReboot

Sweet Rolls

Turn down those lights, turn on the camera, and let the action roll!

To celebrate Halo 3 being on PC for the first time (how wild is that thought? I know 2007 me would have laughed but now here I am in 2020 helping make it a reality...), let's kick things off with a montage from @LaLaBehr_. There's a lot of shenanigans, tricks, and flying mongooses. The Sandtrap play was ridiculous!

You all probably know @Tom_Jurassic best for his Megaconstrux work but I am so excited to see him branch out a bit. He decided to take a stab at his version of the Halo 3 "Believe" trailer using what he knows best and challenging himself to put together this sweet little video. I hope we get to see more!

If you're looking for a new forge map to check out, how about you take a look at DROPSHIP by @AlexRcreations. I love the Banished feel to the aesthetic. If you want to grab it for yourself, you can download it from here!

I think the majority of montages we see are from general matchmaking. We have never seen a tournament clips only montage until @HastingsEditing teamed up with the one and only @FrostyBB – former member of TOX Gaming (now known as Sentinels). When you combine Riley's editing talents with Frosty's gameplay, you get this. You gotta watch to appreciate just how good Frosty is.

Last time, we saw the time lapse of Drawsketeer drawing the Halo Infinite shot. This week, he's got a time lapse of him drawing the Arbiter! 3 minutes of my time very well spent.

Some works are definitely a labor of love and /u/Xephorium's recreation of the Halo 3 main menu is one of them. While it's not the usual kind of video I find for this section, this is absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to share it with more people. If you check out the Reddit thread, there's additional links as welll. Did I mention this is 4K? Yeah.

Petits Fours

Enjoy the variety of assorted content in our wrap-up!

Doodle's Snickers

This lady is one of the most talented people. I'm convinced there's nothing she can't do... And that includes making me wish I were sitting on a beach somewhere. Preferably with a bit softer landing but that's not the point.

 Day at the Beach, @InaDayorTwooooo


With that, this edition of the Halo Community Spotlight comes to a close. For those of you featured in this (or past) Spotlights, you will want to remember to fill out the latest form in order to be granted your Fire Unicorn AR skin for Halo 5 and nameplate for MCC! They look pretty slick so be sure to fill it out so I have all your info when I send out the rewards next week. Until then!

Ciao! xx


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