Spotlight: July 2, 2020

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It's July 2 which means we have officially eclipsed the halfway point of 2020. Take a minute to pat yourselves on the back and congratuate each other for making it this far! We're on the home stretch, hopefully it's a kinder one than the first half of the year. That aside, people keep excitedly reminding me that "Hey it's July!!!" like they've been waiting for July for some reason. Weird. Wonder what that could be? Maybe we'll find out at some point. 

In the meantime...


I'm just excited for another blog full of sweet content. Like this Halo Infinite drawing of Master Chief by /u/Drawskeeter. The quality on this is absolutely blowing my mind. Look at the reflection in the visor and the clean lines. It's stunning and beautiful. 

But wait, that's not all! This week there's a bonus feature in the form of a timelapse of the drawing! I am in love with this. 

Snack Break

There's always room for Halo music in my life and this week, we've got @nathanlangloismusic on deck with his composition of Never Forget. We just wrapped our Halo 3 flight and are prepping to release it to the Master Chief Collection on PC so hopefully this tides you over a bit.

Snicker's Doodles

This year has absolutely taken a toll on my writing/creative muscles but I'm very glad to see that it has not dulled the community's talents one bit. You all keep turning out incredible artwork that I get to share with everyone!

We Are the Banished, @DanfromOnami

Two Betrayals, @JJ_RABBID

Inheritor, @FluffyBrwnie

We Trade One Villain For Another, @TheDylanValenti

Blue Team, @NicolasCM

Spartans, @EtherealEOD

Sangheili, @0xNBE1

Halo 2, @infinitelightyt

Vaporwave_Chief.exe, /u/armin_scientoonist

The Hour Approaches, @cole_protocol

Cortana, @jenmartin_draws

Vinh-030, @Knitrex_

The Winds of Change, @NodorTheConquer

Spartans, @Spvirs

Cortana, @dagger6art

Unnatural Storm, @pixelflaregfx

Half Baked

While my wits may be a bit dulled, y'alls pencils are still very sharp and ready to create. 

Fred-104, @FissOfFury

Jiralhanae, @AphonicWanderer

On the Blood of our Fathers, On the Blood of Our Sons, @HunterKing343

Cortana, /u/MalVintage

Master Chief, @nadiaxlx1

The Shepherdess, @Spartan_Mandy

Eye Candy

I always enjoy the weeks that have a good mix of both cosplay armor and/or weapons and tattoos. Two very different forms of expression but both pleasing to the eye.  ODST Desert Camo, /u/dap995254

Brute Spiker, /u/evcn3

Halo, /u/BigGamerQc

Halo 2 Battle Rifle, /u/CDRCody19

Master Chief, @IntenseReiss

Halo 3 SMG, @MushiSh67732312

Halo, @SwaggLessJoe

Noble 6, /u/EbonyWarriorStudios


I didn't know it was possible for toys to look so good. By the way Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that cross-stitch? 

The Hour Approaches, @Tom_Jurassic

 I Need a Weapon, /u/TheRealJAW001

Halo Legends Kelly-087, @GCustomsCreati1

Master Chief, /u/Riksunraksu

O.D.S.T., @Mooreshots1

Picture Perfect

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll let the snapshots do the talking!

Know Your Roots, @unknwnmonster

Reaching Out, @KatSmall4

ONI Sword Base, @Maglo22

Beauty, @xkowareta

Downtown, @xb1webrider

Journey, @oSh3Wolfo

Sweet Rolls

Let the good times roll! Or, if you prefer laissez les bon temps rouler! Whichever flavor you prefer, the meaning is the same. Sit back and enjoy the show!

If you are somehow not one of the nearly 3 million people that saw our "SIGNAL DETECTED" video last week, well, I'm not really sure what to say except what are you waiting for?? On second thought, maybe you were waiting for @motiondomain's edit of the original, now with more interspersed toy scenes. It's super cute so definitely check it out.

Up next, @SciFiDeepdive got some Halo in Space Engineers. Seeing people use other games to make Halo content never fails to amaze me. Enjoy his short film titled, "Pillar of Autumn: After Aszod."

If the end of the Halo 3 flight leaves you thirsty for more before it hits MCC on PC, allow me to introduce you to @SunShiineTX's Halo 3 Hardcore montage for @Matthew_Lopez22. Highly recommend watching to the end and seeing how many Gamertags you can recognize. ­čĹÇ

Since Halo 4 follows Halo 3 (magic, I know) it feels only fitting to show off @CyaMax35's fan-made Halo 4 trailer. I will say, if you're not francophone, you'll want to rely on the English subtitles, but that in no way diminishes the magic. And now, un mal ancien s'éveille!

@PureGeniusLego is back with another stop-motion film and coincidentally, I am back showing off another stop-motion film. What a coincidence! Enjoy The Search for Sarah Palmer.

Petits Fours

Now for some additional assorted community delights!

Doodle's Snickers

As someone who was once *thisclose* to going to culinary school, I love seeing baked goods come across my screen. Especially when they're obviously made out of love and the recipient is so over the moon about it. @MadisynRossbach made this Master Chief cake and I hope it was delicious!

Master Chief Cake, @chadthedad7 (Happy birthday!)


Thus concludes yet another installment of the Halo Community Spotlight series. If your art was featured and you'd like to claim your Fire Unicorn rewards, be sure to fill out the latest form so we can collect your information. If you were featured in a prior Spotlight and didn't get your rewards yet, you are also welcome to fill out the same form as long as you link to the information provided.

As this year continues to roll on, remember that we're all in this together and kindness goes a long way. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. 

Ciao! xx


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