Spotlight: March 12, 2020

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If I say that it's been one heck of a month, would you believe me? We were incredibly busy keeping secrets from you so we could surprise you with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and it was SO worth it. Being on this side of video games, we definitely lose a bit of the magic on a personal level. That's easily eclipsed by watching your reactions and your excitement. Someone said it was like being a parent on Christmas and watching your kids open their presents. I don't have kids to confirm that with 100% certainty, but it feels pretty accurate! 


This has been a great week for Halo related wallpapers. (Let's be honest, for Halo in general!) We have a whole bunch of desktop wallpapers on Halo Waypoint from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's launch and then I stumbled across @Jafet_Meza's twitter with this really clean looking Master Chief wallpaper. If you're good on desktop but are looking to spruce up your mobile celluar device, check his tweet, there's one there for you too!


This section started about a year ago as a joke (bless the Halo kazoo video. I played it so many times on repeat at my desk!) but it's very quickly become one of my favorite things. I love finding clever takes on Halo music like this beatbox/electrical guitar cover by @andylangemusic. Not only is the music good, the video is good/fun too! It's definitely put me in a Halo mood which is a good mood to be in when you're looking at Halo content. Enjoy!

Snicker's Doodles

Let's be honest, you're all here for the pictures. No point in beating around the bush, let's get to the artwork! 

Wake Up Chief, @TheChunkierBean 

Clair De Lune, @StellatheFox26

 Dropships On Approach, /u/turtlesalad711

Colosseum, @SpartanNegue

 Tango Down, @KamiDaHobo

Don't Hide From the Rain, @spartanca 

 Installation 04, /u/opalduhh

Hell to Repel, @Rookie_425

Linda-058 and Kelly-087, @LuminousCactuz

Drone Attack, /u/MightyDavilio 

Halo x Doom, /u/GrahamPhisher 

Sierra-117, @boygarvin

Half Baked

Every time I get to this section, I start wanting cookies... Anyways, here's some black and white selections and other hand-drawn pieces.

Blue Team, @wishhful 

Halo 3 Marine, /u/WorstestUsernameEvar 

What Would You Have Your Abiter Do?, @SpartanSHATTER 

ODST, @STAReeKnight 


Halo Infinite, @RiteshKMondal1

Were It So Easy, /u/Jaller2010

Emile, /u/GalacticCatArt 

Little Unggoy, @BunggoydaUnggoy 

Gravemind, @muttconcept 

Master Chief, /u/billcage32 

It Is Finished, /u/is0a0man95


You know the drill, time to ink/make cosplay! (Doesn't really have the same ring, does it?)

Energy Sword, /u/tfmatt 

Halo 2 Anniversary SMG, @WZProps 

Tattoos, /u/super08111 

Battle Rifle, /u/Hartlock_


Double Kill, /u/EricRauty

Halo 2, /u/Cairbyart

 Red vs Blue, /u/Dojigomiru

 Groomsmen Spartans, /u/NeonLightsAreFading


I've seen so many more people hopping on the minifig/toy photography and it makes me happy! I can tell how much work, love, and creativity goes into all the handmade works in this section and I hope that ingenuity never ends. 

Light Side vs Dark Side, @Spiteful1252 

Halo Wood Burning, /u/Lvl_5_Crafter

LEGO Battle Rifle, /u/aeden194

Master Chief Cake, @GMaxee 

Halo 3 Master Chief, @GCustomsCreati1 

Ten Seconds Remaining, /u/asylumprophet 

Assassination, @Mooreshots1 


Say CHEESE! ­čôŞ

Moment of Tranquility, xDrummerWorldx

The Flood, @_Vuzz_

Monitor, @Nuvelous 

Midnight, @K4ntus 

Forza Horizon 4, @_Ballistic1 

Sweet Rolls

Lights, camera, action! ­čÄą

@BroeyBroe tagged me in this montage by Leffo and I'm really glad he did. I loved this, from start to finish, even if some of these shots just weren't fair. How do *I* get clips like this?! Unreal. Well worth your 5 minutes! 

Every time I see @SimonKent98 tag me in a video, I get a little excited. His mashups are always excellent and On the Blood of Our Fathers, On the Blood of Our Sons is no exception. Enjoy this one – I did! 

Lately I've been hopping into Sea of Thieves when I need to chill out, just to sit and watch the water if nothing else. It looks like @_Sikamikanico_ is also a pirate at heart judging by his forge map – Fate of the MorningStar. If you want to walk the plank yourself, you can grab the map right here.

The Halo: Reach campaign already had a lot of solid moments but apparently there was also going to be some Scarab battles in it. How do I know this? Because @RejectedShotgun poked around in the files and put it back in. This is nuts and you gotta check it out for yourself.

@ZeroJGB86's speedpaint videos are some of my favorites. The music is soothing and I just really like seeing works of art come together like this. I find the process so fascinating and love watching the evolution of the characters from start to finish.

Petits Fours

Don't forget to grab a snack on your way out!

Doodle's Snickers

I love the idea of Blue Team getting a little R&R. We all know they've deserved it! Glad that @SlayWilde was able to give them that.


That's a wrap! It was good to get back in the swing of things, despite all the crazy happening in the world right now. Stay safe, wash your hands, and if you're stuck inside, sounds like a great time to play more Halo! Until next time. 

Ciao! xx


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