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Happy Haloween everyone! It's the time of year when the leaves change from green to a pretty palette of reds, yellows, and oranges, the weather gets cooler, and people pull out their hoodies (unless you live in the PNW in which case you wear them all year long). Today happens to be actually Halloween day which is rather fitting. I'm sitting at my desk, dressed like a unicorn, and I've never been so comfortable at work. But you're not here to hear about my Halloween costume. You're here to see how #inktober wraps up and to check out all the Halo content we've collected from the community. If you're not here for that, your blog is another castle and I don't have a map for you – sorry! Since you're here, you might as well read on. This is likely to be my longest blog to date based off the sheer amount of goodies I've gathered. You've been warned. 


Our new Publishing Team Art Director, Horia Dociu, whipped up this really adorable art specifically for Haloween. I don't know what Chief expected when he rang that doorbell but I hope his feet don't fail him now as he runs from Gravemind. He'll just have to accept the loss of the candy falling out of his bucket because no chance doubling back is a good idea.

Snack Break

I've been holding onto this one for a while because I've been finding other remakes in the time being but I think it's time. I stumbled on this one surfing YouTube one day and really enjoy Kevin Corkran's cover of Misha Mansoor's Follow in Flight from Halo 2 Anniversary. I really love that this is a drum cover instead of the typical piano/guitar covers I find. It's definitely a sweet treat you can enjoy. 

Snicker's Doodles

Everyone has their favorite candy they reach for after looting the neighborhood. For me, I think it's maybe Reese's of some sort (preferably Reese's Pieces!). I'm not really enamored with chocolate these days and most candy seems to be of that persuasion which is unfortunate. My mom used to ransack my pumpkin bucket for all the Good 'n' Plenty she could find and I was totally okay with that. Today, I'm looking forward to digging into all the treats that are coming up. There might be a trick or two that sneaks in but I'll try my best to keep those away!

I don't know how many people remember when @MariaMasuimi used to make her little Halo comics more frequently but they were absolutely precious. I cannot express the delight I felt when I saw this Haloween edition pop up in my mentions this week. Thank you, Maria, for sending this my way! Maybe there will be a Christmas one too? Hey, a girl can dream. I can also dream of no better image to kick off the bulk of this week's Spotlight with.

Maybe Ghost Chief stole those pumpkins from Sam Brookman-Amissah's "Beaver Creep" map. To be fair, it looks like there's plenty and no one would miss a couple... I love the spooky makeover happening here. That said, I definitely am on team, "Don't run into the base" for this one because I have no idea what's lurking in those shadows.

Okay so it's not ALL spooky time this month. Just mostly. Some of the content is cute as can be, like /u/Hero_of_Ideals' Engineers. Although, if I didn't know any better, it looks like they're dressed as bunches of grapes and you can't convince me otherwise now. I want this pair of Huragok to float by my door to trick-or-treat! 

I can't speak confidently on behalf of anyone else, but in my family, Halloween was a family affair. It looks like @Uriel117Uri is also big into family game nights. Even if some do start falling asleep before the night is done. Or maybe this is after a night of going door to door, collecting candy, and everyone is tired. 

After giving the Covenant back their bomb, you gotta get home somehow. If you're gonna be sent home, doing so in style is always the best option to take and /u/Archangel470 definitely gave Chief some style here. 😎

Okay I've filled the "not Haloween" quota with those so now back to some Haloween art! I know I tell you all how much I love @wani641's art everytime I post it but I can't help myself. She has the sweetest, most pure takes on Halo themes and it makes me want to melt. Look at her Haloween image and how adorable it is! I love this squad and want them to show up on my stoop so I can empty buckets of candy into their buckets. 

Oh wait. I reached into my candy bucket and found this not-exactly-Haloween-but-close-enough piece by @CxeeFoxx. I came close to getting bit by this Gravemind which probably would not have ended well. I never thought I'd say the Gravemind looks good but...well, this looks good!

We've seen plenty of Halo ships be made in Minecraft but /u/B0xiest's fiancée decided to say, "Hold my potion of water breathing" and one-upped everyone who's ever made a ship. She made a Halo ring in our favorite blocky game. I need to show my friends over on the Minecraft team because this is great. I want to know how long it took and how many blocks this has! 

I've got two pictures from toy photographer @Mooreshots1 for a couple reasons. 

1. I couldn't decide which I liked more.
2. You can see the improvement in skill/technique over time.

One of his earliest projects was tackling the famouse Locke/Master Chief head-to-head image. I love that he took two images and photoshopped/edited them together to make one composite. 

Now, take a look at his Halo Infinite creation and see how far he's come. I'm really impressed and I hope to see more one day!

Speaking of toys. @BryceHuff5 made a twitter account expressly to share some of his Halo collection with us. That includes this sweet ride that both Chief and Abiter share. There's also some really awesome woodwork on his feed so make sure to check that out too!

Skin and Bones

I know I normally go with "half baked" or "black and whites" but skeletons are sort of half baked humans and it's spooky day so here we are! Anyways. #inktober has been an absolute blessing for content this month. I know no one asked me but frankly, every month should be #inktober. If not that, some variation of it. There has been an absolute wealth of amazing art out there and I've tried to grab as much of it as I could. I could fill blogs with nothing but inkredible pieces by just a couple of you that have been dilligently making daily Halo pieces but I also want to share with everyone else. It's a fine line to balance! Also, I'm pretty sure I will be using "amazing" and "incredible" a lot for this but there's only so many synonyms I can use before they start sounding pretenious. I use those adjectives because they are true!

I'm kicking things off with some @wishhful art. Both Sam and Tony are exceptionally talented and have turned out awesome inktober pieces. Here's a couple of my favorites of theirs. The Flood form is just delightfully creepy (very On Brand for the day, don't you think?) and Johnson looks as badass as I'd expect. And what's better than Emile with candy? TWO Emiles with candy.

Normally I'd like to the exact tweets for these pieces but in this case, it's absolutely worth checking out their shared twitter account and seeing all of their great sketches. 

One of the daily prompts was "Ghost" and as any good Halo fan knows, there's only one right answer. Check out @josephrstrom's sketch. He says he "didn't feel like filling in details" but it looks pretty good to me as is.

The Ghost really needs a horn. I want to fly around in one going *BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEP!* in a Ghost like I can a Warthog or a Fungoose. Tell me that @NessunoY59's Elite wouldn't look happier being able to do that in his Ghost. He's already smiling, I want to see a bigger smile and that can clearly only be achieved by excessively beeping a vehicle's horn.

Speaking of happy Covenant – look at @PlatinumMewtwo's happy Grunt! Hooray! I don't know what he's celebrating but I hope there's cake.

Last week, there were a couple of stunning Elites drawn in pencil. Those belong to a 4-part series being drawn by /u/Bowsar4 for his brother. After seeing how good his Master Chief turned out, I'm wondering if it's too late for me to find a way to become his brother? Jokes aside, this really is incredible and I have no idea what piece #4 is going to be but I can't wait.

If you prefer a more hands-on medium, like charcoal, take a gander at /u/BlueLight6742's ODST. Apparently he whipped this up in roughly 20 minutes and it's just not fair how talented some people are. Charcoal is messy but can create beautiful works of art, as long as you can keep from smudging things everywhere after it's all over your hands.

Another style of art that I don't see much of (outside of people like Seurat and Signac, of course) is Pointillism. This ODST by /u/OJs_Lawyer (also? Amazing username lol.) is so clean and the attention to detail is awesome. Well done! (If you don't have an art Instagram yet, you should totally consider one. Definitely not asking for ulterious Halo purposes or anything...)

I don't know exactly what @DSFAxel's Chief is sad about but he probably didn't get his favorite candy bar while out trick-or-treating. What do you think Chief's favorite treat is? I'm  betting on Lion bars. Why? I don't know. I just remember enjoying them a lot when I was a kid so why not?

Last week we learned that Hunters could, in fact, be cute. This week, we're learning that the Flood can be sorta cute. I bet you didn't know that, did you? Well, now thanks to @TexD41, you know and knowing's half the battle! That said, I don't think I want Flood showing up at my house, no matter how cute.

Learning that @clemagraphics_studio is the father of one of my favorite Megablok artists, @GCustomsCreati1, just isn't fair. Check out how much talent runs in that family! My nuclear family is not a very creative one so I envy the skills on display here.

No Haloween would be complete without a Brute of some sort. (What? Brutes can't celebrate and enjoy the holiday?) Bringing us the big boy Tartarus himself is @joshsmithis. I love this and think blue is definitely his color.

Eye Candy

Oooh this one almost has a double meaning this week! Our candy bucket has some chocolate that's shaped/covered to look like eyeballs. So it's a two-for-one: sweet, homemade, treats for you to feast your eyes upon and sweet eye treats to feast upon! Also have you realized it's Haloween yet? If so, you bet there's going to be a Halo related cosplay or two in here so let's get moving!

I don't know what college @hakuru15 goes to but any college that puts a Ha cosplay on the front page is A-okay in my book! I know my school wasn't nearly this fun.

I cannot express how much I love this group cosplay by /u/LuvhandL. Not only is it a family unit, they also aren't your typical trio you'd expect. Cortana (wife) looks awesome, the Flood infection form (husband) looks gross and creepy, and Arbiter (son) is incredible. You can check out the imgur link here to see some in-progress shots of putting the costumes together!

Ask any cosplayer and they'll tell you that it's a labor of love, especially when it comes to making armor. You live, learn, try again, and eventually? Prophet! It sounds like /u/BLiiiiiND learned a lot over the past year and managed to get his Halo cosplay completed in the nick of time. It looks awesome and will be even awesomer once you put some boots on the ground. 😉

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with /u/Boba_Fett_79's AR here (no one tell him but it looks like he grabbed one off the wrong rack) but the Chief costume looks great. Definitely would get an extra handful or three from me if he knocked on my door!

How about a throwback to some Halo 3 armor cosplay? Okay good because that's what /u/JGPenalnd went with for his Haloween. His guns aren't finished so he still needs a weapon but hey, close enough I suppose.

Cosplay isn't just for big kids, little kids like /u/ethancela's brother are getting in on saving the galaxy too! This is so, so adorable. I love everything about it.

Not everyone who gets a Halo tattoo goes for something super overt and obvious. Some, like /u/DARGENGOA, look for something a bit more subtle and Forerunner glyphs totally fall into that category. This is awkward because it's actually the Guardian glyph, not the Warden glyph like he says in the comments. Oh dear.

When you can't decide between Noble Team and 117, why not get both? That's what /u/MTFBWY117 decided to do. Can't blame them really, it's a hard decision to make. 

Remember when I said Chief still needed a weapon? Maybe he should see if he can borrow @remy38's finished 3D printed AR. This looks sleek and ready to go but it's made in France so it might take a bit to get to him. I really hope there's a full cosplay coming with it later!

PS - Bisous à vous aussi! 😘

For a first time making a suit of armor, I love how well /u/ImTheFakeSav's ODST turned out! He even included the touch of a country patch so we all know where he's from *and* he has good trigger discipline. Well done good sir.

I'm going to sneak this in here because it's one of a kind and a labor of love of a different sort. /u/LoLadcplayer made himself a desk for gaming and, well, suddenly I find I want a new desk. I am guessing he doesn't live near Seattle and that's probably a good thing because I imagine this would set me back a pretty penny and my desk now is serviceable. But this looks so good! Only thing that would make it better, in my opinion, is more RGB because more RBG = more better. (Yes I'm one of THOSE people that wants all the RGB. Pretty lights make me happy, what can I say?)

With Halo: Reach coming to MCC and MCC coming to PC, I'm not surprised to see Noble Team tattoos like /u/IProbablyLagged's cropping up. They say they want more, hopefully they don't lag through their appointments because I wouldn't want the ink to smudge.

Picture Ghoulery

Lame pun aside, we've got some appropriately themed seasonal screenshots to show off. 

I know we've seen his work before but @MrHaloArt has some incredible Haloween/spooky screenshots and I couldn't *not* show these off. They're either made in-forge and are unedited or are taken from in-game theater. The skill here is absolutely bonkers and I have no idea how someone figures this out but I'm glad they do. 

Alas, poor Yorick, @BeneficBen also has some pretty sweet treats for us as well. 

Pumpkin Patch

I'm sure this is the part a lot of you have been waiting for – the Halo-fied jack-o-lanters! There are SO many incredible ones. I'm not sure I'll be able to adequately describe/explain them all so I'm just going to give you a mini-gallery of Haloween pumpkins to enjoy. 🎃


















Tootsie Rolls

Hey, Tootsie Rolls are techincally sweet rolls so I'm, well, rolling with it! 

I know I've mentioned I like speed paints before so I really dig @TheOmeggos' concept here. He takes 90 seconds and draws a single character to the best of his ability. After 90 seconds, he moves on. He did a Halo version that you can check out here!

We've seen a couple of @ForgersOf's really clever forge creations and he's back with another one! This is a gamemode with fire and Warthogs – what's not to love?

Okay so maybe you aren't in the mood for wacky minigames, that's fine. We got some Halo 3 Team Hardcore and Team Snipers, courtesy of @Amplicityy available for your viewing pleasure.

It wouldn't be Haloween without some Infection. Luckily, @PFLAgentLocus has some really sweet plays in his zombie-filled montage. I found this one on accident but I'm really glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed this. There's even a killionaire or two in here.

Do you know what's better than one Infection montage? Okay well yes, obviously free candy is better than an Infection montage but that's not correct answer here. The correct answer was TWO infection montages! This one is by @BroeyBroe who doesn't want to use Haloween because he thinks it's lame but he's wrong. Haloween is best Halloween and I won't hear otherwise. Also, this montage is pretty legit so enjoy it!

Petits Fours

I hope you haven't had your fill of sweets yet because here's some more to tide you over!

Doodle's Snickers

I saved the best for last here because let's be honest. If I started with @Garuda_The_Ace's cosplay, there would have been no point in continuing because there's simply no topping this. He didn't just channel his inner Halo, he *became* the Halo. Hopefully he isn't blinded by the majesty of his out of this world cosplay. 


With that, my bucket of goodies has been depleted. Thanks for stopping by, I hope the we provided adequate treats for you this year! As a bonus, if your content has been featured in this week's Community Spotlight, please fill out this form with your information so I can hand out your Fire Unicorn treats next week. 🔥🦄




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