Spotlight: September 3, 2020

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For those of you counting at home, there are roughly 4 months left this year, give or take a decade or so. No matter what twists and turns 2020 has thrown at us, one thing has been constant – the Halo community continues to produce content like no other. Before I jinx that, let's get started!


I LOVE this hand painted watercolor of Halo Infinite by @valecoux so much. Between the shades of blue and the attention to detail it's just absolutely lovely and absolutely deserving of being front and center. As a bonus, if you want to see her work her magic, you can catch the speed paint video on the HaloMexico Facebook page!

Snack Break

Do you ever see/hear something and think, "I didn't know I wanted that but I'm glad it exists!"? I just had that experience when I stumbled across @lauren_paley's mashup of the Halo theme with *checks notes* Titanic. My only regret is that there's not more of it! She does have other videos of her singing things like some of Ezio's music from Assassin's Creed so check out her channel for more! (If you want JUST the Halo theme, listen to this video!)

Snicker's Doodles

I'm going to be honest with you all – these little intro blurbs get harder to write week after week because there's only so many ways to say, "Yay here comes a lot of awesome artwork!" without repeating myself. Anyways. Here comes a lot of awesome artwork!

Hope, @sky_kiki77

Forward, @Nobleclonetroop

Aureus Armory, @EthanRomesburg

Installation 07, @GergelySzocs

 Set A Fire In Your Heart, Spartan, @DrProctor14

Elite EVA, @daina360

UNSC Irish 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion, @DerGruneMann

Grunt Minor in a Shade Turret, @alexbraxaboi

Halo, /u/Gitty-the-Draggo

Nice View, @Bolawk_

Spartan, @IamFile

Ancient Human Soldier, @aa_uditor

Through the Trees, @EtherealEOD

Noble Game of Poker, @zodenn_art

Take Point, @kingofyou115

This Ring Will Make Us Brothers, /u/turtlesalad711

Harvest, @Gooders008

Halo, /u/barbedwirefanart


Combat, @LlamasArePink

Marathon Team, @SH0TTEY

Seth-073, @JohnWarix

Orbital Drop Shock Bean, @GenericName0042

Spartan-021, @TeinoAlarcon

Biological Supercomputer, @mrgruntington

These Things We Do..., @dagger6art

Hail To The Chief, @wild_cat144

Halo 2: Anniversary ODST, @ThatOneODST

Tactical, @spoopymeat

There's No Need To Do This Alone, @Spartan_SFM

Spartan Nicholas-A159, @Ora4Ever117

Noble Six, /u/shadknight20

Halo, @PrometheanMike

Squad, @Rydertostart

Master Chief, @LuminousCactuz

Black & Whites

I have yet to find a solid black and white cookie around here so I have to make do with some incredible sketches and drawings instead. Not a bad trade-off.

Halo 2 Arbiter, @endermirand

Don't Make A Girl A Promise, /u/BasicallyMikeSteel

Master Chief's Helmet, /u/mineyobones

Xyan 'Jar Wattinree, @EleanEquisde

Emile, @dieclick1

Halo, @CattDraws

Spartan, @Spartan_Mandy

Surrender Is For Cowards, @SpartanVorpal

Kig-Yar, @PessimismJester

Halo: Combat Evolved, /u/Soozito

Zeta Halo, @MrTak210

Halo Infinite Master Chief, /u/Quinton_W


I have seen a lot of neat crafts lately and I desperately wish I were more capable of making things. I'd love to try my hand at something one of these days but in the meantime, I am okay with looking at YOUR cool stuff and talking about it!

ODST and Cortana Chip, @AkuaAxz

Sgt Johnson (ODST), @GCustomsCreati1

Legendary Skull, /u/VaultofGrass

Become Infinite, @ArktikRush

Halo x Gears of War, @Mooreshots1

Halo Coasters, /u/qtrain23

...If You Know You Can't Keep It, @yaboikelpie

Encounter on Zeta Halo, @FacilityPhotos

Chief and Cortana, /u/UnsungBreakfast's dad

Charged, @redconstrux

Blood Gulch, @ThomasS47233339

We're the Desperate Measures, @Tom_Jurassic

Banished Brute, @VGC117

Helmet Charm, @SpallSpartan

Red Team, @theBIGjagooze

Eye Candy

One of the people in this section called the Legendary skull the "Infinity symbol of Halo" and after seeing how often people are drawn to inking themselves with it, I don't necessarily disagree but that never lessens the cool factor in my eyes!

Legendary, /u/Edible_Pie

Mini Master Chief, @HaloGoddess

Halo, /u/Kailo156

ODST, @FissofFury

Master Chief, /u/andydavis4

Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words so you don't need more from me to enjoy these screenshots!

Infinite Clash of Foes, @code_lynx

Halo 4, @Icey_Koko

Searching, @__Vuzz

Authentic, @Rhegards

Shockwave, @oSh3Wolfo

Aura, @V3Cinder

Monitor of Paradise, @Reptilian_AI

Sweet Rolls

I won't bore you with a long preamble here but if you like Halo-related videos, you have arrived at the proper place! On a minor housekeeping note, a couple of these videos have a minor language advisory but the majority is clean.

"Sam, how would you describe @Naptimez's SWAT montage?" It's multikills all over the place and probably more killionaires and exterms than you have in your medal chest. On a personal note, having retired from playing SWAT means my name is not in that killfeed so I'm pretty happy about that! The editing by @Ligh1s is superb, as always.

Those of you familiar with the Halo pro scene are probably familiar with the one and only Tommy "@TheOneSaiyan" Wilson. If you aren't familiar with him, well, you should be and checking out his "The Return of Super Saiyan" video of some Halo 5 gameplay is a great place to start. Have I mentioned that Saiyan is good yet? Because he is very good. See for yourself!

@Halo_VFX is making a little Halo mini-series and he's got his first episode ready to view. Check out Episode 1: Operation: Charity Falls now! Something tells me that Warthog would be fun to off-road in...

Petit Fours

Last, but certainly not least, the round-up of activity from around the Twitter-sphere.

Doodle's Snickers

This was an easy pick this week. Not only did we get Master Chief as a villager but @NinajaDoggo threw in Samus too? I want these two to move to my island in place of some of my current islanders!


And so I wrap up another Halo Community Spotlight. As is now the standard, in order to claim your Fire Unicorn Halo 5 AR skin and nameplate in MCC, you'll need to fill out the lastest form. This is how I gather information on who has art in these blogs so if you don't fill it out, I won't know who to give your goodies to! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with between now and the next blog!

Ciao! xx


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