Strategy, Substance & Style: Halo 5 Advanced Tactics

By 343 Industries -

Introduction by Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Designer, Quinn DelHoyo


It was around this time last year that the Halo 5: Guardians team was hard at work putting the finishing touches on our Arena Multiplayer Beta. I was quoted as saying that this Halo has a new set of teeth; specifically fangs. The fangs I was referring to came in the form of our all-new Spartan Abilities, map design, sandbox versatility, etc. It’s almost been a full year since the Beta and during that time, the team has been hard at work refining, polishing, and sharpening those fangs to be better than ever before. Let’s get to it. 

Starting Weapons

In the Beta, we did quite a bit of experimenting with what weapons players spawned with. We got a ton of data, player feedback, and had internal discussions about the best possible weapons to spawn players with. This was a big decision and we didn’t take it lightly. One of our goals has always been EQUAL STARTS across the board. Whether you’re playing online with friends or competing on the biggest stage with the brightest lights; everyone would be starting with the same weapons. In order to fulfill this goal we had to make sure that we started players off with a true utility weapon that lets players engage at multiple ranges and dispatch foes skillfully without the need of picking up a power weapon. The best choice for Halo 5 was the Magnum. We’re really excited to be starting all players off with a true utility weapon for the first time since Halo: CE. 

Motion Tracker

The motion tracker, or radar, featured a giant 30-meter range in the Beta. We felt that this negatively affected the game for a few reasons, but the big one was that players of all skill levels relied too heavily on the big radar range. Lesser skilled players never looked at it, the higher skilled players always looked at it, and the top level players did both as they quickly learned the maps and understood where everyone was by a quick glance at the radar. So we’ve decided to drastically reduce the range of the radar down to 18 meters. The radar has now become less of a motion tracker that sees through multiple rooms and is now more of a combat tracker that promotes engagement. If someone shows up on your radar, they are REALLY close and a fight is about to go down. This is something that we feel is in line with our equal starts philosophy where everyone at all skill levels and competition will be playing the same game.

Spartan Abilities and Maps

Spartan Abilities in Halo 5: Guardians are just the beginning and our first real attempt at getting players to feel like Spartans. Combined with our level design in Campaign, Warzone, and Arena. We’re excited by the endless possibilities they’ll create and the different playstyles and roles our players find. I’m not even talking about the basic functionality of the Spartan Abilities themselves, but rather the hidden gems that our Pro Team has found when you combine them. Stuff like stabilize jumping, ground pound stalling, sprint/slide/jump/thrust, the possibilities are endless and will makes our heads explode as well as make crowds roar.



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