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Wake up, John! Halo 4 is working its way to our Halo Insiders, esports competitions are going strong, Halo 5 is in the midst of a month of Global Double XP, and we get a closer look at an in-game item from Halo Infinite. There is a lot to cover, so let's dive straight into our latest Community Update!


HALO 4 FLighting

Calling all, and I mean all, Halo Insiders! We're rapidly approaching Halo 4 flighting and we plan on inviting every eligible, registered Halo Insider. Much like our other flights, on top of the obvious addition of an entirely new title, there should be plenty of new features and improvements – like the potential addition of crossplay – to get your hands on. This is the last Halo title we currently have planned for the collection (sorry to crush your Halo 5 in MCC dreams), so let's finish strong!


If you read that last paragraph and asked yourself, "How do I become a Halo Insider?" then this section is for you! You can register for the Halo Insider program just by heading to and signing up with your Xbox Live account. To make sure you are considered an 'eligible' Halo Insider, you will need to follow a few more steps, which we've conveniently outlined below. Once you've done all that, you're good to go!

  • Register on
  • Verify the email address you've provided for communication
  • Opt-in to receive communications from us
  • Opt-in to Xbox and/or PC flights (whichever you want to participate in)
  • Link your Steam account (PC Flighting)
  • Upload/update your DxDiag (PC Flighting)


After a very fun run with Recon Slayer & Recon SWAT, the sport of the future – Grifball – has rotated into MCC's featured slot. You can see these playlists updates as they happen by following @Halo on Twitter or keeping a close eye on the MCC Playlist Update thread here on Waypoint!

A Little extra Lore

ONI Archive – Helljumpers

The ONI Archive series continues, this time shining its flashlight on Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, more commonly referred to as ODSTs. Our main narrator covers what makes ODSTs so special and outlines the heroics efforts of the Alpha-Nine crew during the events of New Mombasa. If you haven't watch any of these yet, I suggest giving them a watch. And, much like a Marvel movie, I also encourage that you stay until the end of each one. You can catch all our ONI Archives in our Halo Universe playlist on YouTube.


As we touched on in our September MCC Development Update, thanks to the heroic efforts of the MCC Team, Halo Reach's fabled GRD helmet will finally be making its way in-game. Ahead of its addition to Reach's armory, GrimBrotherOne graced us with a Canon Fodder yesterday that provided some in-universe information about the legendary helmet.

The core foundation is actually the AKIS-class helmet, which can be paired with various modular upgrades such as GRD, and is meant to employ a wide array of targeting and surveillance-focused features. And, to finally answer the question, "What does 'GRD' stand for?" we finally have our answer: Ground Resolved Distance. The GRD software and hardware enhances how much usable intelligence can be gleaned from UAV and satellite-based surveillance imagery.

To learn more about the AKIS helmet base and all of its variants, be sure to read the latest Canon Fodder!


Halo 5 PRO SERIES & Halo 3 Tournaments

Both the Halo 5 Pro Series and our new Halo 3 PC tournaments are off to a strong start! The formats for both of these competitions are welcoming to newly formed teams and give everyone a chance to jump in for free. If you're interested in assembling your team for next weekend's Open events, be sure to check out the links below!

In the midst of all of those tournaments, we've actually seen two legendary esports organizations lock in rosters and jump into the fray – Sentinels & Cloud9!




BTB Playdate

In exactly one week, on October 15 @ 2pm PT, we'll be coordinating a playdate in Halo 3 Big Team Battle on MCC PC with some of your favorite Halo streamers. All you have to do is match the featured creators below and you'll earn the brand-new Burst Fire nameplate in MCC. Now that you know the stakes and know the details, here are the creators you'll want to find in matchmaking next week!

We'll be trying to do playdates like this more often, so keep an eye on @HCS on Twitter!


The SWAT Nation crew has registration open for their SWAT O'WEEN tournament at the end of October. To make sure it stays as spooky as Haloween itself, this SWAT competition will also pair duos randomly to form full squads. Depending on your duo, it could be a trick or it could be a treat. To learn more about the event and register ahead of the October 27 deadline, head to!


This weekend, October 9-11, we'll be kicking off our second Cliptrocity event in MCC! After a successful first run, we've brought it back and made it even better than it was before. Now, all Cliptrocity Clip-Off submissions will be completely open to the public. On top of going community-wide with the Clip-Off contest, we also are adding a Cliptrocity Playdate component to help bolster the ways to win during the weekend. We've got more details on the entire event below!

Clip-Off Contest

Go live on Twitch, hop into any of these MCC playlists all weekend long, and share your best moments with us on Twitter using #HaloCliptrocity. You can see rules below or visit for more info!

Social Games:

  • Games: All MCC titles
  • Game Categories: Precision Slayer, Auto Slayer, Snipers (No Objective/Party modes)
  • Game Size: Any

Competitive Games (Ranked):

  • All Slayer + Hardcore playlists (No Invasion)

Playdate With Featured streamers

For the playdate portion of the event, our featured Cliptrocity streamers can be found online in MCC during the following times:

  • Friday, October 9 @ 12-3pm PT
  • Saturday, October 10 @ 6-9pm PT
  • Sunday, October 11 @ 3-6pm PT

And, without further ado, here are our featured streamers for this Cliptrocity weekend! Be sure to follow their accounts on Twitter and Twitch to see when they go live and never miss another one of their streams!


For our Clip-Off contest, the Overall Best Clips will receive some slick prizes, including two in-game nameplates. Additionally, if no clips from the Team Hardcore playlist make it into the Top 3 Best Clips, we will also award the Best Team Hardcore clip from the weekend.

  • 1st Place: ASTRO A40 Headset + Mixamp Bundle + "Clip That/Cliptrocity" Nameplates
  • 2nd Place: (3) Halo MCC Steam Bundle codes + "Clip That/Cliptrocity" Nameplates
  • 3rd Place: (3) 6 Month Game Pass Ultimate codes + "Clip That/Cliptrocity" Nameplates
  • Best Team Hardcore Clip = (3) 6 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate codes + "Clip That/Cliptrocity" Nameplates

For the playdates with featured streamers, you just need to match up with them in-game during the times outlined above and you'll receive the exclusive Cliptrocity nameplate!


Yes, somehow we've already made it to October of this crazy year. To celebrate that, and the fact that it's Halo 5's birthday month, we've turned on Global Double XP all the way through the Halloween weekend. In addition to the increased rewards, we'll also be gifting out a free Greatest Hits Customization Pack to anyone who logs in on October 27 for Halo 5's 5th Anniversary. 

The Halo 5 section is fairly short this time around, but no matter what I'm always going to remind you of what's in store for the rest of the month.



  • October 1: Global Double XP all month for Halo 5’s 5th Birthday
  • October 8: Forerunner Slayer rotates in for Shotty Snipers
  • October 15: Rock 'n' Rail rotates in for Forerunner Slayer
  • October 15: Warzone Assault goes live for the weekend
  • October 22: Action Sack rotates in for Rock 'n' Rail
  • October 27: Halo 5's 5th Birthday
  • October 29: Roaming King rotates in for Action Sack
  • October 29: Warzone Turbo goes live for the weekend


Halo: Shadows of Reach

The release of our latest novel, Halo: Shadows of Reach by Troy Denning, is fast approaching! This new Master Chief story, which takes Blue Team back to Reach after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, is hitting store shelves on October 20. To get more information, GrimBrotherOne spoke with Troy Denning and Halo Franchise Lead Editor, Jeremy Patenaude, to dive directly into the details of this book as well as a few other fun topics. Learn a little more about Halo: Shadows of Reach and immerse yourself a little deeper into the universe by reading the latest Canon Fodder here!

If you're interested in tackling the Master Chief's next adventure, you can pre-order it online using the links below:

Master Chief – Halloween costume

Halloween is just around around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what costume your going to wear at the end of the month. Until I have a fully functional suit of Mjolnir armor, I may stick with simple costumes that are obscure references to my favorite TV shows. I do think the team over at Disguise heard my request though, because their latest offering is none other than Master Chief's armor from Halo Infinite. While it isn't powered assault armor, it may be the closest thing we'll ever get to true Mjolnir.

If you, or more likely your kid, is looking to become the Master Chief this Halloween, here are some helpful links!

Halo Infinite Statue

Alright, so I know I mentioned this in the last Community Update, but I wanted to touch on it again because it's so awesome but also because the links I provided last time are now live across the board. You can now preorder this statue of Master Chief striking the iconic pose from the Halo Infinite box art in your region using the list below! 


If you build it, he will come. Featuring a reflective visor, insertable AI chip, and a display stand, this Master Chief helmet from Mega Construx will make a fine addition to any Halo fan's collection. It is one of my favorite looking builds and I can't wait to go hands on and assemble one of my own soon.

If you want to pick one up for yourself, head on over to!

HEX x Halo Giveaway

Our friends at HEX have sweetened the deal for anyone who pre-orders a bag from the HEX x Halo collab. When you pre-order a Spartan BackpackSpartan Tech BackpackUNSC Duffel, or ONI Sling, you'll be entered for a chance to win an additional UNSC Duffel (pictured above) filled with top of the line gear:

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming Controller
  • Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds
  • Prints of the initial design drawings used to create the collection

If you already pre-ordered a bag from their Halo collection, fear not! You have already been entered to win retroactively. The team at HEX plan on announcing the winner next month on November 16, so be sure to keep an eye out to see if you won.

SWAROVSKI MA40 Assault Rifle

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month here in the US and we've partnered up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation on their Game Pink initiative to lend a helping hand. The NBCF's mission is to provide hope and help to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. By contributing two Ultimate Game Pink Crystalized Nerf Halo Blasters, we're hoping to bring additional awareness and donations to support the cause. You can donate for a chance to win one of them by clicking anywhere on this sentence!

  • Community Spotlight: Our #HaloSpotlight from last week was absolutely top-notch. It had players breaking outside of campaign missions, an incredible fan-made Halo show, perfect paintings, and so much more. Snickerdoodle brought together a potpourri of phenomenal fan art last week that is absolutely worth a look!
  • Hispanic Heritage Month: As we near the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, we continue to celebrate with our colleagues and community. This weekend we are sponsoring and supporting Latinx In Gaming's livestream Unidos Online, a three-day event happening from October 9-11. If you'd like to learn more about their mission and the upcoming event, visit You can also swing by their Twitch stream all three days at

Halo Infinite

Monarch armor coating on Mark VII Mjolnir [Work-In-Progress Render]


As some of you may have already seen online or in stores, our latest Halo Infinite partnership has started and it's pretty sweet! I say sweet because it's with Mondelez, who is most known for making Oreo, Cadbury, Maynards Sour Patch Kids, Chips Ahoy!, Trident gum, Nutter Butter, and so many other tasty treats. Picking up packs of your favorites Mondelez snacks with Master Chief on the box can help earn you some delicious looking in-game items for Halo Infinite – including the Monarch armor coating pictured above!

There are two distinctly different programs running in the US and Canada. In Canada, products have already shown up on store shelves and specific unlocks are tied to different Mondelez products - to ensure you're getting all of your in-game goodies, make sure you read up all of the details on the Snack On With Xbox site.

The program just started in the US, and marked packages are beginning to trickle out to stores. For the US, you will unlock items in a specific order (starting with the Monarch armor coating). For more details on the US program, check out!

Last, but certainly not least, we know there are a lot of Halo Infinite promotions starting to kick off and that it's probably difficult to track all of them, so we'll be putting together a post that outlines all of their details soon. Stay tuned!

Field Recording – Explosions

Headphone users beware! We're back behind-the-scenes with the 343 Industries Audio Team to find out how they captured the explosions necessary to populate Halo Infinite's audio tracks. No matter where the assignment took them, the team was prepared to dig in, mic up, and capture all the action. If you like watching things go boom as much as I do, this video is definitely for you.


I happened to see a conversation on Twitter earlier today where people were talking about how epic the opening cinematic for Halo 5 was, so I figured why not share concept art that depicts that exact scene? In this piece, Fireteam Osiris flies down through a massive battle on Kamchatka to go find Dr. Halsey. If you haven't seen it already, you can catch this action-packed opening to Halo 5 on Xbox's YouTube channel.

As always, if you'd like to save this art for yourself, you can click on the links (or the art itself) below!

Thanks for joining me for another Community Update!

Until next time,



Halo Community Update

Recent Recon

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After a little respite to spend some time with my family, I'm back in the swing of things and ready to recap all the latest Halo happenings. Today we'll be discussing Halo 3: ODST joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection, esports action for Halo 3 and Halo 5: Guardians, Halo 5 turning five years old, preorders for awesome Halo gear, and much more. Let's jump into our latest Community Update feet first!

Halo Community Update

Colorful Column

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The highly-anticipated Halo 4 flight – with crossplay – has made its way to Halo Insiders, our online esports events remain a staple of Halo entertainment in multiple regions, Halo 5's birthday celebrations continue, and we get a closer look at the coating system in Halo Infinite. Now that you know what to expect at a high-level, let's kick off this Community Update!

Halo Community Update

Crossplay Communications

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In a year that has had so many ups and downs, it's been nice to have some good news coming our way thanks to the hard work of various teams here at the studio. Halo 4 has arrived on PC, MCC has implemented crossplay, esports tournaments have entered their second season, and we're closing in on a high level update on Halo Infinite. Now, let's kick off this Community Update and take a look at what's been happening in the world of Halo!