Team Arena Fall Settings

By 343 Industries -

Over the past few weeks, the Multiplayer Team has been reviewing your Fall Preview feedback for both Team Arena and the Halo Championship Series. Based on input from across the internet, information from the Halo Community Feedback Program, discussions with top teams, and more, we’ve landed on the final set of maps, game types, and updated map layouts that will be featured for this season.

Here are the following maps and game types that will be featured in the Fall season of Team Arena and the HCS:


  • Regret
  • The Rig
  • Eden
  • Plaza
  • Truth
  • Coliseum

Capture the Flag

  • Truth
  • Fathom
  • Stasis
  • Coliseum


  • Eden
  • Empire
  • The Rig
  • Plaza

Continue reading for updated changelists for the maps.


  • Replaced Hydra with Frag Grenades at bottom of Driveway
  • Replaced SMG with silenced SMG at Plaza
  • Replaced SMG with Storm Rifle at Tram
  • Removed Storm Rifle from Bottom Mid
  • Removed  one Splinter Grenade from Yellow Pipes
  • Added Splinter Grenade to U-Turn underneath the bridge


  • Replaced Suppressor with Brute Plasma Rifle at Top Mid
  • Added player collision on the red wing to better balance out red/blue bases
  • Added projectile collision in blue cave to create more predictable grenade bounces

The Rig

  • Boltshot removed from Yellow Corner
  • DMR replaces Battle Rifle in Cargo
  • Battle Rifle replaces Carbine at Lookout
  • Shotgun replaces Scattershot in Basement
  • Swapped out Frag Grenades at Pit with Splinter Grenades
  • Swapped out Splinter Grenades in Bottom Nest with Frag Grenades
  • Added a Song of Peace Suppressor to Back Rail


  • Replaced Needler with Storm Rifle at Bottom Nest
  • Replaced Storm Rifle with Scattershot at Tunnel
  • Moved BR’s from Blue/Red Ledge into Blue/Red Two
  • Placed Plasma Grenades on Blue/Red Ledge

These maps have now been updated in matchmaking, as well as Custom Games. We can’t wait to kick off competition, and we’ll see you in the playlist!


Halo 5: Guardians

Team Arena Winter Updates

By 343 Industries -

Throughout the course of the Fall season of Pro League and Open Circuit, we’ve been working directly with pro players and teams on updates to map and weapon layouts that are featured in the esports rotation. These changes focused primarily on Power Weapon placement and balance, automatic weapon availability and placement, and a reduction in the amount Splinter Grenades on maps.

Halo Championship Series

HCS Summer Preview - Version 2

By Official HCS -

Last week, we debuted “version 1” of the HCS Summer Season settings within the HCS Summer Preview playlist. Since then, the Multiplayer Team has been reviewing feedback and meeting with top HCS pro players, and “version 2” is now live in the HCS Summer Preview playlist. If you’re looking for details on what’s new, you’ve come to the right place. See inside for a list of changes, with some extra detail from the Halo Multiplayer Team about each change.

Halo Championship Series

Final Summer 2017 Settings

By Official HCS -

Last week, we detailed the "version 2" update of the official HCS settings that were being tested. Today, we're revealing the final version of these settings that will be used for the duration of the Summer 2017 season starting with Placement Cup #2 next weekend and HCS Daytona on May 12-14. The multiplayer team have been meeting with top HCS pros and reviewing feedback for these "version 3" changes, which are now considered final for the season.