The 5th Annual Halo Omnithon for Child's Play

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This year is the 5th Annual Halo Omnithon event in support of Child's Play Charity.

What is Omnithon you ask?

Omnithon is a group that does gaming marathons to raise money for charity. A gaming marathon is where we play through a game or series of games, and stream it online while collecting donations for a cause we support, which in our case is Child's Play Charity, which brings entertainment and hope to those in children's hospitals. We've raised over $10,000 dollars with our prior marathons, and hope to raise even more going forward.

You can read more about Omnithon here and be sure to tune in here on Twitch.


Halo News

Help Support 8-Bit Salute: Gaming For The Troops

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Operation Supply Drop has been providing support to US and NATO troops for the past five years, and we'd like to help continue the support. OSD is putting on the 4th Annual 8-Bit Salute: Gaming For The Troops - an fundraising opportunity for gamers from all walks of life.

Halo Community Update

Big Broadcasts

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We're wrapping up a fairly hectic two weeks at the studio, but I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. We continued our partnership with Limbitless Solutions, launched a gigantic Big Team Battle Refresh in Halo 5, updated MCC's online playlist offerings, and that's only the tip of the public-facing work we've been doing. Sadly I don't get to dive into the secret stuff in these Community Update too often, but I do enjoy keeping everyone up to date with the latest and greatest. With that...

Halo Community Update

Computer Chronicles

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As usual a lot has happened since our last Community Update and the pace shows no signs of slowing. This week we shared a first-look at Halo: Reach and Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, continued promotion for our rapidly approaching first stop of Halo: Outpost Discovery, and traveled to Dallas to support a Halo esports event this weekend at DreamHack Dallas via the HCS Grassroots program – and that's just the start.