Episode 20

By Jay Frechette -

I sure do love learning how things are made. Whether it’s a game, costume, or toy; I’m fascinated by the process and it always ends up being more complex or interesting than I imagined. Being at San Diego Comic Con this year and seeing all the incredible stuff people show up with reminded me of this. The 405th, a community of Halo cosplayers, were there donned in amazing armor and props. Mega Bloks built an epic diorama to help us reveal a new Warzone map, Raid on Apex 7.Plus, we had Warzone playable on the show floor. The process of creating all of these is fascinating to me and in the next few episodes of The Bulletin we’ll be exposing the people and work that go into them.

Going to McFarlane Toys is just the start. Todd and team were gracious hosts allowing the team to spend an entire day in at the office learning their history and vision for creating figures and we got an early look at the stuff they’re making for Halo 5: Guardians.

Fresh Picks was very easy this week as we’ve got two brand new making-of videos you should check out:

A Hero Reborn ViDoc weighs in at 12 minutes with a bunch of new info and gameplay from Halo 5: Guardians. If you are hungry for more campaign goodness before October 27th, this is the video you want to see.

And the folks at Mega Bloks put together a neat making-of video of the Raid on Apex 7 Warzone map diorama. I’m hoping we get to put that bad boy in the studio.

Thanks for watching and we’ll be back with a new episode on July 31!


The Bulletin

Episode 23

By Jay Frechette -

I have been fortunate to visit a few great places over the summer while filming The Bulletin, but personally, this trip to MEGA Bloks epic headquarters in Montreal might be my favorite. Our video in this week’s episode really only covers a small part of a massive operation. From concept all the way to final production and packaging, it’s all done right there. During the tour I couldn’t help but feel like Charlie Bucket visiting Willy Wonka’s factory….minus the Oompa-Loompas and chocolate river...

The Bulletin

Episode 11

By 343 Industries -

This week, we recap the current Halo Championship series standings and schedule, go Inside 343 with Executive Producer Josh Holmes, and we play indie game #IDARB with Frank O’Connor.

The Halo Bulletin

E3 2014

By B is for Bravo -

It’s 5:35 a.m. on Monday, June 9, and once again, instead of hitting the snooze button and/or throwing my phone out of my hotel room window, I jump out of bed after hearing my alarm because today just happens to be another exciting day, and one worthy of an early-morning wake up call. Back home, our community, web, and services teams (to name just a few) are hard at work preparing for the announcements that will soon be made at E3. In downtown Los Angeles, I meet up with the away team in an...