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Greetings, folks! One of the greatest things about Halo is the crazy array of ways our community chooses to enjoy our favorite universe. From cavalier campaign runs and montage-worthy multiplayer sessions, to Forge fanatics and extended universe absorbers, there always seems to be something for everyone. For some fans, the way to their Halo heart is a carefully cultivated curation of collectibles, and for them, this past weekend might just be considered a national holiday of sorts. Of course we’re talking about Toy Fair NY 2016, and much to the delight of passionate collectors, Halo was out in full force. If you weren’t lucky enough to hot drop into New York to experience the event for yourself, have no fear; we had boots on the ground and have got you covered. Now keep in mind that just about everything you see on the show floor is still in a prototype state, so certain details are subject to change. Let’s take a look at some of the Halo highlights!


Obviously the biggest Halo news to come out of Toy Fair NY 2016 was our brand new partnership with the fabulous folks at Mattel. We at 343 Industries are passionate about producing Halo toys and merchandise that are increasingly more fun and accessible to a wider audience – from hardcore Halo players and collectors to brand new fans of the franchise. With that in mind, partnering with one of the largest and most experienced toy manufactures in the world made perfect sense, as working with Mattel expands visibility for Halo products in retailers worldwide. One of the easiest initial ways to see the fruits of this new co-op consumer product campaign is through Mattel’s brand new line of 6” Halo figures, which will bring the universe to life in some awesome new ways. Featuring mix and match armor customization and over 30 points of articulation, the possibilities will only increase as your collection grows.

In addition to the 6” line, Mattel will also be releasing a TYCO RC vehicle line and an awesome line of dynamic and durable 12” figures that are perfect for a wide range of fans. Plus, the 12” line will feature a properly scaled Warthog that will make Barbie want to trade in her Corvette for something a bit more… battle-tested.


Another advantage to the Mattel partnership is an ever evolving collaboration with BOOMco., who hit the Toy Fair floor hard with some awesome new additions to their line of Halo weapons. From the iconic silhouette of the Halo UNSC MA5 Blaster to the deadly design details of the Halo Brute Spiker, Halo fans are definitely going to want to add these new armaments to the BOOMco. arsenal.


One of my personal favorite additions to the Halo family of collectibles are a couple of neat new offerings from our consumer product partners at J!NX, which includes brand new stylized vinyl figures and an absolutely adorable plushy plasma grenade that soften the blow of any well-placed betrayal.


As any Halo-collecting spaceship fan will tell you, 343 Industries and Dark Horse have a knack for bringing some of our universe’s iconic craft into fully-realized form – at least a form that will fit conveniently on a shelf. So far, Dark Horse has produced four polyresin Halo replica ships including the UNSC Pelican Dropship, the UNSC Infinity, the Covenant's, Truth and Reconciliation, and the iconic and upcoming UNSC Pillar of Autumn (set to arrive in in May 2016).

This year at Toy Fair however, Dark Horse has unveiled three more additions to their formidable fleet, including a detailed polyresin 6” replica of the stealth UNSC Prowler first seen being utilized by Blue Team in Halo 5: Guardians. Following the Prowler will be yours truly’s chariot of choice: the curvaceously crafted Covenant Banshee. Topping off their latest offerings will be the first Forerunner vehicle available, the Phaeton VTOL (shown). The Prowler, Banshee, and Phaeton are all slated for release in Summer 2016, so start clearing shelf space now!


Fans of these awesome chromed-out collectibles will be excited to know that several new models are planned for release this year, including the beefy new UNSC Scorpion and slick Forerunner Phaeton, both recently seen in Halo 5: Guardians – which coincidentally enough, featured its own collectible Metal Earth Forerunner Guardian that was packaged with the Limited Edition and Limited Collector’s Edition versions of the game.


One special note from the collectible world, 2016 will mark the close of a long-standing partnership with our friends at McFarlane Toys. For nearly a decade, Todd McFarlane’s talented crew have combined passion with production in helping the Halo universe be realized in resin and plastic in a huge variety of ways. We at 343 Industries can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to their craft, and for delighting Halo fans since the days of Halo 3. With that in mind, collectors will surely want to snap up the final Halo line to roll out of the McFarlane Toys factory when Series 2 of their Halo 5: Guardians collection hits shelves this winter.

As you can see, no matter what your favorite flavor of Halo collectible is, this year’s Toy Fair showed that 2016 will be packed with brand new products tailor-made to add a new level of excitement to any Halo collection. It takes a lot of passion and hard work from both 343 Industries and our valued partners to make sure we are making our fans proud and excited to spend time in our universe. One of 343’s own consumer products overlords, James Monosmith was excited to experience the Halo buzz from the Toy Fair show floor itself: “I love the chance we get to show off to the toy industry what our fans already know,” James explains. “The Halo universe is so vast and important to so many that it truly deserves to have amazing toys for all of our amazing fans to collect – young or old, rookie or veteran.”

As a franchise born from games, Halo is in a unique position to encourage our fans to interact with our world in a very personal way. So it’s only natural that our toy lines act in a way as an extension of what we do on the Xbox. In fact, you don’t even have to take our word for it, as fans themselves are already showing their eager anticipation regarding all the cool products coming in 2016. If you want to know and see even more about these upcoming product, make sure you check out Xbox Wire’s news post that details Mattel’s 2016 lineup. And if you happen to be asking yourself, "but what about my Mega Bloks?!" have no fear, as we'll be doing a closer look at their 2016 lineup in the near future! But to tide you over, above you can catch a sneak peek of some of the upcoming figures from the Halo Heroes line fresh off the show floor. And of course, make sure you stay tuned right here on Halo Waypoint, as we’ll be bringing you even more details in the coming months.

Trust us, we’re just getting started.



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