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Champions of Onyx

Champions of Onyx

We heard you need Achilles

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Est. 5/9/2016

We're on the hunt for Achilles and we need your help. Its a grind out there, so why not spend your time with us?
If we're full, apply anyways! I try to purge inactives frequently so room will be made for you.
*As we near closer to the launch of Halo Infinite, we are hitting grind time. If we want to unlock the helmet before the next game, we will need more active players. So if you are not active, you will be replaced with an active player. Just reapply and we'll gladly take you back!*

Before joining, please make sure you leave your previous company.

There are a few commendations that are a bit behind the others. Be sure to keep these in mind when playing

Marine kills *WARZONE ONLY*
Shoulder Bashes *LOWEST ONE*
Sniper kills on drivers

Ideally, the rest should come with natural progression

41/62 08-01-19
*Achilles Chest piece unlocked on 01/26/19*

Next Commendation: Not So Fast
Kill an enemy thats jacking a vehicle

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Feet First

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