Been playing Halo since the first game came out for the original Xbox when I was six years old. This game has been my all time favorite franchise. I would have to say my favorite campaign was halo 2 and my favorite multiplayer was halo 3.

Spartan Company



94% to Achilles

72 Members

Est. 2/28/2016


This is not a military based company... However we do ask that you are reasonably active in order to speed up the process of getting the Achilles Helmet.
Freeloaders will be replaced by fresh active players.

That being said the company is growing rather fast and so is the progress towards getting the Achilles helmet, so if you or a friend are interested in getting the helmet now is the time to apply and get this grind going!

**Note that we are getting close in regards to the grind towards the helmet. As a result we are getting many applications to join every day, and we are trying to get players who are active and really trying to help grind the commendations. With that being the case, we are trying to monitor everyone's contribution towards the commendations more closely now as to avoid having people just getting a free ride to the reward**
Although there isn't exactly a skill requirement to stay in the company, the vast majority of the members in Wonder dominate matchmaking playlist such as
Big Team Battle, Warzone, and other Arena game modes.

So if you're ever in the mood to run with a squad, chill, and win games feel free to add/message/invite etc... anyone in Wonder company list on Halo 5.
Ideally we would like to build a community within the company.

The main core recruiters in this company are:

Sober Steve22

^^^^ There are more active players in the company, but these are definitely the people to go to within the group.

Members, please message Sienna for the discord link.

Thank you for reading.


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