My name is Robert. I am 16 years old and live in Ireland.

I have been playing Halo since I was 5.

My first memory of Halo was emerging from the crashed drop pod on the second mission of Halo: CE.

It wasn't until my older brother got Halo 3 that i experienced multiplayer. Halo was the main reason I got Xbox Live. I created the gamer tag "CoalManJoe" and have stuck with it since.

Since reading Dr. Halsey's journal that came with the limited edition version of Halo: Reach I have been obsessed with Halo lore. I am currently in the process of reading all the Halo novels.

I enjoy football and rugby aswell as many other video games i.e GTA, Minecraft.

I doubt anyone has read this far but if you have i want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me your time.


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