Spartan Company

Marked for Death

Marked for Death

No Retreat, No Surrender

78 Members

Est. 10/19/2015

"Our duty as soldiers is to protect humanity... Whatever the cost" ~ Sierra 117

Welcome to Spartan Company: Marked for Death Headquarters (MFD HQ)

We are currently looking for active Arena and Warzone players.

Be sure to check out our Community Facebook Page and our Community Website which unite all of our Companies

About our Company:
              • We are a 250+ Member community spanning across three MFD Spartan Companies
                      • Contact us (

1) MFD HQ was among the first 10 Spartan Companies ever created (Founded on October 19th, 2015).

2) MFD HQ has multiple Pro Team members that compete in the HCS, Pro League and other tournaments.

3) MFD HQ (Pro team led by: Musa Eh) competed at the Halo Championship Series.

4) MFD HQ (Pro team led by former member: BlitzzStarr) took first place at the Oblivion 4v4 Tournament in March 2016 against fierce competition, with multiple intense 7 Game Series along the way to their victory)

5) MFD HQ was among the first 10 Spartan Companies to unlock the Achilles Armor; attaining, "All together now," (23FEB16)

6) MFD HQ was among the first 10 Spartan Companies to unlock the Achilles Helmet; attaining, "The sum is greater than the parts," (13MAY16)

7) MFD HQ has the first person in the world to 100% all Halo 5 Individual Commendations (15DEC15)

New MFD Spartans:

1) Add MFD members as a 'Friend' on Xbox Live. That way you can invite your fellow Spartan Company Members to your fire team.
2) Check out the "Code of Conduct", "Rank FAQ" and "Spartan Company Roster" threads on our forums to get started.
3) Like our Facebook Page and check it for MFD and/or Halo news and highlight clips.
4) Check out the Commendation Focus Thread to see where you can help
5) Download the GroupMe Application and send your email address to MFD Leaders in order to get added your Fireteam's Group.

MFD Headquarters Roster:
                      • MFD HQ Officers:
GEN: Sin Shoot2kill (Community Founder)
COL: Vacant
LTC: PawsPause
MAJ: Brendo123
CPT: Phoenix prime31
1LT: CpC52 🏆

                    • Warrant Officers:
CW3: TOA JAMIE (Company Forge Leader)
CW2: Ferro2Clutch (MFD Pro Team Leader)
CW2: Neastlake (MFD Pro Team Leader)

  • Pro Members:
WO1: IamAdistraction
WO1: iZetroC

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  • Fireteam Phoenix Roster:
Omega's Fireteam Logo

  • Fireteam Omega Roster:

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