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If I am to die this night I will make sure it does not pass quietly.

Spartan Company

Ark War Legends

Ark War Legends

In Honor of the AWV and ROE


9 Members

Est. 1/7/2017

.Welcome to the official Ark War Legends home page, here are the basics.

.We are a Social/Competitive CLAN, meaning we run off a ranking system similar to the real life millitary, so respect and cooperation is key to staying respected and keeping your rank
.We do not tolerate disrespect towards other members, this includes tea-bagging or clamming, racist or sexist remarks and any of this behavior will be dealt with appropriately
More will come soon as the clan progresses.

The following rules are the official Rules of Engagement that the Ark War Legends clan chooses to abide by for all forms of training and practice. They are intended to be adapted for compromise during ROE discussion with enemy or skirmish ally clans.

Player rules and behavior:
16 player game only. 8 players maximum per team, at no point can that change. Do not queue up en masse.
No spawn killing, except in the event of a contested spawn.
Weapons and vehicles:
No more than two snipers in play at once.
No more than one tank in play at once.
No mantis' or alien air vehicles are permitted.
No more than one wasp in play at once.
No more than two of any hog, or one gauss hog in play at once.
No more than one rocket launcher of any variety in play at once.
No req weapons or vehicles in play whatsoever, including forge-altered weaponry.
No power-ups in play.

Map requirements:
There will always be sufficient cover provided to attackers.
There will be no extended hallway chokepoints.
There will be at least one clear entrance to the base, requiring not particular platforming skill simply to enter.
There will be no teleporters or sniping posts behind spawn.
The spawn run must take no more than a minute to traverse under no fire.
There will be no invincibility mechanics.
There will be no un-openable doors or passageways by any definition of the phrase.

Gametype requirements:
Players will be provided with a minimum of one assault rifle and one pistol, and at least one frag.
Teams will be turned off.
No augmentations to player movement or performance are allowed, nor any handicaps.
Score, time limit and ammo must be unlimited.
Machinima mode must be turned off.
Again, these Rules of Engagment are used by the ROA to practice raiding within the clan. It is otherwise intended as a template for compromise in regards to use with other clans.

Win/Loss Conditions:
Defenders must hold the map for one hour straight to win.
Attackers must take the base, have complete control, then hold for 30 minutes to win.
Time countdowns are restarted when control is disrupted by four or more of the opposing team entering the base.
Ending the game or booting people results in an immediate loss.
Breaking any of the rules stated in this set of ROE will result in a penalty the first offense, and a forfeit the second offense. If a defender of the base breaks a rule, they must reset at spawn. If an attackers breaks a rule, they must reset at spawn and put down their controller for ten full minutes.

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