Name: Ivan H.

Location: Vermont, U.S.

Founder of Spartan Company Limitless Legends & Limitless Forever

About Me: I am a long time Halo player since combat evolved. I'm also pretty active in the Waypoint forums. Out of all the halo games my favorite is Reach and 5. I'm a very competitive player but I'm usually down to play an playlist to chill or to sweat. I love and play every game type but my most played and best is Breakout. I also play Destiny, Gears Of War, and Overwatch.

Spartan Companies I've been part of:

Achieved Achilles Armor, [10/15/16, 4:00 am]
Thanks: Resistance
Achieved Achilles Helmet, [1/13/17, 1:00 am]
Thanks: Blackwaters Finest (Paranoia)
Achieved Achilles Armor 2nd time, [12/?/16]
Thanks: Fierce Connection
Achieved Achilles Armor 3rd time, [6/4/17, 4:40 pm]
Congratulations: Limitless Legends

(Vetoed called me a god, lol) CLIP>

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Limitless Legends

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➡ Armor: Completed (6/4/17)
➡ Helmet: 77%

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