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I'm a pretty decent player, I get platinum in most playlists and I love halo to much.

Spartan Company

Flipyaps Revenge

Flipyaps Revenge

Flipyap wants some nipple!!!

87 Members

Est. 10/20/2015

7/8/16 We are now expecting company members to make the effort to team up with each other in halo 5 fireteams. Futhermore members who appear offline constantly, instead off appearing online. Should expect to be booted. If the leader or admin sends you a game invite and you continuosly refuse to accept, you should expect to be booted. This is aimed at the halo 5 players who are new to the company and have not played with any admins or the leader.
Remember our Company and its member come 1st.
Many thanks Captn Control

We would prefer it if players were willing to get as many kills in ground vehicles as possible eg whilst in tanks,warthogs, ghosts etc. to help us achieve Achilles armor. If your KDA is lower than 1.1 please send a message when you apply as you will be considered .....
Thanks Gramps;)

We are Flipyaps Revenge, we accept players of all skill levels for both Warzone and arena multi player.
  • We're looking for both, team players and lone wolfs but would like players who are willing to work as a team.
  • Communication is key when working in a team so players who have microphones or Kinect voice chat are preferred.
  • Players who speak (at least) basic English are preferred.
  • It would be ideal if you have played the Halo games before but you don't have to be an expert to join.
  • So if you want to better yourself competitively or are just looking for some casual fun, join us!
Join Flipyaps Revenge and spill some Spartan blood

Company leader and Lieutenants

Führer Grunt: Govenor Gramps

  1. Ultima Grunt: Captn Control
  2. Catastrophic Grunt: XxMarines254xX
  3. Unbroken Grunt: hytek369
Honorable Mentions
  1. Bloodthirsty Grunt: lv Rainbow Dash
  2. Homoerotic Grunt: brickmastaflex
  3. Applejack Grunt: MKE JEBUS RAGE
  4. One Inch Grunt: XXCIMA BOY 21
Send a request or a message (either will do) and we'll review your request as spaces are capped to 100.

We have now reached 95+ members

We have now obtained the Achillies armour. We are now on the path to getting the helmet

From 13th of July, 2016 we will now be booting inactive players, if you plan to be inactive for more than a week without notice, please let the leader Govenor Gramps or 1 of the lieutenants know. If not you will be removed from the company, without warning.

Come join us on Facebook -
Message Tyler (brickmastaflex) on Facebook to request for access to our Facebook page. His direct link is Please state your Xbox gamertag when you request for access so we know who you are.

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