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Spartan Company

Furry Community 4

Furry Community 4

A pack when united shall stand

72 Members

Est. 10/31/2015


We have no association to Furry Community 8, Furry Community 9, or US ELITE.

"Mature, Fun, Veterans of the Halo Series. We have a desire to be the best at all aspects of Halo. Arena, Warzone, Campaign, and Forge."

The Furry Community 4 is a sister Spartan Company to The Furry Community that is dedicated to hardcore Halo fans who seek to be the best in all aspects of Halo and to have fun doing so. We are seeking veteran Halo fans of all ages to join our ranks. Apply today and join a pack worth fighting for! Feel free to add us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.

All current slots have been taken for this company if you still wish to join our growing community please apply for any unfilled position in our current communities. Furry Community, Furry Community 2, Furry Community 3, Furry Community 4, Furry Community 5, Furry Community 6, or Furry Community 7.

Check out our new Facebook group page here - Furry Community Gaming - to stay up to date with current events and game nights.

Furry Community Leader: TKG IconaFur - Facebook - Twitter
Furry Community Major: Senaii Wolf - Facebook - Twitter

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