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Hello all who are reading this, I'm Fatalpain750. Want to know more about me? Well I am a fan of YouTubers such as FilthyFrankTV, Idubbbztv, Scarce, The Act Man and Luke theNotable (I know, weird combo). I am 14 years old and have been a fan of halo since I was 7 or 8 when I saw my cousin play Halo reach on 360. I am also a fan of many other franchises such as Marvel, Elder Scrolls, Batman (specifically the dark knight trilogy), Lego, Star Wars and Lord of the rings.

My very first Halo game was Halo 3 and so it remains in a special place in my heart with Lego and Star Wars. I didn't get an Internet connection until 2014 so I could play Destiny which I was super hyped up for.

So far with halo 5, I like it but I do believe it can be better with some major dedication, work and passion. The only part of halo 5 that feels absolutely amazing to me is forge because of how much is there (and as I say, it's Gmod without Ai).

Right now, I am a part of Notable Company Delta and I am the 47th member to have joined ever.
My favourite superhero of all time would be either Rorshack from Watchmen, Master Chief or Wolverine.

Alrighty, this is Fatalpain750 signing out.

Meet you on the battlefield

Spartan Company

Notable Company Delta

Notable Company Delta

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Est. 1/21/2016

PLEASE NOTE – New members cannot obtain the Achilles armor or helmet. If you wish to be a part of the Notable community and unlock Achilles, we recommend that you check out our other companies listed below. Thank you.

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Welcome to Notable Company Spartan. We are a community of all skill levels that love to play this game. Please make sure to add everyone in your company and play with members when you are online. Dominating the enemy is a breeze when you have teammates along with you. This company strives to bring Halo players of all skill levels together.

See you on the battlefield
Luke TheNotable

Achilles Achieved! 1/21/2017
Notable Company Delta unlocked the Achilles armor on April 14th, 2016 and the helmet on January 21st, 2017, exactly one year after the company's establishment. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed. Happy Birthday Delta!

Congratulations to BrendanCrots of Down Under Deltas Squad, Winner of our January Headshot Competition. BrendanCrots logged in an incredible 2,261 Headshots!!!

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Member RRUNNER35 produces highlight reels for the company. Check him out!

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