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Spartan Company

Reach Armed Forces

Reach Armed Forces

No Retreat, No surrender

16 Members

Est. 10/21/2019

============Reach Armed Forces==========

RAF Lore:

The fall of reach left millions dead. The UNSC Failed to defend reach in its dying days so during it the RAF formed. It was a milita that fought and died to the very last day. Only 10 members survived to the last day of reach. Only two survived by boarding the pillar of autumn after a covenant ambush made the extraction pelican leave before the others arrived. They fell one by one until only RAF Buck J Varil stood alobe and fought on until he was eventually overpowered by a onslaught of elites. His statue is placed in the capital of the RAF for all to see. During the days of the reclamation of reach. The old families of reach including the 2 that survived were bitter that the UNSC Couldnt defend there home. They found there conrades old Helmet cam and dogtags and saw them all fight on til the end. By the side of Noble Six. Buck tried saving six but it was too late and they were soon all after him and the above happened. The survivirs with the rest of Reach declared to the UNSC the Reach Armed Forces is the rightful government of the planet Reach. Which was mostly accepted by the UNSC too weakened by the war to care.


1. Reach Ground Forces~ This includes the Airforce and Army. Everybody starts off in the RGF

2. The Republican Guard~ leaderships Guards. They protect our leaders to the best of there abillity.

3. Reach Special Operations Task Force~ Special Forces. They usually main Competetive and are really good.

==============Law and Order==============
1. Stay Active in the clan whether it be in the Conpanies forumn or discord.

2. Be freindly and nice to each other and randoms

3. Stay active on halo and H5 mostly.

4. Dont be toxic


Confederate States of Reach

The CSR is the offical title of the Country of Reach. It is a Federalist Government for Reach despite the name.

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