1. Halo 3

    Halo 3

    The legendary saga continues with Halo 3 as the Master Chief returns to uncover an ancient secret, and bring the conflict between the Covenant, the Flood, and the ...

  2. Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta | Halo Wars 2

    The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta will officially begin on Friday, Jan. 20 and is slated to run through Jan. 30, 2017. The Blitz Beta will take place on the map “Proving ...

  3. Blitz 101 | Halo Community Update

    The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta is upon us which means it’s time for a special edition of the Halo Community Update to get you fully up to speed on everything you need ...

  4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection | Games | Halo ...

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection delivers the entire story of the Master Chief for the first time on one console, the Xbox One. Play all four games at Xbox One ...

  5. Spartan Companies | Community

    Spartan Companies are designed to unite players under a common banner, and take team play to a whole new level as you rise up the ranks. Join an active Spartan ...

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  1. Serena Cortana Roland Lord Hood Captain Keyes Admiral Cole Sergeant Johnson Ripa 'Moramee (HW Arbiter) Thel 'Vadam (Halo Arbiter) Prophet of Truth/Regret/Mercy Kig-Yar Pirate faction 343 Guilty Spark 000 Tragic Solitude Caboose

  2. Just give us Blur cut scenes and slap a big A on after (Halo 3) and that will be enough 343

  3. The voice I would like to see are voices from RvB by Rostered Teeth. We do really need some more RvB eastern eggs in Halo 5. There existence got proved in Halo 4 but we haven't seen how it has gone for them since. I may have missed some RvB eastern...

  4. You are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. (but seriously I did what your about to attempt so all I can say is that I would cry for you but real men don't cry)

  5. I do try to avoid quitting but when I quit, that is because of real life. Sometimes I have to get things done which means I cannot finish the match. I have actually reduced my quitting a lot because I try to only play Halo Multiplayer when I have at...

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achilles17

    65/100 Members
    Est. 2/25/2016

    We Need Achilles17 has earned both the Achilles armor and helmet. We are not accepting new applicants. Thank you!

    To those taking the time to actually read this; first, bless your basic reading comprehension. You'd be surprised how few people on Waypoint have it.
    Second, even if I wanted to accept new applicants, it doesn't mean you magically automatically unlock Achilles. You need to be in a Company before they unlock Achilles in order for you to obtain it. There is no possible way to get Achilles from this Company anymore. Achilles is earned, not given.

    17's Daughter Companies (join these if you want to work on earning the armor):
    Dear Humanity

    Armor Completion: 100% (Earned June 10, 2016)
    Helmet Completion: 100% (Earned February 1, 2017) (11th company to earn the helmet in WNA)
    Last Updated: 2/1/17 6:00 PM CST
    Part of the We Need Achilles family. Most of the WNA companies have unlocked the armor and helmet by now.

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    AG Achilles

    71/100 Members
    Est. 11/13/2016


    HELMET: 63% complete
    [These percentages are updated every week]
    Last Updated 02/26/2017

    Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender! Go spread the word.
    Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty... For tonight, we dine in hell!

    If you're like us, then you will stop at nothing to attain the Achilles set. AG Achilles is the best Community dedicated to unlocking the Achilles Armor Set with over 500 members! We use a very advanced API to track progress to ensure each player gets the most of the grind.We, like you, seek to achieve Achilles through playing the game and not by exploits.

    ___________________________________________Rules & regs for AG Achilles______________________________________________________________

      • It is a company wide obligation to either download the Discord app and/or visit the Discord website on joining, you want to stay connected, communicating with other players and find a team? Then jump in the chat!
      • Achieve a Spartan Rank (SR) of at least 70+ (it helps show activity & commitment), if you apply and are below this level, it proves you haven't even read our requirements and are not reliable; it's not a tall order.
      • Have a KD of at least 1.0, Achilles is about getting kills and as such a certain standard is required.
      • Not mandatory but a personalized message helps upon application however there's no need to boast as we can see your service record.
      • Following company policy, please be active on a weekly basis. We require all members of the company to complete a mininum of 300 minutes of game time per week, this does not include Forge or Custom Games as these do not contribute anything towards commendations. Members who cannot commit time and be active will receive a warning before further action is taken if a member is found to remain inactive. As such we ask if you give us a heads up about you absence, we cannot read minds, we too are human. Posting on our absence thread here is a must as leadership make it a priority to review this page before making any booting/warning decisions. (REMEMBER YOU CAN ALSO BE REMOVED FOR NOT MAKING ANY COMMENDATION PROGRESS)
      • We do have tools available to us to monitor activity and we will be keeping on top of members abusing the system, we want Achilles as much as everyone else so we don't have time for people looking to piggy back on everyone else's efforts.
      • Keep up to date with company & community networking through Discord.
      • Respect other members, there is a zero tolerance on flaming & trolling other AG members in the forums and in game. Members abusing the friendly environment we have created will receive an infraction before being removed from the company.
    AG is a community of 6 other Spartan Companies! We look forward to welcoming you to the company and the bigger community as a whole, Come check out the companies main community hub's discord: ★>>><<<★ click you know you want to.

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    92/100 Members
    Est. 7/18/2016

    We do have a second company branch if you are looking to join us: Adamantium

    "If you're not drenched in sweat, you're doing it wrong!" - Ultra Banshee, 2016

    If you are looking to apply, please include the following info:
    Las aplicaciones en Espanol va a ser rechazado
    Default Applications will be rejected

    1. What former companies have you been in?
    2. What Is your Arena KD?
    3. What is your Warzone KD?
    4. What is the highest arena rank you've ever been and what playlist?
    5. What level are you?
    6. Do you play Firefight more than regular Warzone and Warzone Assault?
    7. Will you join our Discord Chat?
    8. Will you play BTB and Warzone with other members?
    9. Does your Xbox Profile appear online? If not will you still join us?

    Got the Magnum Opus emblem? We might just make an exception for you.


    Upon joining, be sure to add these gamertags:

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    House of Legends

    81/100 Members
    Est. 10/26/2015

    Everyone is now able to join our official Xbox Club "The House of Legends" just request to join! :)

    Now Accepting Applications! Please Read Before Requesting to join!
    Before you apply to join. As we continue to grow as a Spartan Company the requirements to join and be considered are raised. As of this update all applicants must have a minimum K/D of 1.0 and or at least a gold in ALL-TIME TOP CSR to be considered this does not mean you will be accepted, we will review applicants Service Record before accepting or declining applicants usually a day process

    Please follow us on our new Instagram Page @The.House.Of.Legends once you are accepted in you are welcome to send us videos/Pictures for us to share on our Instagram page.

    When the ground trembled and destruction loomed Six men emerged from the rubble and answered the call.
    Founder and General : xTEXAS LEGENDx // TEXAS SLUGGA
    Colonel: Losoyathegreat
    Colonel: SEALs009
    Lieutenant Colonel: LAxQUICKSHOTZ
    Lieutenant Colonel: RAVISH orphans
    Sergeant Major of House of Legends: SonOfFreedom xx

    Major: sqirelpikeruper
    Captain: SinfulCherry

    Lieutenant: hammer55down
    Lieutenant: XGC Wonder
    Lieutenant: jtp03
    Lieutenant: ZEPLIN MODZZ 88

    Sergeant: VooDoo Breaux
    Sergeant: FalseCornet9735
    Sergeant: dracon rey
    Sergeant: Vammped
    Sergeant: thundurus x
    Sergeant: Redizah
    Sergeant: ClutChTaStRoPh3

    Corporal: SpacingRug470
    Corporal: FlyAunt7584
    Corporal: BLOOD CRANE
    Corporal: ShadowKing1170
    Corporal: winterandgreg
    Corporal: xXJhonetheXx
    Corporal: burgerluver26
    Corporal: Davey Dav
    Corporal: xhardluck
    Corporal: SexxxyWalrus
    Corporal: BurlyFire405
    Corporal: BlearyPaladin19
    Corporal: oPADFOOTo
    Corporal: GamingEagle123
    Corporal: II RainCl0ud II
    Corporal: DarkJediRelyt
    Corporal: ThrustCrown424
    Corporal: Douland Lin
    Corporal: xI SteveZ Ix

    First Class Private: guasonalan
    First Class Private: da shane7
    First Class Private: dEEyLoO14
    First Class Private: galanthe
    First Class Private: Groggyy
    First Class Private: ndngaming2
    First Class Private: Fly Rye Mr G5
    First Class Private: CrookzNBandits
    First Class Private: DGR69
    First Class Private: Necromancer II

    First Class Private: Luckyy 71
    First Class Private: xXDarkmijolXx
    First Class Private: lkreazzzZ
    First Class Private: NobleLeek7901
    First Class Private:
    First Class Private:
    First Class Private: Andrew 17945

    Private: YoloAzul
    Private: CadetGaming
    Private: BALLER GOD7689
    Private: Xx Mad X Max xX
    Private: doritosyum
    Private: KoolAIDkid100
    Private: LogicalMusic962
    Private: piibeeleeoos95
    Private: KarstenVEC
    Private: gamer girl448
    Private: VnCo Crypto
    Private: K1NG OF PSYCHOS
    Private: FadedxVibez
    Private: YOUR DADDY13125
    Private: Mvttrix
    Private: Monk3N
    Private: NaZolo
    Private: lnzider z
    Private: LogicalMusic962

    Recruit: youtalkinglame
    Recruit: TBAWellMoeX
    Recruit: c0n3j0 X
    Recruit: IsAaC MaDrId 17
    Recruit: deadeyewraith21
    Recruit: SpartanVale1176
    Recruit: laggyleviathan
    Recruit: sus cuban

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achil18es

    96/100 Members
    Est. 2/28/2016


    your leader invites you all to the 'Halo Nation' Xbox Club, the largest and most active Halo Club on Xbox! Featuring Halo News, Customs, LFG, Hit clips, Awesome screenshot art, Community Tournaments and much more! Search for it on your Xbox Dashboard or Xbox App!

    20/02/2016 - UPDATE

    We've hit 97.38% of our journey towards the helmet!!
    Check the kill commendations for what still needs doing.


    ϟ 300 minutes per week
    ϟ Must work towards Kill Commendations List.
    ϟ Arena/Warzone Standard or Warzone Assault.
    ϟ No Firefight minutes contribute as we have all AI kill commendations apart from marine kills level 5.
    ϟ Only Join Requests through company page with a non-default join request message will be accepted. Please don't Xbox Live message PyroMessiah86 unless it's urgent and you are already a member of the company. Once again Generic requests to join We Need Achil18es will be ignored
    ϟ If you can't spell Spartan or Achilles correctly in your request don't be surprised if you don't get a response! xD
    ϟ Please read the kill commendations regularly so you know what commendations to aim for in game!

    Armour: Unlocked
    Helmet: 95%

    07/09/2016 - COMPANY BIO

    We Need Achil18es is the 18th Company of the We Need Achilles (WNA) Community dedicated to unlocking the Achilles set.
    WNA has over 2000 Spartans, a Reddit sub, and a Discord server.

    The Discord mobile/desktop app is the best way to receive communication from leadership and party up with fellow Spartans in our community.
    You will receive an invite to our Discord server upon acceptance into WNA 18 and will be required to join within 48h, or risk losing your spot. The link is also available in our waypoint private members forum viewable here if you are accepted-> Discord Server Link.

    Send your leader (PyroMessiah86) a friends request on Xbox Live to see important company news in your Xbox feed.

    Generic requests to join We Need Achil18es will be ignored, as will those from Spartans in another Company. Tell us about yourself, your halo story and why you want to join us! We aim to create a company with strong teamwork woking towards the end goal of the achilles set but foremost a company that loves to play together.
    Team up, send friend requests and join each others games where possible. If you can't spell Spartan or Achilles correctly in your request don't be surprised if you don't get a response! xD

    [Looking for old news? Hit the members forum and look for the sticky 'WNA 18th History']
    [We are looking for lieutenants, have what it takes to go the extra mile for WNA18? Get in touch]

    WE NEED ACHILLES ROLLCALL(featuring all 21 WNA Spartan Companies)

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