1. Top 25 Greatest Players of All Time | Halo Esports | Halo ...

    Halo: Combat Evolved launched on the original Xbox in 2001 and once players were finished fighting against the Flood and the Covenant, they quickly turned their crosshairs against each other for pure competitive bliss. What started as rivalry in the household quickly escalated to the neighborhood, local schools and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, Halo esports became a global phenomenon ...

  2. Myths & Mysteries | Canon Fodder

    Humanity's forces are scattered. Desperate resistance efforts have continued to fall short on multiple fronts, from Cortana's relentless martial law to the expanding power and ambition of Atriox and the Banished. But there is hope: a new generation of Spartans, training in secret to become unstoppable.

  3. Halo Insider Program | Community

    The Halo Insider Program is the new way Halo fans and community members can partner with 343 Industries to improve our games, products, and services. As a Halo Insider, you’ll have the opportunity to regularly provide feedback and insights that help shape and inform current franchise initiatives and the future of Halo.

  4. Sunsetting Halo Xbox 360 Game Services in 2021 | Halo News ...

    In approximately one year, December 2021, online services for legacy Halo Xbox 360 titles will be discontinued in order for 343 Industries to fully focus on the future of the franchise. Owners of these titles will still be able to play these games indefinitely but some experiences will be limited or disabled.

  5. Toys & Collectibles | Shop

    Halo Warthog + 12” Master Chief Figure. The UNSC’s most versatile ground vehicle now in deluxe 21” scale! The Warthog has a renowned legacy for ruggedness, ease of use, and adaptability to a wide variety of combat situations. Vehicle includes fully articulated 12” Master Chief figure and weapon.

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  1. Promotion Exclusives

    Halo Infinite - Posted By GLNK1 On

    They mentioned in the Inside infinite that some of the promotions will become available later in-game, though didn't specify names or dates. I assume we won't hear anything about that until after the exclusivity period is up. I believe 3 months...

  2. Personally I really loved grinding ranks in Halo Reach, kinda sad that there won't be a similar feature at launch. I wouldn't even want it tied to rewards lol I just want something to show for my time commitment.

  3. Not for me as the matchmaking is only open AT 2 AM IN THE MORNING rip for anyone who lives in australia Actually There are two windows luckily. For me in sydney the windows start at 3am and 10am respectively. Not too bad if you do the second.

  4. I know it's not ideal for non-US based players, that's been an issue since MCC had fighting. But if the purpose is to stress test the servers they do need to shepherd as many people into specific windows as possible, just sucks that some people...

  5. I know it's not ideal for non-US based players, that's been an issue since MCC had fighting. But if the purpose is to stress test the servers they do need to shepherd as many people into specific windows as possible, just sucks that some people...

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    86/100 Members
    Est. 4/15/2021

    Warzone & Arena

    Rxege - Instagram | Twitter
    Siryst - Instagram |
    iVirtztaker - Instagram | YouTube
    vDYXY - Instagram |
    Cenfuria -Twitch | Instagram | YouTube
    Esteller1707 - Instagram |
    •Sefdy - Instagram |
    Omegxz - Instagram |
    Negvty - Instagram |
    •Fresvty - Instagram |
    Euphxry - YouTube |
    •Akhuisa - Instagram |
    Hozrier - Instagram |

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Pure Talent

    99/100 Members
    Est. 7/4/2019


    We need warzone players! Without warzone there is no helmet! Looking for players who are active and actually willing to contribute towards the last 2 commendations. If your looking for a free ride to the helmet then keep looking!

    We often check the frequency and status of your games played to see who’s been contributing to the remaining commendations and who hasn’t been. So if haven’t been contributing or not playing much, you will be replaced.


    Leader: ExtortioN Ftw
    Lieutenant: STRUCKED PORTAL
    Lieutenant: xCyderr

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    117 Ways To Die

    100/100 Members
    Est. 1/2/2018

    Our Discord Server is open to EVERYONE 16+! Click here!
    -Waypoint full but still accepting applications-

    117 Ways To Die is a large Halo community on Discord. Active across Xbox & PC, we play every major Halo title with our focus on H5 & MCC. We’re an all inclusive and pretty chill group, with most of us being long time Halo players. It's important to us to have a place to play the games, have fun, and maintain a respectful and friendly group where everyone can feel welcome.

    We’re not an Achilles grind company, but we are close to the helmet. We’re a more laid back group. So if you just wanna chill & play some Halo, join us, you’ll fit right in!

    • With a Discord Server of 300+ gamers across Xbox & PC, you should always find a group to play with!
    • Active on H5, MCC & we’re ready for Infinite
    • We host regular gamenights, contests & competitions with prizes
    • Join our large group of SR-152 grinders before Infinite drops
    To increase your chances of being accepted:
    • Submit a non-generic application including your age
    • Join the Discord
    • Have played 15 games of PVP matchmaking in the last week
    • Apply to 117 Ways To Kill while you wait
    The games played simply gets you in faster - otherwise, all requests are accepted in the order they are received.

    Achilles commendation progress below for those interested ⬇️
    We do have a few rules listed below ⬇️
    If you have any questions please DM a leader listed below ⬇️

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    Spartans Of Leonidas

    36/100 Members
    Est. 4/20/2021

    Nuevas reglas de la compañía.

    Link para el grupo de EL AGOGE, únete y veremos si te aceptamos o no :)

  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    45/100 Members
    Est. 11/18/2018

    Hola que tal spartans, soy Gaborever023 líder de este clan.

    Este grupo está dedicado a desbloquear el casco de Aquiles y llevar a cabo un buen rato jugando con todos los miembros de la compañía, sin embargo, no hay nada más que decir estos requisitos para el miembro de la compañía.

    1. Ser activo 4 dias a la semana.
    2. Spoiler:
    3. Obligatorio formar parte del grupo de Facebook.
    4. Ser como rango minimo platino..
    5. Ser un Nivel mayor a 100.
    6. Si tienes alguna duda contactarte con el líder de la compañía espartana.
    7. No se aceptan mensajes predeterminados.
    8. Lean los requisitos.
    9. Spoiler:
    10. Spoiler:

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