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  1. You need to make sure and purchase it through and watch it via the Halo Channel app - if you buy it from the Movies and TV app it won't work. As noted above though, it's available via Gold packs now. There is also the possibility that the...

  2. Didn't know it was in packs thanks, is it available in greatest hits packs? It would be easier and a lot faster if you got it from watching Nightfall in the halo channel. Remember to watch all the episodes to get the armor and the helmet.

  3. Didn't know it was in packs thanks, is it available in greatest hits packs?

  4. Are you sure you're watching it through the Halo Channel? You need to watch all of the episodes to get the set. Alternatively, the Nightfall set is available in the REQ system through Gold Packs.

  5. I need help, i bought Halo Nightfall and it wont show as purchased on Halo channel thus I cant get the armor... any advice?

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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    3/100 Members
    Est. 10/2/2016

  2. Spartan Company Emblem

    Who Doesnt Need Achilles

    100/100 Members
    Est. 4/3/2017

    Who Doesn't Need Achilles?
    We are a Company dedicated to grinding for the Achilles set. After all, who doesn't want the best-looking armor set this side of the galaxy? But we want to be more than just a random collection of crazy grinders obsessively chasing down this elusive armor. We want to be a community that holds together long after we've earned the Achilles helmet.

    Achilles armor 97.849%
    Achilles helmet 74.194%

    Who Doesnt Need Achilles will accept almost any player, but we do have 3 requirements to join and retain your place in the company.

    1. Default join request messages will be declined. Please tell us why you want to join.
    2. If any player has not played Halo 5 Warzone [not Firefight] in 3 weeks, and has not given the leader a reasonable excuse, you will be discharged.
    3. Join our Discord server.
    Also, add the leadership! This is not a requirement, but it helps us communicate on Xbox.
    mythicbattlecry AssumedTigress AssumedFlash Spygon117 gamerboy3004 MBC169

    As with all other companies, Who Doesnt Need Achilles can only hold 100 members, so also send requests to WDNA Beta, WDNA 3rd Company, The Noobs of Achilles, The Noobs of Achilles 2, Blades Of The Swarm., and Kirks Covenant.

    Who Doesnt Need Achilles has a Discord server that all members should join. WDNA members and members of allied companies will have more access than non-members, and you will gain more permissions as you rank up. Lieutenants especially should hop on.
    Who Doesnt Need Achilles official Discord server

    Who Doesnt Need Achilles is willing to ally with most any company. Alliance rules are straightforward, you help us grind, we help you grind, and you will be welcomed as if you are a member of the WDNA while still retaining your autonomy. Allied players will also have allowances on our Discord according to their role in their company. Allied companies will be listed below.
    The Noobs of Achilles
    The Noobs of Achilles 2
    Blades Of The Swarm
    Kirks Covenant

    Ranks & Divisions
    When joining Who Doesnt Need Achilles, you can choose a Division, Covenant, Flood, Promethean, or UNSC, unless you applied as a mercenary. You advance ranks by completing Halo 5: Guardians commendations. I will message out promotions every Sunday, but you may decline any promotion you wish; however, you may not skip ranks in this fashion. Each rank will earn you progressively more permissions in our Discord server.
    Covenant ranks:
    Grunt Minor - Base rank
    Grunt Major - 10
    Drone Minor - 35
    Drone Major - 60
    Jackal - 90
    Skirmisher - 120
    Hunter - 170
    Brute Minor - 245
    Brute Major - 320
    Elite Minor - 395
    Elite Major - 470
    Flood ranks:
    Infection Form - Base rank
    Carrier Form - 10
    Combat Form - 35
    Stalker Form - 60
    Ranged Form - 90
    Tank Form - 120
    Juggernaut Form - 170
    Abomination Form - 245
    Proto-Gravemind - 320
    Gravemind - 395
    Keymind - 470
    Promethean ranks:
    Watcher - Base rank
    Crawler - 10
    Crawler Sniper - 35
    Crawler Prime - 60
    Soldier - 90
    Soldier Sniper - 120
    Soldier Captain - 170
    Knight - 245
    Knight Lancer - 320
    Knight Battlewagon - 395
    Knight Commander - 470
    UNSC ranks:
    Recruit - Base rank
    Private - 10
    Corporal - 35
    Sergeant - 60
    Warrant Officer - 90
    Lieutenant - 120
    Commander - 170
    Captain - 245
    Major - 320
    Colonel - 395
    General - 470
    Legacy ranks (470+):
    Achilles - Max for Members
    Reclaimer - Max for Legacy Members
    Forerunner -Max for Lieutenants
    Precursor - Max for Leaders
    Lieutenant - Prove yourself worthy
    Leader - [CLASSIFIED]

    Who Doesnt Need Achilles' official website contains a list of WDNA's companies, leadership, ranks, and Achilles progress for all WDNA companies and allies.
    Who Doesnt Need Achilles official website

  3. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Noobs of Achilles

    99/100 Members
    Est. 9/8/2017

    Calling all players! This company is for Achilles, but it is also for making friends and having a good time!
    If this company is full, request at The Noobs of Achilles 2!
    If you are a new player, aren't good enough to get in the elitist companies, or even simply aren't active enough because you actually have a life, you belong with us! There are no CSR or SR requirements. (Only requirement is to keep up a once every two weeks sort of activity, to keep things flowing better within the company.) If you can at least try to play Halo and enjoy it, come on in! Of course, we have nothing against being an experienced player, either!
    Request now, and you will be accepted ASAP.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any applications with only the default message will be IGNORED. This is to ensure inactive players don't hinder our progress to Achilles.

    Points of Contact
    Discord server. All members should join here, makes a good place to chat with other members of the company and alliance.
    Xbox Live club. Another great place to hang out with fellow members. Please join if you are a current member.

    AssumedNoob. Co-founder of TNoA and Leader of The Noobs of Achilles.
    AssumedNoble. Co-founder of TNoA and Leader of The Noobs of Achilles 2.
    DBZfan077. Co-founder of TNoA and Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
    AutzenDucks. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
    RealMrTriggered. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
    UwillBEbaked. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.

    If we are full, please direct your join requests to our second company, The Noobs of Achilles 2, which is led by TNoA Lieutenant AssumedNoble!
    We are allied with the Spartan Company coalition Who Doesnt Need Achilles, and also have channels in their Discord server. Members should join the server here.

    Achilles Progress
    Tier 1 Completed
    Tier 2 In Progress (6/31 Commendations or 20.4% To Complete)
    Tier 3 In Progress (13/31 Commendations or 41.9% To Complete)
    Tier 4 In Progress (6/31 Commendations or 20.4% To Complete)
    Tier 5 In Progress (5/31 Commendations or 16.1% To Complete)
    Tier 5 Complete (2/31 Commendations or 6.45% To Complete)

    We also have ranks. Complete commendation levels to rank up! You can even track your commendation progress in-game, and target commendations you are close to completing a level on. If you reach General, you are eligible to be granted Lieutenant role in the company.
    General - 500 commendations
    Colonel - 450 commendations
    Major - 400 commendations
    Captain - 350 commendations
    Commander - 300 commendations
    Lieutenant - 250 commendations
    Warrant Officer - 200 commendations
    Sergeant - 150 commendations
    Corporal - 100 commendations
    Private - 50 commendations
    Recruit - 0 commendations

  4. Spartan Company Emblem

    LoudNug FC

    99/100 Members
    Est. 3/21/2016

    About Us:
    We are ramping up to complete the Achilles Helmet. We are looking for active players willing to work on our remaining commendations. If you are transferring from another company, you must leave that company before we can accept your request.

    Average SR: 130
    Average Games Played: 2,403

    Armor Progress:
    Achilles Armor: Unlocked (100%)
    Achilles Helmet: Not Unlocked Yet (94.5%)

    Remaining Commendations:
    Level 5 --> Road Trip - Ground Vehicle Kills - 5795/29200 ~ 19.85%
    Level 5 --> Sorry Mate - Kill Marines - 10498/38900 ~ 26.99%
    Level 5 --> The Pain Train - Spartan Charges - 4983/9700 ~ 51.37%
    Level 5 --> Forgot to Pay the Toll - Kill the Driver of a Moving Vehicle with a Sniper - 615/1020 ~ 60.29%
    Level 5 --> Lawnmower - Splatters - 3285/4900 ~ 67.04%
    Level 5 --> Something On Your Face - Head shots - 205684/291600 ~ 70.54%
    Level 5 --> From Downtown - Long Distance Kills - 3799/4900 ~ 77.53%
    Level 5 --> Standard Issue - Kills with Standard Weapon - 326783/388800 ~ 84.05%
    Level 5 --> Too Fast For You - Reversals - 16746/19400 ~ 86.32%
    Level 5 --> Lucky - Earn Cluster Luck or Last Shot - 3643/3880 ~ 93.89%

    Other Commendations (Will Unlock Packs, Not Helmet)
    Level 3 --> Passing Through - Have a Passenger Kill an Opponent - 1019/2100 ~ 48.52%
    Level 5 --> Helping Hand - Earn Any Assist - 144915/194400 ~ 74.54%
    Level 5 --> Now You See Me - Distract an Opponent Who is then Killed - 36563/38900 ~ 93.99%

    Level 5 --> Is That My Ball - Earn Defensive medals in Assault or Grifball - 1696/9700 ~ 17.48%
    Level 5 --> Standing Tall - Earn Cool Breakout Medals - 375/1450 ~ 25.86%
    Level 4 --> Goal - Earn Scoring Medals in Assault or Grifball - 657/2400 ~ 27.38%
    Level 5 --> Bosses, Bases, and Mayhem. Oh My - Win Warzone Matches - 2360/4900 ~ 48.16%
    Level 5 --> Striker - Earn Offensive Medals in Assault or Grifball - 4807/9700 ~ 49.56%
    Level 3 --> Tick Tick Boom - Win Assault Matches - 309/600 ~ 51.5%
    Level 4 --> 4 Little Spartans Went Out to Play - Win Matches in Breakout - 1257/2400 ~ 52.38%
    Level 4 --> No Time to Lose - Win Warzone Assault - 741/1200 ~ 61.75%
    Level 4 --> Rule #1: Cardio - Win Infection Matches - 778/1200 ~ 64.83%
    Level 4 --> Too Close to the Fire - Kill an Enemy Near Your Core - 1021/1440 ~ 70.9%
    Level 3 --> Hammer Time - Win Grifball Matches - 597/750 ~ 79.6%

    Updated 3/16/2018

  5. Spartan Company Emblem

    We Need Achil10s

    96/100 Members
    Est. 4/19/2016

    Update (Jan 23, 2018). Our roster has been fully rebuilt. We'll still take new applicants to replace members who are not remaining active. Requests to join that do not indicate this bio page has been read/understood will be ignored. Oh yeah...if you are looking for the Achilles armor, look elsewhere...we've already unlocked it...go find a company that hasn't unlocked it yet if you want it. We are only grinding for the helmet.

    On November 6th 2017, this company began the painful process of rebuilding itself and regaining its lost momentum toward the Achilles helmet. Several members have certainly earned their helmets getting the company to where it is. They have done enough. They will taken in by other We Need Achilles companies nearing the helmet unlock. This will free up some space for new blood to join in and earn their helmets. All members of this company, new and old, are required to accumulate a fair share of the remaining Spartan Company Kill Commendations to be rewarded with the Achilles helmet unlock. Fair warning: members with insufficient participation (ie. accumulated comms scores) will be discharged prior to the unlock.

    Requirements to join:
    1. You MUST join our company Discord (see below for an explanation about Discord). If your join request shows merit, you will be sent a link to our Discord. We will not accept you into the company until you check in with us on our Discord server. (Note: if you are new to Discord please make your Discord name IDENTICAL to your gamertag; if you already have a Discord account and your username is not identical to your gamertag, please adopt a nickname identical to your gamertag right after you join our Discord server).

    2. You MUST be prepared to earn these comms scores by the time this company arrives at the helmet (missing ones can sometimes be made up for by doubling/tripling down on others; once a commendation is complete, members don't accumulate more credits against it):
    (a) 5800 Standard Issue: kills of enemy Spartans with a standard loadout weapon
    (b) 4400 Something On Your Face: headshot kills of enemy Spartans
    (c) 725 Sting Like A Bee: melee kills of enemy Spartans
    (d) 580 Sorry Mate: marine kills
    (e) 580 Look Ma No Pin: nade kills of enemy Spartans
    (f) 450 Almost Doesn't Count: kill an enemy Spartan when health is low and survive
    (g) 450 Body Guard: protect a teammate by killing their attacker
    (h) 450 Road Trip: use a ground vehicle to kill of enemy Spartans [hog turrets don't count]
    (I) 290 I'm Just Perfect: perfect kills of enemy Spartans
    (j) 290 Too Fast For You: kills of enemy Spartans who shot you first
    (k) 145 Is There No One Else: triple kills or better of enemy Spartans
    (l) 145 The Pain Train: Spartan charge kills of enemy Spartans
    (m) 110 First Strike: earn the first kill in a match against enemy Spartans
    (n) 75 From Downtown: earn longshot kills of enemy Spartans
    (o) 75 From The Top Rope: earn ground pound kills of enemy Spartans
    (p) 75 Lawnmower: splatter kill of enemy Spartans with vehicles
    (q) 75 So Cuddly: assassination kills of enemy Spartans
    (r) 60 Lucky: earn last shot, cluster luck, or sayonara kills of enemy Spartans
    (s) 30 Grand Theft: hijack/skyjack a vehicle from enemy Spartans
    (t) 15 Forgot To Pay The Toll: snipe kills of enemy Spartans occupying a moving vehcile
    (u) 7 Not So Fast: kills of enemy Spartans attempting to hijack a vehicle

    Discord. Discord is a messaging app built for gamers and it is available for installation on mobile (android/iOS), desktop (windows/macOS), or can be accessed through any web browser at It can also be installed on the xbox one dashboard, but it's still new and pretty clunky and awkward to use. WHY IS DISCORD SO IMPORTANT TO US? Because our company uses a bot to monitor members' activity and scoring stats.....and members access that bot to monitor their own activity and scoring stats using Discord.

    Ok? If you're up for it, submit a join request and indicate you have read the above by saying "DANGEROUS" in your message.

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