1. Haven't been able to play WZA in such a long time can't remember if it's even worth playing haha live in the U.K. Also

  2. I can't find assault or normal warzone sad times :-( can find firefight tho

  3. -hack hack- -cough Cough- Nope -hack wheeze- Just because they don't give you everything you want doesn't mean they don't listen. We'll this was the first thing people wanted and without a doubt the most supported request but still got...

  4. You look like bacon, and as good as bacon is... I'ma have to give ya' a 3/10. Your armor, helmet and colors just don't mix well at all IMO. How can bacon even be quoted so low! I think someone is a vegetarian ;-)

  5. Nice helmet dude like the colour also 8/10 :-D

  6. hi all I am part of a Spartan company who is looking to expand we are after any type of players we play warzone, mcc, reach, wars, and custom anyone is welcome to join we are a fun but can be serious when playing online thanks all hope to play with some...