1. The day to finally LAN party with my friends like how we used to back in the day with h3 reach and h4. Near impossible to do that with halo 5. I would LOVE to play with my friends and host competitive tournaments with the highly anticipated Halo Infinite

  2. Yeah I understand it's a weird place to post this forum but considering it's their last game I thought Id ask a few of those who know. But thanks

  3. Halo is an arena based shooter and seeing Spartans in this new BR trends is ridiculous, however. Seeing that a BR SPINOFF mode that maybe resembled the ODST aspect of the franchise might actually work.

  4. Jaime griesmer and Martin o'donnel are working on a psvr titled gollem and I'm here wondering the whereabouts for the rest of the guys are. Anyone care to shed some knowledge as to knowing where they are? And what are they doing. Sorry my grammar...

  5. What does this mean?

  6. I'm also looking for clans to join.

  7. Halo Reach Clan

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