1. depends, campaign over xbox live is still -Yoinked!-. normal MP seems to be fixed

  2. my progress for halo CEA and Halo 2A are not tracked on the service record even though i have completed the H2A campaign on Legendary (on a very laggy xbox live game plz fix) en did some CEA missions on legendary as well. weirdly enough my H3 Legendary...

  3. update friend was on instant on, changed that and the lag is still here, now also on halo 3 where i get like 5 frames per minute

  4. Any chance you or your friend are using Instant-On for your Xbox? Try using Energy Saver instead if that’s the case. both have our consoles quite close to our bed so both are on energy saving due to noise.

  5. recently me and a friend decided to go do a halo MCC legendary playthrough starting at CEA, there some occasional (but big) stutters occured and sometimes ot was like i was looking at a powerpoint. while playing h2A those stutters became more frequent...