1. Warthogs are way to OP

  2. They need to bring back the ability to build a scarab it was so satisfying to see it crawl out of the base then destroy everything

  3. Also troops won't move around objects all the time and will get stuck

  4. First time I booted it up it crashed like 3 times in a row

  5. In halo five the message of the day is saying their having server issues so I wouldn't play matchmaking for a little that might be why you were put in a swat game

  6. Also there should be no FF in grifball because it is literally a game where you swing around giant hammer that cause splash damage like really both the times I got banned it was because there were teamates next to me when I was going after the other team.

  7. When does the banhammer reset

  8. In memories of reach I think it would be cool to have customizable HUDs and weapon variants in forge/arena. -AnnualPluto

  9. I liked the new warzone firefight but I feel like you need to get more reqs for surviving all 5 rounds, also it needs more objectives like "Capture the garage controlled by the the elites" or "capture the armoury controlled by the knight...