1. Hey guys I'm currently looking for a team to join for this weekend's HCS NA open tournament. I'm a Very solid all around play maker, and great communicator. If you guys Need one player please message me or Add Green Ranger763 on xbl

  2. LF team for H5 tournament

    Recruiting - Posted By Avion117 On

    Hey guys currently looking for a team for this weekend's Open tournament session please add Green Ranger763 if you are looking to form or need a player

  3. Hey everyone my team is looking for 2 right now. Both of us have been playing together for about 7 years now or well since halo 3 days. Been to about 4 events coached in one and placed 4th place with him as well in a PCL tournament as well in Halo Reach...

  4. Looking for 3 individuals who have the drive and desire to be more than average... Wants to take their skills to the next level and forge from Iron a Dynasty like know one has ever seen before... Add me on xbl ReVolt Prime... Your Destiny awaits..