1. Halo Infinite!!!

    Halo Infinite - Posted By BIGPERM26 On

    If that's what Halo 6 looks like, then I'm glad I cancelled my Live Membership. I want more out of modern technology and graphics.. not some warthog that just bounces across the screen and characters that look like they popped out of a...

  2. I just like watching it to learn map jumps and good sniping spots. I almost always pick up a few tips after watching a series. Also glad to see these guys get an opportunity to earn a few bucks along the way. Not a fan of loud mouth show boating but...

  3. Same here, never got a prompt or saw an update. I dont have a disk, dl only. Tried restarting, hard reboot, and nothing.' How can you verify if it updated??? This would be really helpful.

  4. Custom controller setup! Why do I always have to choose from pre-determined layouts?