1. People really need to smart up I'm a halo fanboy! Played since the start but even I don't think this is a stumble. This is 343 breaking their leg. If they only advertised the collection as a campaign package and focused on that and said that...

  2. Don't know if any of you guys have experienced change but the only change I have experienced today is a -yoink- rank drop because of got stuck with a -yoink- team! I'm talking 5 level drop -_- p.s just found out it was delayed haha but still dat...

  3. Issues are still very real. For the questions 343 please refer to my previous post all the same answers apart from the wait times are 'sometimes' shorter. Another problem I have noticed is if the game finds 5 people or less it doesn't know...

  4. Customs: Leave GT Here [OT3]

    Recruiting - Posted By BOMB X1 On

    Hey guys invite me to a game! My gamer tag is: BOMB X1 invite me I have another player with me :)

  5. For me there has been no change in service, still a huge struggle to join match made games, get friends into my party before the search has even started and to start custom games with them without losing connection. - NAT Type is open - I have attempted...

  6. customs leave gt -OT2

    Recruiting - Posted By BOMB X1 On

    FFA & 4v4's Customs add Othios or leave GT & I'll invite GT: BOMB X1

  7. customs leave gt -OT2

    Recruiting - Posted By BOMB X1 On

    BOMB X1 please invite :)