1. 152 grind

    Recruiting - Posted By BOOGIE DANIELS On

    Currently at 149 looking for active players to form a WZFF team that’ll clear matches as fast as possible. Drop tags

  2. Halo 5 152 grind

    Recruiting - Posted By BOOGIE DANIELS On

    At 146 trying to hit 152 before infinite. Anyone else grinding and play WZFF a lot with the intention of finishing as quickly as possible to increase XP? Drop tags

  3. Halo 5 is great so far, way better than that atrocity that was H4. Level design is sub-par, but the biggest thing that annoys me is how the radar is basically useless unless you're 2 inches away from your opponent.

  4. I like Reach the way it is. It takes skill, not who can pull the trigger faster, to out dmr someone. The only changes that should be addressed to Reach as it stands (team slayer) are armor lock. Thats it. After playing the TU Beta, whenever im in a ZB...

  5. 343, This is Halo. This is the gameplay we fell in love with for Halo 1, 2 and 3. My opinion on no takes out the luck factor it had. I hated how within the bloom reticule theres a bullet being shot in a random direction. No complaints about...